Introducing the Windows Phone 8 Wallet

Windows Phone Wallet

One of the new features with Windows Phone 8 is the Wallet app. Microsoft has added a digital wallet that you can use to keep your debit, credit, loyalty and membership card information handy on your Windows Phone.

The Wallet app also has the ability to find other apps to link with that can provide additional information on that card or account such as balance and transaction history. Wallet can also be used to find and share local shopping deals.

WP Central

Your Windows Phone Wallet app supports secure payment through NFC (carrier support is required) where you can pay for purchases by tapping your NFC enabled Windows Phone (like the Lumia 920) to a NFC point of sale terminal.

Our initial impressions of the Windows Phone Wallet app is good and we'll get a more detailed review up on the Wallet app once we get our hands on this new Windows Phone feature.



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mmellado66 says:

Only talk about WP 8, but what happend whit all have 7 WP?????? IT'S NO FAIR!!!!!

For now you can consider using other Wallet apps in Marketplace like http://www.tinyurl.com/WPWallet

Get over it... Hopefully it's the last time...

mamilo1 says:

I already use Pegeonce but I'll definitely give this a try.

infinidim says:

Now that they have Wallet on the Windows Phone 8 they need to have a version for Windows 8 / RT.

andyjbu says:

I've just added a thread about the need for a WP8 wallet PIN reset. Why should we have to reset the phone when we just want to reset the wallet?  The only thing that needs to be deleted is the data in the wallet, not email accounts, maps, music, all lost when resetting the whole phone.  Nokia's Symbian had the function - what a shame that Microsoft implemented the Wallet without it!