Instagram pushes out a rapid fix for their Windows Phone beta app

Although Instagram updated their beta app for Windows Phone earlier in the week, it appears there were some stability issues. At least, that’s what we’re inferring from today’s minor 0.0.1 update, which is now live in the Store.

So what’s new in Instagram beta? Unfortunately no new features, but instead it “contains crash fixes”. While we haven’t experience any issues, some users in Reviews have cited some force-closing of the app, which sounds exactly like the problem addressed with this rapid update.

While it’s great to get a fix to crashing, hopefully we’ll see some more features, including video, coming soon.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up Instagram Beta version 0.2.1 here or scan the QR code below.

Thanks, esteban1424 and Joseph S., for the tips!

QR: instagram



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Bailey199719 says:

I think instagram is out dated. Its too little to late on WP

Jas00555 says:

It was literally the top search in the store. Hardly outdated.

TJWINS says:

This comment makes no sense

DJCBS says:

Judging by the number of ratings and how quick it climbed to the top of the charts...I'd say the rest of WP users disagrees with you ;)

NIST says:

I thought you were leaving the country?

blackhawk556 says:

Bull$#!t. You give no reason as to why it's outdated.

Shantek says:

I kind of agree, like some of the games finally coming. You snooze, you lose (look at things like words with friends - by the time it came out, none of my friends played it any more). I personally don't use their official app just out of principle for them neglecting the platform initially. Although it obviously hasn't made any difference to the app popularity as it was such a highly requested app.

Words w/ Friends was definitely a fad game on the way out by the time it came to WP. Instagram has nothing but growth.

It'd be like saying Facebook "you snooze you lose". Instagram, whether you use it or not, is here to stay.

Shantek says:

My statement is more for the broader dev community with coming to the party late. As mt comment point out i "kind of agree" with the Instagram part, and the only people who wouldn't be using it are the ones who have the same reasons as i stated. There have been lots of fad games that are out dated when we get them. Same principle doesn't apply as much to instagram or apps, its more the games (like minion rush for instance). But at the end of the day, better late then never.

toph36 says:

Just noticed that Temple Run 2 is live in the store.

sasukeluffy says:

Link or just troll??

OMG55 says:

He's not a troll, download where's my app the search for it. You'll find it there

toph36 says:

Troll? WTF are you talking about? Just saw it in the store and was surprised there wasn't already a post on this site. You can't search the store yourself? It was actually on the main screen of the store. I see they just posted an article on this site too. Good day!

sasukeluffy says:

Well, I do live in Finland so it wasn't on my main screen and the store search gave me nothing.. So seeing no other evidence of this but your lonely comment made me doubt you being a troll, but that other guy informed mw about Where's my app and I found it that way.
Good day indeed :) Or good night. It's half 2 AM here..

lerimer says:

Amazed that temple run 2 is a Xbox tittle. Now, where the hell is GTA San Andreas?!?!?!?!?!

dalydose says:

I predict that Instagram will fade. It's growth will annoy the hipsters and Facebook will monetize the crap out of it and people will leave.

OFF TOPIC: Daniel, good afternoon. Do you know until date has AT&T exclusivity of Nokia Lumia 1020?

erzhik says:

The beauty of Instagram is that it will be get outdated because people love seeing pictures of other people. Whether its now or 50 years ago. That's why Instagram was sold for $1b.

aaa6112 says:

Comment deleted.

aaa6112 says:

You're right, that comment had no place in this thread. Deleted. My bad.

Hope it fixes the crashes for good.

Desean00 says:

Is it coming to windows phone 7.8?

Mafiatounes says:

Are you coming to Windows Phone 8?

aienjell says:

Beautiful reply, with the Lumia 520/521 there is no excuse anymore.

Devmer11 says:

I hate to say it man but you get to join the windows mobile 6.5 team since it's (depreciated in favor of windows phone 8) but all joking aside Microsoft is done with the 7 series 8862 was and is the last update :/

Shobiz says:

I droped my Lumia 900 last tuesday for a 925 on ATT.  I was feed up with not getting the apps.  The ATT store gave me $100.00 for my L900.  So at that point it was a no brainer. 

Stu Malin says:

I wish they'd fix the problem of it hardly working on Wifi, seems fine on cell data but on Wifi everything seems to take forever to refresh, or doesn't at all. Anyone else seeing this?

ojo otter says:

Opposite.........but my data doesn't ever work anyway...(since I've been on WP), but I guess it might be maybe a WiFi provider? Or your WiFi? I don't really understand what I'm talking about. But it is the opposite for me...

Stu Malin says:

My cell data is spotty too even though it says I have full signal

GustavN says:

Same for me. It is unusable on wi-fi, it just doesn't load the images, so I have gone back to 6tag which updates perfectly regardless of type of internet connection.

Same problems here on WiFi.

Stu Malin says:

Glad its not just me then

rubenbest says:

Notifications are bad on this. I get them sometimes and when i press them it crashes when the app opens.. Now i dont get any notifications at all

joe_easton says:

I am glad the official is here but I still use 6TAG.  I bet Rudy will bring direct messages to his app long before the official one does. 

Yeah, considering the beta isn't even v0.5 yet.

dalydose says:

A billion dollar company with teams of developers can't keep up with...a one man show?

joe_easton says:

HAHA!  It is so true.  That guy must code in his sleep!

blackhawk556 says:

The next app we need to start complaining about is candy crush.

I'd rather we just pretend it doesn't exist.

I would prefer some Xbox games optimized for mobile, like Forza, etc, instead of candy crap.

sasukeluffy says:

I love the game on my iPad.. Wish it would be here.

joe_easton says:

We need games like Candy Crush to become more popular.  It is a necessary evil.  The same developer makes many other games that are gaining a lot of popularity.  We need them ASAP

bonjoo says:

We want in-app camera feature, like on ios and android!!!

joe_easton says:

Are you saying you can't take a pic within the Instagram app?  It is in there; just push the middle icon and then the camera icon.

bonjoo says:

Nope. I mean... In app camera theme. Like 6tag and the ios, android version. Right now its missing... We can u only the native camera app...

geo crespo says:

I cant comment,post hashtag or liked on Instagram or 6tag.anyone experience same issue.even using the browser in accessing instagram,cant do anything beside uploading photos

isi mcf says:

This app was killing my battery when it first came out.

guyjkh says:

App not working on wi-fi... Not even letting me login to my account !! Going back to 6tag

ViniBT says:

Still can't connect to Twitter. Get an "oauth" error.

Where the hell is path app?

romancos says:

And it does not respond on any icon clicking if the livetile shows notification. I can see orange bubble under likes icon but can't click on it. So much for an update.


Aww fuk it does work on my windows phone. I have a Nokia lumia 900, so I'm guessing this app only works for windows 8 phones????:(