India's fashion and lifestyle store Jabong.com arrives on Windows Phone


The official Jabong.com app has finally landed on the Windows Phone Store. Jabong.com (jabong.com) is an Indian fashion and lifestyle e-commerce portal that retails apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products, fragrances, home accessories, and other lifestyle products. Founded in January 2012, the e-commerce store is one of the top online retailers in India.

The app allows you to shop from anywhere and everywhere in just a few taps. The company promises a seamless shopping experience across the website, mobile site, as well as the app.

The app offers a wide selection of products assorted from over 1200 brands across categories with easy search and sort options for a smooth shopping experience. There will be regular updates on new arrivals, daily deals, as well as promotional offers.


You can pay via your credit or debit card, or avail the cash-on-delivery facility. You can sign-in with your Jabong.com or Facebook account, but the app also allows you to order products without signing up.

The Jabong.com app has a neat, modern user interface, and the shopping experience is quite smooth. There are no bells or whistles, but it should work well for most online shoppers. Download the Jabong.com app for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It's been a good few months for official apps in India, and Jabong.com is a great addition. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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Wait... ANOTHER OFFICIAL INDIAN................

Ankmeyester says:

Any launch deals for the mobile app like flipkart had?

Ankmeyester says:

Also, is there an official yebhi.com app?

Ankmeyester says:

Okay. Slow app and very buggy. I'm disappointed with jabong

youknowho says:

Flipkart always !!!

Martsicky says:

yet another indian app.... :O

ajit920 says:

Another official shopping app :)

josonjoy1986 says:

Yeah...... India rocks......:)

ktl88 says:

Need myntra.com app now.

sidhusubhash says:

i know some one in myntra ,he said mynta is working on windows phone

itzkavin says:

That's cool.. And zovi also need to rethink on their app.. Early days for them though..

That's unofficial Myntra app.

Sarang68 says:

Ok. I stand corrected. Thanks

Now almost all major Indian online retailers are on Windows Phone.

Finally , now MYNTRA common

neel desai says:

It's already in development. Needs amazon.in. Off track needs soundcloud app.

Aashish13 says:

Flipkart have bought myntra. They are working with the app

Nikkhil Jeet says:

Kudos! The thing I'd been waiting for.. And come on peeps, these updates are for windows phone lovers and not the nation lovers. So stop getting afraid of India its a kwl nation. Grow up stop posting nincompoop stuffs.

Well I dont see anyone regarding it as that.... Just a new Fad. LOL and OFFICIAL

BTW am also Originally Indian SOO.... I love News like this

Nikkhil Jeet says:

Oh! I took it bad, I take it back! Lmao!

No hard feelings bro

Good to see Jabong come to Windows Phone.

They copy pasted the text from Android app. Check this out :

Features of Jabong Android App include:

Wam1q says:

Haha... They didn't even bother to change that.

This was change the minute it went live. Would take a while for the updated description to reflect.

rishabh876 says:

According to a friend of mine who works at Jabong "They named their app Jabong.com because Jabong name was already reserved by someone else" :-D. 

guri21 says:

Great :) Windows Phone app gap is closing considering India specific apps atleast

Aashish13 says:

Wow it was needed

Etios says:

The addition of Jabong app is a big deal here, most of the e-commerce apps are now covered, just need myntra and amazon.in to complete the entire list.

That is not the official app of myntra.com.

Sarang68 says:

Ok. I stand corrected. Thank you

amazon.in is not coming anytime soon so forget about it. I had e-mailed then asking them about a WP app and they replied back stating that at the moment they don't have plans to make one. Things might change down the line.

Need YEBHI app soon.
developers r doing good.

QilleRz says:

Nice red lumia with red carpet. Btw welcome the official app :)

This is awesome as my wife and I have been Jabongworld shoppers ever since we found out about it on a facebook ad sometime back. Their customer service and shipping speed is amazing. Give em a try. And nice app too.

lum5 says:

Welcome entry to wp...but this apps after some updates becomes buggy...best example flip kart after updates very slow uninstalled....let's hope this will go in that way..

jesse-pink says:

the application is good made, nice official app



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