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It’s been awhile in the making but Instagraph, the first Instagram uploader for Windows Phone, has just received a pretty hefty update, which also brings support for Windows Phone 7.x users.

Version 1.4.3 is now live in the Store for all devices and has been dropped in price to just $0.99. We should also mention that there are no longer any limits on uploads anymore, making this a good option for many users who want a “legal” way to upload pics to Instagram.

Other new features with this update include:

  • unlimited uploads +  0.99$ for wp7 version too
  • new crop page (without border limits, so you can zoom-out and create borders :)
  • three new Aviary filters unlocked : brightness, contrast, saturation
  • revised ToS ;)
  • added Metrogram as preferred companion app (on about page) => intercommunication will start from next update :)
  • bug fix on queue time
  • new "uploading" icon (on queue page)
  • appbar icon for opening Insta webpage
  • text/syntax  corrections
  • toggle all "ON" or "OFF" on the same "side" (settings page)

Those are some significant changes and while there is still no trial version, $0.99 for an app that is confirmed to work on uploads and should be around for quite some time. You can pick up Instagraph for all Windows Phones here in the Store.

QR: Instagraph



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aitt says:

No support for Windows Mobile?

kullkid92x says:

Lmfao that got me laughing haha

Aww... Show some WM brick love.

FFugue says:

You are awesome!

rockstarzzz says:

That is genuine. Kudos!

aitt says:


Wait ! What ? Haha

mayur89 says:

You're Still using that?? :D Were you in Coma or something for 7 Yearsss? :D :D

I will develop an app to windows mobile superb cameras phones. My Moto Q will show their pixels in instagram soon. 
wait until the first hashtag #2instawithWM #WindowsMobile6.5

Verkunder says:

Nice. Still begs for FB/Twitter integration.

sHAYM4N says:

After all the hype I was just about to buy....stopped and thought. "Do I really need Instagram"?

mprice86 says:

If you don't have it already then this app is no good for you anyway; as you can't use it to make an account.

sHAYM4N says:

I do have instagram on the Ipad, but rarely use it, and dont think that will change.  Best photos on Flickr,  throwaway stuff on Facebook and Twitter.  If it was integrated into the OS in some way that might change.

I really enjoy Instagraph, and I like the looks of Metrogram, but unfortunately, there just isn't enough functionality to Metrogram, yet. If I could comment, that would solve almost all of my concerns. The other 'biggey' would be smoothness/random app closes. Thank you Venetasoft!

MDak280 says:

Looks great and I'm glad I bought it, but I'm waiting for Itsdagram! It looks awesome!

taymur says:

I just bought winstagram!

joelsilva says:

Cool! :) itsdagram and photoplay, we are waiting for wp7 support. :)

onysi says:

yea. waiting for itsdagram

deadwrong03 says:

I downloaded or but how do u browse the timeline of the people u follow in the app?

Jonny8X says:

Can you create a new account?

venetasoft says:

You can use Bluestack emulator from your PC ;)

titoyees says:

Thas how i did

miiwp says:

Hi. It is great you have made iG uploading app for wp. But have you noticed that tags are not working.. Yousee I can find OTHER things by clicking my tag, but MY PHOTO is not among those pictures wich I found by clicking tag..

theefman says:

Waiting for Catgram for all those cat pics! :)

aitt says:

Hey I might like that

walter1832 says:

With Itsdagram coming out on Friday for free, is Instagraph even relevent anymore, especially at a cost?

Heavy Rain says:

I bought both just incase the API for itsdagram broke. Hipstagram is also coming out which instagram allowed them access to the full API

it starts to get a little confused as to what you should buy should I buy Instagraph, Itsdagram

cannon#WP says:

A month ago I would have jumped ALL over this, but with the promise of Itsdagram coming to WP7.x, I think I'll hold off.

btbam91 says:

I'm waiting for Itsdagram.

Ultimateone says:

Same, it's the full dealio and a much better solution we've all been waiting for.

Sathanous says:

No trail? wa wa waaa

Heavy Rain says:

What's the revised ToS about??

venetasoft says:

To be compliant with latest change.
We tried to be fully compliant with Instagram ToS not to sell to WP users an "illegal" app that can be revoked at any moment.

miiwp says:

Hi Venetasoft. It is great you have made iG uploading app for wp. But have you noticed that tags are not working.. Yousee I can find OTHER things by clicking my tag, but MY PHOTO is not among those pictures wich I found by clicking tag.. Sorry of spamming but I hope you guys get information asap.. And get it fixed if you can..

Mike Mathias says:

This sucks we want the real deal!

Jazmac says:

Nice update. Dang thing got some speed too. Good job. Real good.

PeltFrelken says:

New to WP. Why don't I see the "1" on the Store Live Tile to update this app? 
edit: update arrived

titoyees says:

Really. I just recently buy Winstagram. Wow.

mayur89 says:

Instagram is Free!! We'll show you more love when you'll give it for free :) :) I'm gonna write a letter to Instagram for releasing Original App for WP Users :)

I believe the best third app is Instagraph. I have Winstagram and Instagraph. Even though Instagraph takes a little time to upload, at least it is a legal way out. Not that I respect Instagram itself, but I respect API's and the effort by Venetasoft to deal with those restrictions. So Instagraph will always my first choice.

LaNiQuE says:

About Time!!!! I still want itsdagram

SunnyplaysMC says:

I'm not buying it
Has anyone here heard of the expression "The best this in life are free"?
Besides, there will be a better and official Instagram app for Windows Phone (Hopefully it will also come for WP7)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that IF the app comes out that there will be a 99% chance of it being FREE

djctz says:

Finally I have a reliable instagram uploader

kirklyt says:

Nice update.! I'm one of the few that bought Instagraph not for instagram addiction but to give support for the devs. My problem is with Metrogram, it crashes on L920, I paired Instagraph with WPGram and is much reliable combo than having Instagraph-Metrogram. Also loving Photoplay.. :)

lemonsteveo says:

Good job on the update.  Instagraph is one of a few apps that gets cropping right.  Other apps just lets you move an image within a square, but Instagraph allows resize of the image which is the proper way to do it.

Coler7 says:

You should make it more obvious that this app is for uploading ONLY. I almost bought it thinking it was the real deal, the whole package, until I read a review saying it is only for uploading. And if you wanna look thru ur friends pics u gotta download other apps. Typical bs for 7x

kovisxd247 says:

I think I wait for itsdagram

miiwp says:

Can I set # with this app?

miiwp says:

Hi. It is great you have made iG uploading app for wp. But have you noticed that tags are not working.. Yousee I can find OTHER things by clicking my tag, but MY PHOTO is not among those pictures wich I found by clicking tag..