ImageWind triumphantly returns to the Marketplace with a Mango update

Going back to late 2010, there was a minor controversy with an app called ImageWind. The app was removed from the Marketplace because it pulls live images from Twitter, randomly, in an uncensored way. What it meant was there was a possibility that non-family safe images would appear, thus offending some users and as it happens, violating the Marketplace rules.

In short, it was the first example of "app censoring" that Windows Phone experienced.

Now, the app has returned with version 1.2. So what's new? For one, it has Mango support, so you get some fast-app switching. You also get a "Safe Mode" option to show/hide potentially non-safe images (from our experience, you rarely see anything dirty on Twitter anyways).

It's a cool app, we suppose. Very voyeuristic. Too bad it doesn't support landscape mode, as that'd be ideal for a desktop screensaver.

You can pick up ImageWind for free in the Marketplace right here. Thanks, Kalet, for the heads up



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jchapman01 says:

Lol, "from our experience, you rarely see anything dirty on Twitter anyways." Unless you follow a bunch of Senators and Congressmen.

birdman_38 says:

Love how they included a topless chick, second row far right =)

I actually waited for something racy to show up for the shot ;-)

NickMon68 says:

I don't seem to be able to find this in the UK marketplace...

Calnor says:

I also have a Focus from AT&T. When i try to get the app i get the messege "! This app is not available for your device."

Samsung Omnia 7 running Mango in UK. I also get Marketplace 'Application not available' message so I guess it's not been released to UK (and therefore likely any non USA region?) :(

I can't download it either, Samsung Focus US

aubreyq says:

To those that can't download it: I went to ImageWind's Twitter feed and guess what? It got pulled from the Marketplace again. So much for its triumphant return. The developer says it should be back in the Marketplace later this week, with a "forced safe mode on." I should have downloaded it two days ago :-(