India's online marketplace, Tradus updates Windows Phone app for better experience


A couple of months ago, I wrote about the launch of official Windows Phone app of Tradus, a popular online marketplace in India. Tradus (www.tradus.com) brings local markets online for shopping allowing you to buy from sellers nearest to your location, while also checking out daily deals and discounts.

The app has just been bumped up to version and apart from bug and crash fixes and a visibly faster app experience, adds a couple of new and useful features as well.

Using the ‘My Orders’ section in the app, you can now track your order status through different stages right from the order to delivery. The search has also been significantly improved and now includes advanced filters and sorting.


Remember that you can use the following exclusive gift vouchers in the app to avail discounts. Use APT100 to get INR 100 off on a purchase of INR 199 or APT200 to get INR 200 off on a purchase of INR 399.

You can download the Tradus app for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. The Tradus app has a clean and fresh user experience and you can tap to zoom into product images while intuitively browsing the product catalog. Have you tried out the app yet?

QR: Tradus



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NIST says:

Anyone else use the WP Central tone for new stories?

Sarang68 says:

Where can I get that?

NIST says:

Download Melodia from the WP store. It's in there.

Sarang68 says:

Ah Thanks. By the way how is word flow working for you?:)

NIST says:

Love love love word flow. I use it about 98% of the time. The predictability is amazing.

Exactly! Sometimes I wish I had something like WordFlow in my laptop's physical keyboard and it was a bit smaller LOL!
(written via WordFlow)

Etios says:

Good to see continued support from Tradus, they just provide platform for buyers and sellers like ebay and don't have any warehouse and logistics like Flipkart. 

SwimSwim says:

Every time I see am article about this, my brain always sees "Tardis" until I re-read and see, "Oh, it's Tradus..."

Any other Whovians with me? :P

I just order a Lumia 520 back cover yesterday using this promo code pretty good app

ajit920 says:

I found it better than flipkart app.. nice interface and no connectivity issues at all :)