Impressive Nokia Lumia 800 Swedish Kanal 5 commercial [Video]

The above advert is something special and unique. While 80% of the commercial features a similar presentation of the Lumia 800, which recently launched in the country, the first few seconds is an interesting introduction. The start of the advert is integrated into a popular Swedish station's logo and kicks off at the start of commercial breaks. Sweden has also witnessed a more festive 800 advert being aired

Source: YouTube, thanks hasona for the tip!



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rodneyej says:

If I don't see a WP commercial here in the US soon I'm going to explode. On the other hand, if I see a WP commercial this good in the US soon, I might just explode! IYKWIM!

lippidp says:

They're all over ESPN. Maybe that is part of their deal with them.

Winterfang says:

That's a good sexy voice.

threedog says:

;) yes indeed

SimonCamp says:

Why can't they translate the tagline? It's kinda good meaning-wise and it would be good if people could understand exactly what it means rather than relying on them to speak English.

magni. says:

From my time up north, I can day that people speak English. It's not like here down in France haha

tallgeese says:

The US needs cool commercials like these.

lippidp says:

These guys know what they're doing. Very good.

weetigo says:

Very cool intro, thanks for sharing :)  
I like that they are sticking with totally enormous extinct dinosaurs' Garden sample for these commercials.. I still use an edit of that as my ring tone.

Bruno H says:

Same here. I have also ripped and edited that tune into a ring signal.

weetigo says:

I think we need to ask Nokia to release an official tone =D

Rauliulian says:

Where is the video? I cant never find the videos in the articles...

Rafyelzz says:

I'm still wondering what you mean with "impressive". Seriously.

Bruno H says:

By the way... this is no commercial!
This is the jingle that Kanal5 in Sweden runs before and after each block of commercials. As such this gets a much better view rate than normal commercials!
Nokia must have done a great deal with Kanal5! Way to go, Nokia!

Hampus says:

Hello! This commercial is on Kanal 6 too. I'm Swedish.