I’m Here for Windows Phone 8 updated with WhatsApp and Nokia HERE Map support

I'm Here for Windows Phone 8

A little over a month ago we showed you guys I’m Here for Windows Phone. It’s a unique app that takes something your phone can do out-of-the-box and expands on it. Your Windows phone is pretty good at sharing your location to anyone you want, but it does have a few limitations. I’m Here was recently updated with some welcomed additions for the international crowd. Let’s check it out.

If you update or download I’m Here you’ll be on version 1.2. So why are international readers going to be more interested in this app?

  • WhatsApp integration
  • Nokia Here Maps support

Everyone and their mother apparently uses WhatsApp these days (and no, we don't know when it will be updated, so don't ask), especially in locations where SMS costs more than it should. Nokia’s HERE mapping platform typically has better support in non-US countries. I’m Here for Windows Phone will now use Nokia Here Maps when sharing with other Windows Phone devices. Both of these additions make the app even better for international users.

I'm Here for Windows Phone 8 Screenshots

WhatsApp integration and Nokia Here maps support was a feature requested by many users to the developer, Shayne Boyer. That makes Shayne the kind of “ask and ye shall receive” developer we’re all fans of around here. Have any future suggestions? Reach out to him or leave feedback in the comments.

Why use I’m Here to share your location? You have a variety of ways to send it – SMS, email, built-in social, and now WhatsApp.

You can grab I’m Here (free) for Windows Phone 8 devices by following this link to the Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: I'm Here



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David Best says:

i saw whatsapp and update then got super happy.....until i re-read the headline, still good to have an update tho

shreyas15 says:

Lol.. Same happened to me :D

7SAN says:


lol...same here

unreal_rik says:

I knew I wouldn't have been the only one,

Octonabz says:

Glad I'm not the only one.

SBaljeet says:

Me as well!!
Rubbed my eyes opened them wide and read the headline slowly, then.... :-/

Sumit8 says:

i whish whatsapp would include nokia maps... why is bing maps even still available? I thought Nokia will provide maps to Microsofts ecosystem?!

Siah1214 says:

Bing maps uses the same database (navteq)...

tissotti says:

Data is all around provided by Nokia/HERE. Nokia Maps is just the front of the HERE data.

KrightonX says:

I think ICQ is better. Long live the 90s!

ytazbddj says:

International Love )

rcasey says:

Yaaay from Vietnam :)

rodneyej says:

How do these developers add support for these other services? I didn't know Nokia provided APIs to developers.

uopjo6 says:

Off topic: The next update (whatsapp) needs video attachment...if wp8 allows.... Not the record function in it. In fact I haven't seen any app that allows to attach video and send. Hell Skype doesn't even allow you to send jpgs....

I know...be patient....im getting used to it already.

Poderosudo says:

You really don´t kown when whatsapp will receve a update?????

Sam Sabri says:

If we knew, we would tell you. Go ask WhatsApp instead.

andreujuanc says:

Send the location by whatsapp doesnt work at all LOL!!

tattoocoder says:

andreujuanc - When you open the I'm Here app and tap the WhatsApp icon on the tool bar; it launches WhatsApp with the message ready in your clipboard when you start a messsage or select a contact. 
Just select a thread you are on or a contact and hit the paste icon.
- Shayne

Octonabz says:

Simple and very intuitive.

I'm Here is an awesome app.

hombreee says:

What if the recipient doesn't have windows phone? (but does have whatsapp (android, ios))

lowrider2107 says:

When Sendung my location and clicking the hyperlink it opens in here.com. But it's about 600 km off target... Hmmpf

hombreee says:

550 km, it shows Berlin instead of my location :DDD

domi1kenobi says:

Is your GPS on?

Sicarius123 says:

I don't know anyone who uses Whatsapp. Unlimited Domestic SMS is pretty popular here though.

devlam says:

When i scan the qr i don't get the update option, only the share option. I've got version 1.0 installed. Location is the netherlands

Freespacer says:

Does not work on my HTC 8X. My location links gets translated to:
which is useless.
btw it does not call 'm.here.com', but 'm.nokia.me'


Actually, I got this from another forum yesterday:
Jami T. (WhatsApp Support) 
Jul 01 15:42 (PDT) 
Thanks for your message. 
We appreciate your feedback, but we do not have an update yet available for Windows Phone. However our developers are working hard on providing you with a high quality update soon. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on specifics or give timelines, but do know that we are working on a Windows Phone update.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!
Jami T.
WhatsApp Support Team
Interested in translating for us? Please visit http://translate.whatsapp.com
Take a look at our FAQ: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/