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Instagraph is a popular Instagram client for our Windows Phone that was the first to allow uploads to the photo sharing network. The Windows Phone photography app was updated today to version 2.6 and adds new features to both the Windows Phone 7.x and 8 versions.

The Windows Phone 8 version gets forty-five new effects filters that are powered by Nokia's imaging SDK. Everything from an antique filter to a cartoon rendition to a lomo filter. Instagraph also gets lens support with the Windows Phone 8 version allowing you to launch the app from the camera lens selection.

Instagraph new filters
Instagraph new filters, lens support and sharing features

Both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x versions get Facebook and Twitter sharing options, a minor user interface restyle and a few "under the hood" fixes and improvements.

If you're like Molly Wood and still searching for an Instagram client app for your Windows Phone, Instagraph is worth checking out.

There is a free trial version of Instagraph available with the full version running $1.29. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: Instagraph



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TKhaldi says:

Awesome, but does it also have the same hashtag problem like Instance?

venetasoft says:

No, Instagraph does not use any API. It is probably the most secure 3rd party Instagram uploader, it cannot be broken even by API changes :)

Micah Dawson says:

Still is this consider legal? Because you're still gaining access to instagram without authorization.

venetasoft says:

Currently Instagraph is the only one app compliant with Instagram ToS, point 10.

chataddicted says:

No doubts its the best instagram uploader ever released in market place.. I love this apps for 4 reasons that cant provide any othter 3rd party clients like instance, 6tag, 2insta with massive love, pictastic etc.
1. Its legal dont use instagram api. So any user can view and comment ur photo searching the has tag
2. Tagram apps is integrated so u dont even type a tag.. Just copy and paste ur photo specifoc tags
3. It has original instagram filters.
4. It support wp 7 devices as well dont forget them.. Cz still wp 7 users r too many.
Recently i contacted with ventasoft. Nd they told me in next update video upload facility will be coming too :) so instagraph rocks..
Ps. Dont compare with this with third party Clients as this is the uploader apps. Nd i like only perfect features not the gestures of an apps.. :)

rubenbest says:

Love the molly wood reference haha nice one!

Fndlumia says:

Someone needs to punch that Molly mole square in the face, "1020 41mp camera is shameful" wtf, someone needs a f@#€

veii says:

I thought there was no Instagraph for Windows Phone?

RyanAMG says:

Instagraph is a 3'rd party app for Instagram.

rodneyej says:

Lol❕❕❕ boy you're a tool.. You fell for that❔OK, I understand now,, this is what we're dealing with.....

What planet do you live on?

irvin792 says:

Lmao @ molly wood reference

Fndlumia says:

Does anyone still use this? Instance and 6tag far superior

pauljr1985 says:

I use Instance/6tag/WPGram for browsing/following, but Instagraph for uploading.
It is definitively faster to open and I like its cropping and editing feature, better than all others.
Sometimes I use Aviary editor to add labels and stickers too :)

Fndlumia says:

Didn't know it was faster nice to know, personally I use one app, deleted paid version of instance when 6tag released as I like to manage my memory. Full points to instagraph for breaking the code first and being first in store especially for ppl who live and breathe instagram

pauljr1985 says:

+1 (but I kept Instance too, waiting for V2 ;)

cannon#WP says:

Only using it until 6tag comes to WP7.

Micah Dawson says:

I used to but since there was that delay between when it uploaded to the servers then to instagram, that meant your pictures didn't appear instantly which bugged me

venetasoft says:

We use Azure servers as a gateway to automate real-virtualized Instagram apps, to be sure not to be broken with future (if any) API changes/blacklistings.
This causes a small delay in publishing, but currently over 98,8% of uploads are under 100 seconds, so not a real issue for your followers :)

No, molly wouldn't use a 3rd party instagram app, even if it was better, like 6tag, because it needs the "Instagram" name.

Josh Harman says:

Can you play/upload videos with this app?

rubenbest says:

Nope just upload pics

Josh Harman says:

Then this app doesn't exist, as far as I'm concerned.

venetasoft says:

Video upload will be added shortly (with an exclusive feature, stay tuned on wpcentral ;)

pauljr1985 says:

What is the exclusive feature :) ?????

arbetaren says:

Why would anyone still want to use this? Theres no need for this app anymore. It might sound hard but let it die.

pauljr1985 says:

It is the top paid social app, so I think lot of people like it for editing/uploading (me too :)

chataddicted says:

Just uploadba photo using any hashtag and tell ur friend to search ur photo using same hash tag who r not following u. Ur friend will never find ur photo in instagram server if u upload using any third party apps other than instagraph.. :) thats why im still using it.. :)

KasakDesign says:

Why do you people know what? No. I won't say instagram is stupid. I won't.

jagowar says:

They really need to increase that 2 gig single file limit with these storage tiers.....  I have some hd video still sitting on my media server because it is too big for skydrive (and before anybody asks its nothing illegal just some longer hd video I recorded).  Actually is backed up on google drive atm because they don't have that same limitation.

sholokov says:

I just found out my account has been disabled by Instagram. Does anyone know if any of the apps had something to do with it?

pauljr1985 says:

I was banned after uploading with another app (i don't remeber if it was 6tag previous version or #2instawithmaxluv..).
Then I renewed my password and now I use Instagraph only to upload.
Not a single issue with this app.

Winnabe says:

Off topic. GDR2 now available for download on my L720. India. Waiting for a wi-di network. :D Happy happy joy joy! :D

wpguy says:

Nevermind the cool app and Molly's shameful reporting, what's the keyboard the phone is sitting on in the photo?

Does someone else having issues applying filters after the update? It shows the demo preview of the effect but it doesn't apply it to the photo. I'm on wp 7.8, LG e900.