This 6.45-inch Windows Phone is huuuuuge

How big can Windows Phone devices get? Nokia was pretty bold when it went up to 6 inches for the Lumia 1520 and 1320, but a manufacturer at Computex trade show in Taiwan is showing off a Windows Phone reference design with an enormous 6.45-inch 1080p display.

The device, called the Tiger, comes from the large Taiwan-based ODM Wistron and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor inside. The display for the Tiger has a 1920×1080 resolution but aside from that there's nothing else known about the hardware inside the phone. But with a 6.45-inch screen, there's plenty of space back there for whatever.

The Wistron Tiger is described as as being fairly thin, with an aluminum back, and it also uses on-screen, rather than physical navigation buttons. However, since this is a prototype, the hardware and case specs could, and likely would, change if it ever went into production. So could the OS for that matter. And because this is a reference design, the Wistron Tiger could be released by other brands with their own branding, and possibly with a different design (let alone a the same software). There's no word on if or when smartphones using this design will go on sale nor what their price point might be like.

Do you want to buy a Windows Phone product with a 6.45-inch display or is that size of a case simply too large to hold and operate in one hand as a mobile phone?

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dkxs says:

Awesome, the more varieties the better

Yousef Kawmi says:

I just played with L630 and tried the on screen buttons, they weren't *nice* they look like a static photo!

but if you look at this phone the on screen buttons have one more button ! look at the bottom left 

check it here, /watch?v=J9GTR8JatOU#t=42

yes. You ARE correct. it is probably to minimize the on-screen buttons in case you don't need them like while playing a game or something.

That's practically a tablet lol

toyotast165 says:

Looks like it has stereo speakers on the front

chidoro42 says:

Looks like there's a toaster on the front

and can probably park my car

stoickiwi says:

Too big, 4in is the best size of a phone screen. IMO of course.

Niavlys77 says:

Yep - it all depends on your hands and preference. I prefer 4.5 - 5.5" screens - anything less is too small for videos, games and reading, and anything more is just excess (although I don't actually mind larger ones).

myoujin says:

Sorry to say. 4" feel like holding a toy.

jomarr says:

I thought 4 was perfect until I got my Lumia 920.


I thought 4.5 was perfect until I held my dad's S4.


I thought 5 inches was perfect until I held a 1520 at the Nokia Store.


One thing's for sure, this isn't my phone. or is it?

omer620 says:

Hold chic duh san be cm

narv says:

It'll be fun to see, however, all the iPhone users that have been hardcore against larger screens and saying that 4" is perfect (after saying any bigger than 3.5" is too big), react to a larger iphone that is rumored to be coming out...   Then they'll tell us our phones are too small :P

Glim12808 says:

iPhone users are in a special distortion field. As soon as the 4.7" and 5.5" iPhones come out, they'll promptly forget their claim that 4" is the "perfect" size. Prior to the 5, 5S, and 5C coming out, they were all saying 3.5" is the best optimum size; now they are all saying it's 4".

Where Android lags on Performance due to partly Dalvik VM, pasrtly the heavy UI designs
Apple lags in screen real estate. It's like having one of those Chinese tiny cars
or maybe a Smart for Two - considering the price.
Others like 5 or 7 seaters...it's up to you what you like...it's ok to have an iPhone...

badMojo69 says:

But the iPhone will be thinner, lighter and be made with higher quality materials as to make it more durable with a battery that has 2 weeks of talk time...right?  Maybe it will recharge as you use it from the sun or absorb carbon from the air and produce oxygen or maybe...Oh never mind whatever it is it will be the best phone ever made.


Make it 8" and we got a deal. Heck give me a satellite dish with a screen on it and im sold!

Sting921 says:

I feel my 4.3 inch lumia720 is small.

duk3togo says:

If the bezel is small enough you can have a 5" phone for perfect in your hands.

ahmu86 says:

5.2- 5.5 is perfection... My l1320 is sometimes uncomfortable... My friends Note 2 seems perfect...

neo302 says:


Sunofabob says:

Nexus 5

WPC App via Nexus 5.

manwe says:

if it weren't for the bezel nokia would be the uncontested leader in mobile hardware, but i think this phone is trying to challenge them with that chin jesus

tbonenga says:

Dude I think 4 inches would even be small for a midget.

Fritzly says:

Early adopters, like me, found the Motorola MPX 200 an amazing phone... in its time. It is called evolution: when the Ford T was introduced its 40 mph was perfectly acceptable, nowadays people would laugh about it.

Daniel Meek says:

Many would agree with you, but then there are plenty of us with fat fingers where anything smaller than a 4.7" display becomes impractical to use. Personally I think that something in the 5.5-6" range is just about perfect for me right now as long as the bezel does not make the device to large. But getting much larger than 6" starts having issues cramming the device in your pockets which makes it 'difficult' (I know, first world problems) to carry with you at all times, which is the exact reason why I do not currently use a tablet or laptop. I basically want something as large as possible to replace other devices, while retaining the ability to fit it in my pocket and make phone calls... but then again the issue may not be that 6"+ phones are too big, but that my pants are simply too small.

I really like the idea of these dockable Android and Ubuntu devices. You have a reasonable and usable sized 4.5-5" device that you carry with you all the time; but if you need a larger screen then you dock it to a tablet. If you need to do 'real work' then you dock it to a KMV of some sort (preferably a wireless dock) to get a PC-like experience. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but capable enough to take advantage of alternate displays and input devices. This would be pretty cool in an office or corporate environment.

andresdude77 says:

I think that docking isn't the key, what if you could just get b hastily a screen like a tablet and pair it with your phone by NFC our something. No need to take phone or of pocket and reduces the weight of the tablet. Not only that then we could do the same and relaxed the desktop or laptop and have our phones do all the work.

olirehacek says:

4" looks like a toy after 3 weaks with 1320.

dikadik says:

best in our pocket

RAWAD_K says:

It had to ruin windows 8.1 instead

ahmu86 says:

May be both... Lol

Just300 says:

If it is a Lumia brand, then why not!!!!

Kdawg1989 says:

I love my 1520 but any bigger is too much.

RyanAMG says:

Personally I only use ear buds when using my phone to talk and use the screen for emails web and Team Viewer so the bigger the screen the better.

JPDVM2014 says:

Same. The 1520 is about as big as I could comfortably use. I can do most things on it one handed. But just barely.

I reckon its the same size actually. The buttons are on screen so that would be about .4"

luismfarelo says:

Overkill. Not for me.

omer620 says:

That's what she said (word flow)

Jas00555 says:

So, by my count. That's 16 OEMs, right?

ramyZgHR says:

Too much for me... 4,3' is perfect, 4,5 is ok for me. Bigger is too big.

TKETZ196 says:

I agree, I like the size of my Lumia 820 (4.3" screen). I got used to it when I was using my old HTC HD2. I can not imagine myself using anything larger, especially if I want to use my device for one-handed operation.

caliborn says:

That's what she said...sorry couldn't help myself

Ma1dere says:

4.5-4.7 I would say, but with small freaking BEZEL.

Ticomfreak says:

5" is perfect for me

RaRa85 says:

The 1520 is the furthest I can go as far as device sizes go.

keifwoki says:

Yeah.... This is in the tablet range, maybe Windows 8.1 instead of WP... Too big to hold to your head, that's for sure!

DTeKDeV says:

I bought the Lumia 1320 and when it came, I seen that the screen was a little too big. I was aiming for it to be a 5.5 inch.

Wall iPhone says:

This is a beautiful device!

No pen input no go. And it better have pressure sensitivity too.

crisdiaz01 says:

I feel like around 4'5 or 5' is perfect.

BigDre97 says:

Too big. 6" is perfect

davesannie says:

Depends 6.5 inch could get the same size as the Nokia 1520 is now

NYRbeezer says:

I just recently got the Samsung mega because I am a tall guy with long arms and hands. While these PHABLETS may not be for everyone, I am glad they work for me and I am glad there are companies willing to take the chance.

bhk22 says:

Tiger? Should name it as Dinosaur.

SAM 77 says:

Good luck to them.


chad08er says:

My 1520 is it.Anything bigger wouldn't be pocketable.

6" is perfect. I wouldn't prefer anything bigger. I currently have a Lumia 1320 and its cool. Anything bigger would be like a Tablet and not a Phablet.

CyclingNut says:

Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

Alaera says:

That's no phone, that's a space station...

I don't know. Considering the size, I was hoping for smaller - much smaller bezels than those.

edjr07 says:

I'll have to use it to find out. I thought the 1520 was going to be too big, but now its perfect.

poststamp says:

Indeed, the same for me. Now it just feels like a normal phone to me, anything else is just a small phone.

I guess my next phone could be 6.5 inch.

IzaacJ says:

Same story for me. Started out with the 920, which felt big. Got used to it and it felt too small, switched to the 1520, which felt perfect from start. Small issues reaching the left most quick button in action center thou xD

Blacklac says:

Man, I have fairly large hands and as much as I love my 1520, even that is just too big. I'm a good 1" away from even pulling the notification center with my thumb. Lol

Would make a better rt tablet then a phone has the industry not learned from the dell streak"s failure

LaNiQuE says:

My 1520 is already just a little smaller than my delll venue 8 pro I seriously don't think a phone needs to be any bigger might as well just make a tablet you can make calls on

Fatfox G says:

6.45" is a tiger?!
Then my 3.8" L620 has to be a kitten :'(

My 4.3" 8X is pretty decent, but I really like 5" phones like the Lumia Icon, Google Nexus 5 and HTC One M8

b23h says:

Yup, I'm really hoping we get a Lumia like that by the end of the year.

(and with an SD Card Slot & Glance)

Achike Da says:

Because of the size and business functionality of the WP8.1 OS (office, onedrive etc), it will (also) work well as a mini tablet/computer and will be great for watching videos too:)

Azhar Mohd says:

Keeping my lumia 1320 in pocket is tough job and this huge device is impossible for me..

i think the best size of a phone is 5-5.5"..


SoloXCRacer says:

I'm pretty disappointed there aren't any "That's what she said!" remarks to some of these comments.

JoeDizzle33 says:

That's want she said.

"the size doesn't matter, it's how you use it" ?

omer620 says:

That's what she said

For someone like me that has a vision issue that is heavenly I could make my emails larger and not have them go off the screen but if I also wanted them not so large for anyone to read I could still read them without eye strain - that was the one reason I had left Apple

JotaKa says:

That's what she said.

b23h says:

She never said that...

zu5be says:

We need a 12 key keyboard and a one hand keyboard for big screen mobile phones. At times I felp helpless. I own Lumia 1520. It's a great phone. I was hesitant first coz of the size but now I feel how I lived without it.

KickAssLumia says:

No 4K, no care!


Can I make Skype calls on my SP3 i7 512gb?

pulkit10 says:

Wrong thread but yes, you can make Skype calls on literally any Microsoft device. The SP3 is also running full Windows 8.1 so you can literally do whatever the hell you want with it.

Rainmarie says:

I can dig it. Love huge phones.

cg86 says:

More manufacturers need to take note of what LG has done with the G3. That phone is the same size as an S5 and HTC M8 yet it has a 5.5" screen. If Nokia took note they could easily fit 6.5"- 6.7" screen onto the lumia 1520 shell.

Gogzs says:

On screen buttons... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :C

That's what she said!

4.7 is ideal for me ,i wish my 925 was 4.7 :/

pulkit10 says:

That's like half an inch off the smallest Windows 8.1 tablet they just announced. While it may sound too big, it all depends on the form factor and how the phone has been designed.

I remember asking an electronics rep at a store if the original galaxy note was a real phone, because it looked hideous and I literally LOLed when I saw it! Fast forward years later and 5.5-6" look like a big, but normal phone to me. However, this may take the cake... Not sure if I'd be interested.

jfivieght says:

Only if it came with some advanced Bluetooth earpiece or something cool on the hardware side besides the normal stuff

Reflexx says:

As long as it's not 6.5". That would be too big.

SammyD_L625 says:

Lol. Saw what you did there.

myfyp2 says:

5.5 is my upper limit. Any larger than that is a definite no-go.

mpt15 says:

Rather get the 7" Toshiba encore 2.

lesd777 says:

Yep 4.5" too small for me. Can't wait to upgrade. But this one is just too big. 6" is pushing it

4.5" is the best size for any mobile phone. 4" is slightly to small

I always used to have the bigest phones. When HTC HD2 came out people where like this is way too huge... Then I got my Galaxy Note, and now I got a Lumia 1520. Since I am a phablet guy I should know bigger is better. But this is just too crazy. The Galaxy Mega was already too big even with it's very thin bezel. I sometimes even think my Lumia 1520 is a little too huge for me since the weight makes it fall easy with one handed operation. It's not very easy to use even though I think everything else is perfect.

I don't think this will be as succesful as the Lumia 1520. The Galaxy Mega definitelly wasn't.

Besides, wasn't 6,5+ inch tablet size? There are netbooks and tablets with smaller screen sizes than this phone. I think there shouldn't be anything between 6.5 to 8 inch. Too big for a phone, too small for a tablet!

cybermoose89 says:

That's to much 6inch is the limit I think

When do we reach the 7" threshold.
That's the smallest size for a windows 8 tablet, so why not combine those two systems.

JoeDizzle33 says:

My 1520 is pretty big right now. I've adapted and now it is pretty comfortable. Don't know if 6.45in phone is usable but with some use maybe it could be comfortable too. Although at that size it probably won't fit in my pocket. My 1520 is just same enough to fit in my pocket right now.

Finidel says:

I want one........

ssdmitro says:

6.45inch is BIG. It's like holding my kindle paperwhite. My limit is 5.5inch with help of very slim bezel. Bigger than that is a big no.

Why Not says:

That's what she said

Finidel says:

I also have the 1520..... Once you have a phone this size you simply can't downsize.... Other phones are petty, and tiny. You either stay the same or upgrade.......

chmun77 says:

Too big.... And it is making the tiles stretched and ugly.

Yogi76 says:

The phone does not appear to have the "show more tiles" option enabled. This is odd since the other 1920x1080 phones on the market, the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520, do not have the ability to disable the "show more tiles" option. Well, that's according to the reviews I've read since I don't have either of those phones available to check. Once the "show more tiles" option is enabled, it would probably look much better.

chmun77 says:

Perhaps that options will be available on 930 and 1520 as well once they are upgraded to 8.1? But with such gigantic screens, I will not disable that option anyways. Is making the start screen to freaking huge with the tiles and ugly imo....

theefman says:

Bigger, smaller, choice is good.

mayblast says:

Wow, the second to last paragraph made this so called anti--news. The last paragraph is shameful. Also, how about a photo that actually shows its size compared to smaller phones?

thoughtful_1 says:

What size is too big to fit in the front or back pocket of a pair of jeans? 

Honestly, when my wife has her L620 in her back pocket when she is walking around, I'm worried it's going to split in half.  ..and no I don't wish for her to wear baggier clothes :)    I can't imagine a much bigger phone fitting in most lady's jean pockets  (I am really not trying to be an idiot about this, I'm just talking about the reality of large phones fitting in form fitting pants).   

Also, when my wife got her L620, she looked at the L1020, but found it to be too big for her hand.

I see where the bigger the better for using the phone as a tablet, but isn't 4-5 inches as big a person wants from a carrying around perspective?  Help me understand if this is wrong and how a >5 inch phone can be carried around easily.  Thanks. 

spinzeroWL says:

I have a 1020 with a 4.5" screen. The device size is ideal for me...but with some better engineering, I reckon Nokia could get a 5.3" screen in here. If they did that, and stuck in some powerful innards, I'd have my perfect device!

tupolev141 says:

I'm sure your wife can pocket something bigger than 3.8 inches. I have the L620 myself and it is such a good phone. In screen tech and features like Here Drive+ out of the box it really was the midrange 'flagship'. But although small, it is quite thick. I guess that's why it looks like its trying to split in half. Anyway, form fitting jeans are usually stretch fabric. My next phone should be like the 620 but around 4.5 - 4.7 inch.

thoughtful_1 says:

Good points about thickness - she has a case on it that makes it thicker as well.  I hadn't considered that the stretchy material reduces the force on the phone so it probably won't damage the phone..

Totally agree that the L620 is a midrange "flagship".  Hopefully MS releases a L730 as an enhanced L620 with a 4.5 inch screen.   Thanks again.

nantonlc says:

Anything above 7.26" would be too large. My ideal size will be around 7.25".

LTTG says:

I think they went a bit too far...

Fritzly says:

A device 6" and up should have the ability to spit the screen in two and have pen/stilo capabilities IMO.

da1stprince says:

Personally I really enjoyed my 920 and also think my 1020 is the perfect combination of size and capability. However, after having some time playing with the 1520 I can definitely see it's worth. The size in my opinion is not as bad as I thought it would be and can see opting for a model of this size or slightly smaller. The only issue I think should be addressed is proper use of that screen real estate. A stylus should have more desktop type use on this device like windows 8.1. O/S Ex: Split screen functionality and more of an immersive experience when using note, paint and productivity apps. Similar to what the galaxy note phones can do with its use of stylus and screen. With all of that said, I'm not sure how I feel about a phone bigger that 6"though..

Kebero says:

I recently commented to a coworker that I wouldn't mind if my 1520 was larger.

1920 x 1080 is an odd resolution for a device with on-screen keys.  I wonder if they are counting that real-estate as part of the screen size.  If so, it's not as big as it sounds.

wasim sallam says:

I would like to see 7" phones.

we can use them as tablets with 3G or like that..

what do you think!

MattAllison says:

Am I the only one that actually wants mechanical clickey-type buttons for things like back / home / search?  Not horrible ugly massive big nasty button of doom like on the iPhone or most Android phones, more like the older BlackBerry call/hangup/menu buttons that were near the trackball/pad.


No, you are not the only one.


wbadry says:

I'd love to have one

CowboyBigsby says:

And only two rows of tiles? That's surprising. But still. That's basically a tablet. My 928 is a prefect size. The only thing bigger I'd get is probably an Icon.

Lundon44 says:

Does anyone remember when the smaller the phone was the "cooler" it was? Now there really is no limit on phone sizes and the standards seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I can see the new flagship standard stopping at 5.5".

Wondering if we'll ever go back to the "smaller is cooler" in the future...

It also comes with a bag to carry it around.

mrshots says:

I'm a VERY small kid and i can operate my 1520 one handed (except typing. That's I M P O S S I B L E. Still 6.4" seems appealing. I love phones that are almost as big as me •.•

MrSimmix says:

Hell no, it's too big. 6" is already pushing it.

To be honest my 1520 is the biggest phone i ever had. I owned a few 7" tablets and no way can i put that in my pockets. The 6" lumia 1520 is the perfect size and really happy about that

amcalexandre says:

I feel my HTC HD7 already small, and after I've seen a 1520, I believe is the right size!? My conviction is, My smartphone is the gadget that Goes everywhere with me and should be capable to do almost Everything I do with a tablet, so, should have all the capabilities and give me an excellent ergonomic view! Part of my life is there. I bought a 2520, I'm very happy with the.tablet, but is not the perfect size to go everywhere in some day to day situations. Greetings from Portugal

My 1520 is the perfect size for me. This one is like too big, plus I'm guessing it will lack a camera anywhere close to the quality of the 1520. Still, great to see more options out there.

Got dayum! And I got a 1520!

Wow too big, Im happy with 1020, have a nexus 7 as a backup for apps the the bigger screen

newdelhead says:

I usually carry my phone in my pants pocket so if I had this phone it would be the biggest thing in my pants and that's not good...lol

sd173 says:

I don't care about one hand usage. I barely ever used my 900 with one hand. If this has equivalent or better specs than the 1520 with a 1020 camera, this would be my perfect phone.

Glim12808 says:

Funny but two years ago I was swearing that 4.3" is the outside limit for me. Now I find both my 925 (4.5") and 625 (4.7") smallish. I'm not ready yet for the 6.0" size of the 1520 but I'm definitely anticipating the arrival of the 5" 930. But I also know I'll eventually get to the 1520 as soon as I get used to the 930 LOL!

Anyone else notice it only has 2 medium tiles across? At over 5", should be 3, no? Or is this not the phone the article is about...

I prefer 4.0 to 5.5

MikeSo says:

Exterior size matters more. If they do it right, this could be the same physical size as the 1520 anyway. Looking at the left side of the phone in the picture, the bezel doesn't look very big.

salsahil says:

6.5"? I think it will only come in BLACK *grins sheepishly*

jlzimmerman says:

It doesn't look right.  Also, why is this behemoth using the older style tile sizes?

sephiroth111 says:

we need popular apps and GAMES not too big screen.

rodneyej says:

Yes!.. I want a 6.5" Lumia right now!... This 1520 is too small now.

Ushae says:

5" is perfect for me, Lumia 930, or the next flagship will be mine next

xrs22 says:

5""is good for me via the Icon as I checked it out first hand and liked the size.

Makm says:

4 to 5 inch is just perfect for a mobile phone! Even for a phablet a screen larger than 6" seems too much and its definitely not comfortable to use in one hand! Anyways, its just my opinion!

This phone is a dinasaur, not tiger. My 1320 is too big that i've dropped it many times.

biotron2000 says:

I have big hands, and my 1520 doesn't feel big anymore, it feels perfect, and actually feels like a phone when I talk on it. When I see friends' Androids and iPhones, I wonder how they can even use them. That said, phones with larger than 6" screens seem like they would be unwieldy to use, but who knows? They may be perfect for someone.

HeavyHanded says:

Well, anything over six inches takes two hands to operate. Just ask my wife.

from 4 to 6 all are great! more than 6 is very special! but we have special Users!

Good to have the option at least. 7" phones seem to be very of the moment in Android land...

I'd like to see a 7" tablet running Windows Phone (just without the phone bit, just the OS and apps would be fine, like a Nexus 7) too but paired with the right headset this might be workable as a phone.

It's probably one of the only phones that looks *less* silly with a headset. ;)

Sin Ogaris says:

Very soon you'll have the device you are after.

Sin Ogaris says:

The 1520 has taught me that a bigger phone is a real boon, I find it really difficult to go back to a smaller device. I'm a pretty big guy though so it just feels right.

Trench Mouth says:

See my comments below

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Too much of a tablet for my liking. Phone calls are likely awkward if you don't have a bluetooth headset...

Marco Gomes1 says:

No wonder it's huge, it's got black drapes all around.

atherosxd says:

Too big. Maybe for girls? Haha

hyperthermia says:

This made my 1520 mad!

Trench Mouth says:


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McWall says:

I have a Nokia 1520 and think it is more than big enough for a phone. I  am more concerned about the company just because I have never heard of them! It is very frustrating to have an unreliable phone. I have been very lucky with Samsung and Nokia phone. It is hard for me to switch! 

L Greenfield says:

I like a smartphone with a 4.5 screen for mobility. A 6 incher for work and a small tab for light reading and a surface 3 for serious working!

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

hymc292 says:

Strange....notice from most postings, Caucasian with big hands like small phones & Asians with small hands like big phones...judging from high sales of 6in - 8in Android phablet over in Asia.

Trench Mouth says:

I want a phone as big as they will make them. I think 7" with super small bezels will happen soon. Also, I think that would be a comfortable limit for me particularly if a separate, small bluetooth handset could be integrated. If you have a bluetooth headset like the Sony Sbh5x line, or specifically the sbh52 which acts like a small phone you know what I mean. The Bluetooth headset eliminates the need to hold a platter to your head!
Imagine if one side/bezel could detach and do the same thing as the SBH52....just a thought.
I simply find the larger screen more appealing because I use my phone as a phone so little. I use it more for online video, internet, GPS, apps, and email then anything else.
Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Now THAT is what you call a "lady's purse phone". I don't think they make men's pants with pockets big enough to hold a phone like that.

TechFreak1 says:

Probably the right size for 7 ft basketball players :P. Personally it is way too big for me.

Or rather, how small can a Windows tablet get? *wink wink*

Mikey Downs says:

I think 6 is the sweet spot. The 1520 is perfect any smaller just feels weird and any bigger I will really struggle to fit the phone in my already huge pockets.

HanifAhmat says:

i want one of these