Latest Instagram update sneaks in notification support on the Lock screen

It was just a few days ago that the official Instagram (beta) app for Windows Phone received another update. At first this looked to be a small, quick big update since there was no changelog accompanied with the update. And the app was updated a few days prior to that with performance improvements and UX refinements. Turns out there was a hidden new feature in the latest update, let’s check it out.

The latest version in the Windows Phone Store is 0.3.1. That’s the update we didn’t see anything new at first. Our friends over at WindowsPhoneItaly did notice something different with this latest update –notification support on the Lock screen.

That’s right, you can now add Instagram (beta) as one of the five apps to display a notification counter on the bottom of your Lock screen. Not a major feature, but one we’re happy to see and point out for those that might like it.

Be sure to pick up the official Instagram app from the Windows Phone Store.

Source: WindowsPhoneItaly

Thanks for the tip guyjkh!

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In line tagging is now supported too (unless I missed that previously?)

Ticomfreak says:

It's been there, I think.

Micah Dawson says:

What? Say it isn't so...instagram doing something right. Shocker lol

Miistercoool says:

Now if only I had the black update so I could enjoy this on the glance screen!!! Damn 925 for T-mobile!!! >.

user4545 says:

For me that have it I just wish Microsoft/Nokia could add the option of turning on the glance screen when a notification arrives. That would be the final nail in the coffin for notification LEDs.

I like led notifications, but I agree with you, it's a good idea. It's something similar as moto x does with their smart notifications. It's way more discreet than turning on the the screen everytime a notification arrives.

Blazers2012 says:

This isn't AS awesome, but I've been using this on my Lumia 521.




YEAH, ME TO! But Verizon doesn't want to approve the Black update for my Lumia 928

Arsee17 says:

What is the app in the picture that has the temperature displayed for glance?

RyanAMG says:

cant click on the link from W8 app.

Fix for that (and other things) coming this week.

Don't know if you figured it out yet, but if you long press the post from Daniel it gives the option to reply or follow the link.

DarwinPurol says:

Good to have this but because of the limitations on wp, it doesnt work properly since we have negative temps.

Xaphoon148 says:

Yeah, currently it's 99 C outside :P

Bing Weather should have it

taymur says:

What does UX mean? And what is it different from UI?

One is User Experience, the other is User Interface.

taymur says:

Thanx everyone, I've always thought it meant something in programing code. Hehe, didn't think the use of the X was to represent the word EXperience.

To better explain my self, I thought UI is the front end, and UX is the backend of an app.

Forc3 says:

UI = User Interface, UX = User Experience.
Edit: to answer your last question. UX actually describes the way a user navigates through the app, so the whole experience. UI deals more with the graphical part. Still UX includes UI, nice design and animations are part of the experience right? :) so technically UX = UI but UI =/= UX :P

Nik Rolls says:

More accurately ... UX = UI+ :)

kinpin2131 says:

Your equation makes no sense if a=b then b=a

kinpin2131 says:

UI = User Interface
UX = User Experience

They're often confused but not quite the same even though they can overlap.

UI is the look and feel of an app ( or OS , website etc ) such as choice of colors , design scheme ( flat, skeuomorphism, chrome etc. ) UX is more to do with layout and how the user interacts with an app/website/OS etc. Such as where to place which buttons and how that choice will affect the user experience.

Credo93 says:

Jup i noticed this as well, but did not report, thought you guys alreadyt would know

PureView says:

I think everyone noticed it except you guys. It was even mentioned by lots of commenters in the update article posted a few days back.

Not sure how this is helpful for people who maybe don't spend every min reading comments on our site?

tcprodigy says:

lol try to ignore it buddy, its just the level of writing on this site. they just post to try to be first without actually checking what an update has and then informing the readers adequately. its the best they can do (y) ud get used to it soon and wouldnt even notice any more. we all have.

"they just post to try to be first without actually checking what an update has and then informing the readers adequately."

That's really not true at all. We often contact developers and hold articles to deliver full changelogs when we can. You should know that if you actually read our site.

We're not about being "first" as we literally have ZERO competition, so that's not a priority for us. Seriously, not one site does 1/10 our traffic, so I don't worry about that stuff. First? There is only one Windows Phone site worth anyone's time. End of story.

In this case, there was no changelog and nothing immediate was noticed. Evidently Windows Phone Italy didn't notice either until after the fact. We try where we can. If that doesn't impress you, I'm not losing sleep over it as our coverage in general is top notch and I'm proud of our team.

tcprodigy says:

Lol thanks Daniel.your lengthy reply/attempted rebuttal surely put me correctly and emphasized that you will most definitely not lose sleep over this. Thanks for the assurance that youre number one and have zero competition, sorry ZERO. Now I know for sure u strive to have the best product and keep on improving on your journalism. I stand corrected :)

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Snarky McSnarkington over here.

I've been searching for this guy for ages. He escaped the family estate about three months ago and we haven't heard from him since. Even picked up a new alias!

Lewis Wilson says:

Lmao at "Posted via the WPC App for Android!"

taymur says:

I LOVE WPCentral. And if anyone reads other blogs and sites they can see that WPC don't work on delivering first, but on the quality of the deliverable.

On the other hand, your job is to deliver news about Windows, mainly WP, which is somewhat marketing, which will lead to WP become more popular, meaning competitors will rise very very soon, then WPC will be doomed with that attitude, that's basic business.

No one saw the iPhone coming, specially, guess who, Nokia. Just because they thought they were the best.

"...which will lead to WP become more popular, meaning competitors will rise very very soon, then WPC will be doomed with that attitude, that's basic business."

And that's competition to get us to do more. I certainly welcome the challenge, not shy from it. We have a good team here, and think that the lack of competition is due to our diligence and quality work--not all of it is due to the market size. If not, then for the platform, I certainly encourage others to try and out do us.

venetasoft says:

I missed it, so I like this is reported here again ;)

Jf.Vigor says:

Well considering there are many ppl commenting saying "thanks wpc", I'm sure they're not the only ones who didnt know about this

I surely missed it.

k0de says:

Cool instagram; maturing rather quickly. Thanks WPCentral for insight.

Daniel Brott says:

Awesome. Nice to see the updates coming. Bring in video uploading and ability to take a picture directly from the app and will be good.

RyanAMG says:

Um you can take a pic from the app. I'm pretty sure that was on day one.

Daniel Brott says:

I stand corrected. I haven't used Instagram Beta much as I mostly use 6tag and when the app took me to camera roll after pressing camera button on the app I did not realize there was still an option to take a picture. Good to know it is there though it seems a bit clunky the way it is set up.

elmacho says:

About video upload,

WP8's API only allows mp4 video to be recorded at 1080p, 720p and VGA. You can't specify a custom resolution which instagram uses. ( 612x612 and mp4.) Rudy "fakes" it by recording video at one of those full sizes, and sending it off to his sever to be cropped down to size with vlc/ffmpeg and sends off the proper sized video. Now, yes, instagram could do this as well... Its not a very difficult setup to deploy. But, instagram is a free service, and the cost of running a server (more realistically a few) exclusively for one platform isn't cost effective. Especially when I'm almost positive Microsoft will add in the API for 8.1. Then there's the filters... Instagram would either have to port their video filters to be ffmpeg filters, or they'd have to write their own custom encoder tool with their filters, either one takes employee time and money. Also you wouldn't have live previews, so it'd be inferior and people would bitch about that.


CCAZPastor says:

Of course to get it on my GLANCE screen like the photo I would NEED T-MOBILE TO GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER!!!

PipoDj says:

This is one feature that 6tag need to have in its latest update :)

madtourist says:

Can't tell if you're serious or trolling.

RyanAMG says:

Most likely he hasn't checked.

twelvetudors says:

I wish we could select more than 5 apps for notifications.

PureView says:

I hope this is one of the things that will change with 8.1. It better be.

Jacob Heston says:

I have photos missing from my feed in the beta!!! I know this because i have been switching between this and 6tag. Anybody else having this same problem? Im missing up to 10 photos a day that just don't show up yet they do on 6tag..... #WHATTHE?

MacDaMachine says:

Yep, this is why I switched back to 6tag

Edipose says:

Just hit refresh. It works for me.

madtourist says:

Nope. I just use 6tag and it works flawlessly.

iGeorge23 says:

I'm missing them too

I told you guys this in the last news about the update haha. You guys should start reading the comments :p

Gee...we NEVER read comments around here ;)

rain620 says:

Hahahaha so cute

I wish we can add more than 5 apps for quick notifications and just swipe left/right to see more. But, since Windows 8.1 didn't bring this I wouldn't hold my breath for that on WP8.1

nez99 says:

Not enough lock screen slots!

chmun77 says:

Running out of notification placeholders on the lock screen already. I hope WP8.1 will remove placeholders but let the number of notifications be dynamic instead.

guyjkh says:

This!!! Just like the old N9 !!

chmun77 says:

In fact, same situation happening on my Windows 8.1 PC too. I don't understand why such limitations at all.

MDak280 says:

I've been waiting for this feature! Instagram should have mentioned it in the change log..

suniltamboli says:

Also now we can play videos without sound.

lubbalots says:

I downloaded it just to have it but hardly ever use.

jmagwp says:

6tag still wins because you can resize a full photo to Instagram square. You can't do that with the Instagram app. This is important for photographers that don't want to square crop all of their shots. Of course, from what I've seen Instagram was mostly designed for the vane to take selfies and for taking pics of every piece of food you shove in your face, so...

vakama94 says:

Just added? weird. Ever since I bought my Lumia 520 and installed Instagram I've had this option but I didn't use it.