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IM+ Pro for Windows 8 goes on sale to celebrate Valentine's Day

IM Plus 8.1

Valentine's Day is here and to make the day even more special for Windows users, the developers behind IM+ have put their Pro app on sale. From today through February 15th, you'll be able to download the premium version of IM+ for just $1.99. Pass by the break for more details and download links.

If you're not familiar with IM+, it's an all-in-one messaging solution, which boasts support for multiple protocols and services. The company has supported both Windows Phone and Windows 8, regularly updating clients to add even more functionality to the experience. It's great to see the premium app for Windows 8 be put on sale.

IM+ Windows 8

You can grab IM+ Pro from the Windows Store for $1.99 (usual price is $4.99) – appears to be region restricted. The free version is also available if you'd rather go down that route. Hurry as the Pro version is only on sale until February 15th.



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maclancer says:

Damn it... bought it yesterday at $4.99 :(

monq says:

Still $4.99

(In the last paragraph you mention the Windows Phone Store)

Rich Edmonds says:

Use the store link provided, that is correct.

WishuKaiser says:

In Germany still 3,99€.

The discount is for Windows 8 and not for Windows Phone 8. The link provided is correct but rich has made a typo error.

MacDaMachine says:

Hey Rich do you own that Samsung tablet? How is it?

Jazmac says:

I just realized I no longer use any of those services enough to spend even 2 bucks on it. I'd like to take advantage but I'm just more mobile than an app like this.

Hakizi says:

Does this support Hangouts chat?

davebolton says:

Funny that this does not apply to WINDOWS PHONE! On a site that has the moniker "Windows Phone". Is that Funny HaHa? Or Funny Sad?