iStunt 2 snowboarding to Xbox Live next week

iStunt 2

You know what type of game we need on Xbox Live for Windows Phone? RPGs! Sigh. But another hole in the lineup is snowboarding games, which will soon be filled by iStunt 2 from Miniclip. It’s next week’s Xbox Live release.

iStunt 2 is a simple game in which players navigate a snowboarder around 2D courses, collecting stars and trying to earn high scores. The courses have crazy loops, buzzsaws, gravity portals, and stuff to make things interesting. Control should be a snap on Windows Phone. You just tilt to adjust the board rotation, and that’s it.

In addition to hunting down stars in the game’s 88 levels, players can unlock new boards and riders in the game’s shop. As this is a Miniclip game there will probably be optional PDLC to make things easier. The PDLC was sort of annoying in Gravity Guy but rather innocuous in Fragger, so it’ll likely be fine here.

iStunt 2 comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, March 28 for $2.99. If you’d like to try it out before hand, the Flash version is free to play (and fun) on MiniClip’s website.



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blackprince says:

I would LOVE a solid RPG in X-Box Live dressing.

Not what I was expecting.. Would like an equivalent to Amped, SSX or other Snowboard game.

enTRAP says:

Check out Dragon's Blade in the marketplace. The free version is fully functional with ads. It's a throwback to classic 80's and early 90's RPG's like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. Its under constant development. gameplay is awesome. It features online chat and buffs from nearby players. I'm surprise wpcentral hasn't done a feature on this game yet...

Paul Acevedo says:

It's mostly a matter of time. Hopefully well give Dragon's Blade a proper go someday.

EAA575 says:

We need RPGs!!! But this is good, too.

schlubadub says:

Legends of Descent is pretty good, and getting better every day

Sunofabob says:

Looks like a pretty cool game. Might give it a whirl.

tylerh1701 says:

That gives me an idea...Snowboarding-RPG hybrid...I'd buy it!

tommohammed says:

This game really is a whole lot more awesome than it looks, I played it on iOS and will definitely get this one :D 

Nakazul says:

Looks nice. Now where is ep4 in Wizards Choice!!!? :'(

dogmeat1978 says:

Looks pretty good cant wait!!