Let the world know where you are with InstaPlace Pro for Windows Phone

InstaPlace Pro

We like it when popular iOS or Android apps make it to Windows Phone. Today we’re getting InstaPlace Pro joining the Windows Phone Store. It’s a location based photo app that helps you create images that share your location. We’ve seen similar apps on Windows Phone already. Apps like Ciel and InstaWeather do something similar. In fact, InstaPlace comes to us from the same InstaWeather developer. Let’s check it out.

You can take pictures through InstaPlace or select an image from your photo library. Once you have your image you can select from over 70 skins to overlay on your images. Those overlays share your location in fun creative ways. Location data can also be pulled in from Foursquare or Facebook to give you the specific name of a place.

Here are all the features you get with InstaPlace Pro.

  • Over 70 skins
  • Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flickr, Twitter and more
  • Customizable timestamp
  • Works with old photos (assuming they have GPS information embedded)
  • Location pulled from Foursquare or Facebook
  • Ability to turn off watermark
  • No ads

InstaPlace Pro

In the few minutes we played with InstaPlace Pro we liked it. There are plenty of options, so you can get some pretty creative photos using the app. Let us know if you like it! 

InstaPlace Pro is available in the Windows Phone Store for just $1.49. We're not seeing a free version in the Store just yet, but we wouldn't be surprised to see it arrive shortly. 

Thanks for the tip Jose!

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kidjenius says:

How does it upload to instagram?

It doesn't. It saves the image to your phone and you can upload it from another app.

The universal 'Share' function, not direct.

Tahiti Bob says:

That sounds a bit redundant, you can get location with Instaweather. I must be missing something.

More skins focused on just location info and styles.

Joeul_Ramos says:

If only flipigram can come to windows phone

More ways for freaks to track you down and rape your ass. Sounds safe, go for it

NIST says:

Rape my ass. Lol I think that's one of the overlays in consideration.

PhotoTag it's a Rip off our InstaPlace app!

Even skins are copied.  Funny

santos1974 says:

Another great entry to the Windows Phone system. Thanks Sam for the article :)

I agree. PhotoTag has some cool themes and its very affordable (as in free). But I'm all for paying for an app if it brings something unique to the table that others don't.

I love when Daniel goes down to the comments session and replies with hilarious/clever comments! :)

RetroMan71 says:

Oh please!! Vomit alert!

NIST says:

He's groovy like that.

dalydose says:

This seems stuck in the crop-to-square-to-appease-Instagrime paradigm. I like apps that let me use my entire photo.

Please is the app free?

rain620 says:

Please read the thing.

rain620 says:

No trial = no way

Nty. No one needs to know where I am.

Jandieg says:

Tile'agram is much more fun!