The iMore Podcast where CrackBerry Kevin and Dan talk about how stupid this Smartphone Madness contest is...

On Saturday we reluctantly linked to the Smartphone Madness online poll to see "which is the best smartphone"...a contest which many of us here find meaningless and sensational. Still, against our better wishes (and mostly because our sister site Crackberry posted it) we had to do some link love. (And If you think people aren't cheating and running scripts, making the "contest" pointless, well you'd be wrong. Still, there's no harm either.)

With that, yesterday we recorded a podcast with myself, Rene Ritchie (iMore.com) and Kevin from Michaluk from Crackberry. It was an iMore podcast for sure, but we did cover all the platforms, the silliness of online smartphone polls and some general trends in the market--it's a worthy (and short) listen, so you should check it out.

Also consider this a teaser of an upcoming Mobile Nations event...

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Sarang68 says:

Nokia 920 won.

Mr.Nuron says:

The Best podcast ever...

Z10YkakPES says:

Soooo, now contest is stupid? Guessing because bb didn't win

inteller says:

my thoughts exactly.  BB couldn't even assemble enough people to cheat and win.

Not over yet, but doesn't look like it will. It's ~6000 votes behind

It was always stupid and it's just silly fanboyism akin to debating which is the best sports team. It's just group cohesion and pseduo-tribal warfare over something as trivial as phones. Meh.

TiLoBrown says:

But...Sports tournaments are actually played to determine who's best. So those aren't stupid.

Z10YkakPES says:

Good point, so lets pretend that's Superbowl and Nokia is "raping" everybody lol

NIST says:

They are always stupid when you lose.

Never a truer word spoken, I was one of those annoying tipsters ... But i agree can we blanket ban these stupid contests from MobileNations I like this community!

Rene and Kevin are sore losers. This podcast proves how salty they feel. Owners love there Lumias, get over it.

We're all actually in agreement that these matches mean little in the real world. And the fact that people are stuffing the poll doesn't help it's legitimacy any. I mean, it's nothing to get upset over but it's nothing to brag about either...

Jammo says:

But crackberry were asking readers to multiple vote by clearing cookies. Not a professional act for the head of crackberry to take.

Tense says:

Untrue. CrackBerry was not asking its users to cheat; rather they pointed out how easy it was to cheat and, because of that, the contest shouldn't be taken seriously. Kevin himself said multiple times that this contest isn't anything to take seriously, even before the 920 was the clear "winner."

pbroy says:

Its stupid, yeah... yeah.. But it's a cover up for the butthurt. Trying to act all cool and collective with a fake smile.

NIST says:

Let me guess, the apple person who didn't even make it to the second round, asked the two finalists to speak on how "stupid" these contests are.

mr_808 says:

The fact that there was any cheating at all kinda makes the whole thing null and void in my mind.  I actually have a 920 and love the fact that WP won, but this whole smartphone braket ended up being a joke the wmpoweruser posted the article rallying people to cheat. 

Gesig Boek says:

WMPU never encouraged anyone to cheat, just highlighted Crackberry's cheating. That's the advantage of being independent - no need to suck up to iMore and Crackberry.
These contests are great for community cohesion, and it is sad to see the Mobile Nations team minimize that.

"That's the advantage of being independent - no need to suck up to iMore and Crackberry."

Rolls eyes. People on every side are cheating on this, regardless of "encouragement". This does nothing for community cohesion and I'll continue to mock (and the sites that endorse it) at will.

And never heard of WMPU, are they a site or something?

MacDaMachine says:


Its a terrible site honestly. And a lot of their articles are just stubs from other sites.

Etios says:

WPcentral very well knows who is wmpoweruser, Wpcentral uses WMPU as source many times.

Gesig Boek says:

As you mock your readers who enjoyed participating....

Our readers are smart enough to not get too wrapped up in this silliness, so I'm not concerned.

NIST says:

I've wrapped myself in silliness today in honor of our win!!!

cardfan says:

The podcasters really never heard of this poll?  WebOS won it almost every year with the Pre or variants of it.  It was pretty funny over there in Precentral..I think I even voted for the Pre once.  All this really shows is how devoted some fans are.  Precentral was always pretty strong (while webOS lasted) as is Crackberry.  Both serve as the premier go to spots for those platforms. 

Sarang68 says:

You are right,Daniel. You looked way uncomfortable. Like you wished you were elsewhere.

Frap0 says:

Czechoslovakia is nonexistent country. There is no Czechoslovakia since 1993. That's 20 years.

Nickkk101 says:

I LOVE grumpy Daniel, its my favourite thing about this site. I like to imagine one day, you'll just take up on a whim and leave us all, exposing us for the shallow one dimensional fan boys we all KNOW we are and you'll periodically watch us-filled with contempt- from afar like that 'kooky' ant tank you got from an ex girlfriend that you now HATE but cant bear to throw away. Freaking ants. Honestly.

"Why can't we be friends?" ~ Somebody Famous

Etios says:

Kevin on crackberry is a just jealous, just look at his idiotic expressions and accusations on Daniel and wpcentral when  actually it was crackberry who started all this posting on Blog bullshit and encouraging their users to cheat but now they are sore losers
PS: cheating is not easy on that poll,  they track ip-address.

Reflexx says:

It's silly and meaningless. With that said, go vote for bb multiple times! Let me show you how! LoL

b23h says:

"a contest which many of us hear find meaningless and sensational"
I don't mean to be petty, but I expect you should use "here."

MDboyz says:

I really don't care much about polling contest; however, being as an Admin, Kevin should not tell or point out to his users how to cheat.  Maybe it's time for him to act like an Admin.

The best and most important part is beating BlackBerry fans.  Winning the contest is just a bonus.

descabar says:

I really hope these cross site podcast are coming more often. It was a very engaging and very well argumented discussion. 
I'm so pleased to see that you guys aren't just fanboys, but also have respect for the other platforms as well. The iMore guy in particular, I have never seen such an open minded Apple fan! 

Danlocker says:

Only because they were losing.

moc426 says:

Kevin and Rene are decorated with imore, macbooks, crackberry branding, z10 and dan is just green and blue shirts! I don't even see a windows phone or microsoft surface. Dan you need a shirt with a live tile on it that actually animates, seriously. Could be a wpcentral live tile!

mr toes says:

+1 he was completely unbranded, need to get that fixed (although he was the best dressed in fairness)

paulxxwall says:

Salty bastards sent from my awesome unbeatable smartphone of the year lumia920

StevesBalls says:

If it's so stupid why did you encourage your readers to vote in it and hence validate its existence?


Jesus, it's like you didn't even read this post, the one you linked to or listen to the podcast....SMH.

StevesBalls says:

So you're just a... sheep?

Jeez, it's like I can't think for myself. Oh wait...

isnoozu says:

Appreciate your perspective checks Mr. Rubino. Still, would be nice for an objective party like Maximum PC (who have a history of reviewing mobile products) do an "autopsy" objectively compiling a "Head-to-Head" (hardware, software, GUI, etc) comparison and weigh in. To me it's not "meh" since my Lumia 920 gets heckled and mocked especially by iPhoners (I hesitate to use the word "iSheep" since I don't want to lower myself to their ridicule).

StevesBalls says:

It's easy, really. It's either the iPhone 5 or (if you hate Apple) one of the top Android phones (Galaxy, HTC, Nexus take your pick). It's definitely NOT the Lumia.

Nice troll. But you need to work on subtlety.

StevesBalls says:

I'm a troll and you're a fanboy. And the world is right again.

elrohlik says:

0:00:52 Come on. Czechoslovakia do not exist. There is only Czech Republic and Slovakia. We split in 1993. It is more then 20 years. Seriously ???

mr toes says:

+1 i dont live there but that was a silly mistake

NIST says:

Poor Kevin can't even enjoy getting his Z10 in a competition.

NATE072107 says:

ID rather have a palm pixie than a Z10