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Itsdagram beta now available for Windows Phone (Updated)


We've been following the development of Itsdagram for a while now with the developer throwing out numerous updates for the private beta. The app has finally made it to the Windows Phone Store and now consumers can enjoy the Instagram experience. 

If you're not up-to-date with what Itsdagram features in terms of functionality, here's what's on the table:

  • Notifications – Lockscreen (icon and detailed info), Toast and Live Tile for comments and likes
  • Social integration – You can now login with Twitter and Facebook accounts for auto-sharing
  • Delete photos
  • Create new account
  • Search for friends – Go through your contacts to find and follow people you know
  • Full commenting, following, liking enabled
  • Activity screen – Single list-view of all notifications (new follows, likes and comments)

Sounds pretty good, right? We'd definitely recommend checking it out. Do note that Itsdagram is currently in beta and problems could occur, so be sure to be cautious if purchasing today. You can download Itsdagram from the Windows Phone for $1.49 (Windows Phone 8 only - WP7 version in the works).

Update: We just received word from the developer that due to a few missing features and bugs, Itsdagram was pulled.  Nothing nefarious, just a few beta issues to be ironed out.

QR: Itsdagram



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Not available yet here in finland, hope it comes soon, btw first awesome comment

ZuNuKoo says:

This is for everyone that doesn't read it first before commenting.

At the time of his post the article hadn't been updated.

ZuNuKoo says:

I know but I noticed other people posting after it was updated.

Quin 2013 says:

I'm in California and it says that its not available for my phone which is nl920?!?!

What the?????

paulheu says:

It's allready pulled, probably Instagram had their cease and desist letter ready and the finger on the send button.. As expected
But maybe it's just a glitch allthough I doubt it.. we'll see

glass says:

It is still avaiable here. I doubt it has been pulled, more likely it isn't available in your country yet (the store takes a little while to propagate).

danielgary says:

I pulled it. It was never supposed to be publicly available yet. Someone leaked it and it wasn't ready.

Nickkk101 says:

Someone leaked it!? I hope they are found and strung up! Undermining your hard work like that sucks. Keep up the hard work Daniel. Look forward to the official release.

Big Supes says:

Thanks for updating us. Looking forward to giving it a whirl. :)

procen says:

I watched a video on your app and it's very good review. Congrat!

freerider189 says:

I already payed for it but it doesn't work, i hope i won't have to pay again :/

Wow...shame on them!! Oh well, we will continue to wait until it officially comes out! (Crossing fingers-hope it's soon)

When can we expect to see it available in the Store?

juan6996 says:

I'm glad I got the chance to buy your app before you pulled it. I know that its your choice, but I think it would have been better to leave it on the store. I know that its not 100% ready, but we've been waiting for so long for a great instagram experience and your app delivers. Just look at the reviews! Also, I'd love to join your beta, it that's an option.

Yes, I agree. Everyone loves the app and it was doing so well!

MadSci2 says:

Wow! Well I was hoping yo get it, but I certainly can wait until you decide its ready. Sorry you've been hassled by someone leaking your hard work before its ready. We love our WP Devs and certainly don't want anyone to discourage you. Think of it as a sign of how in demand your App will be once YOU think its ready to go!

S_C_B says:

Time to get more trustworthy friends.

matt dunn says:

what a fuckin douchebag 

(not you, the guy that leaked it...) we love you ;)

descabar says:

Great work so far. I'm one of the early people who bought the app. Does this mean if the app officially is published to the store, I would have to buy it again?

danielgary says:

You will NOT have to purchase the app again, I assure you.  Please follow @danielgary on Twitter for updates about Itsdagram's status. 

Glad I got it while I could then. Love the app. Sure it needs some improvements, which I can email you some suggestions, but I am definitely keeping the app.

tbonenga says:

Crap I should've bought it when I found it this morning instead of tipping wpcentral :'(

topleya says:

That's sucks. I managed to get it.

Gutted that I'll lose my money on this, but while I wait for full release I'm happy to use

RichDunbar says:

You won't lose your money. You'll get the full ready to roll release when it goes live.

tbonenga says:

Dude you should've never pulled it. It clearly stated beta. You had good reviews on the market. If instagram releases with the 928 this week your dead in the water.

SleepyTheDon says:

I look forward to an official Beta or final product. I'll gladly help beta test if the test isnt totally public

flubatastic says:

Why are site owners allowed to prevent people using their api to develop apps , it should not be allowed, that is unless they actually devlop an app within six months of a new OS being released,If Microsoft had stopped anyone developing a site that worked in IE these sites would have been the first to complain. if they think an OS like windows phone 8 is not worth devloping for then give microsoft a chance and let microsoft benefit from the ad revenue if it does succeed. This is why i hardly use most of these type of apps the site owners are just using their popularity to stop microsft becoming as popular as we all know it is going to become. If anyone knows an OS that is going to go places we all know it is windows 8 phone. Just look at the inrease in sales over the intitial six months it has been available and that is with only three OEM's. wait until everyone else gets on the gravy triain.
As with YOUtube Microsoft has designed somethign here that instagram will cry about but they brought this on themselves and they are in no way going to be able to block windows phones as if they do Microsoft could conveniently make their sites not work on IE. And although IE is not the best it is still the browser with the most users.

Gatlyn says:

This seems like a much better deal than Instagraph just because it's a full featured client instead of only an uploader. Not to mention the lower price tag.

Bigsro says:

Is this US only? Not available for my device...Ativ S UK. Curious to see what all this Instagram fuss is about

mazami says:

what about changing region? will it help?

RyanAMG says:

I'm getting not available for your device. I have HTC 8X in the US

randyjl says:

Same here..

Same for me on Lumia 920 in US. I think the dev pulled it.

App was pulled, someone leaked it accidentally.

FearL0rd says:

Not available for htc8x US why?

ryansstuff says:

No love for the UK? oh okay then wont spend my money on it.

Sumit8 says:

... are you stupid? Chill the fuck out it will come to your country... Also: you won't spend your money on it when it's not available to you? REALLY? Gosh tell me more about it, please!

Can't download it, says it's not available for my device, 8X..

Not available for my device either it says. HTC 8x in US.

danclyons says:

Just tried to download and says not available for my Lumia 920. 

chucky78 says:

No Canada either

ThaChaosKing says:

Not available for me :(

linkxboy says:

Can't download it on my Lumia 920 AT&T. It says is not available.

Jazmac says:

I got it early this morning. Las Vegas. L920.

kingkoopa09 says:

Us 920 showing not available after restart

WavingReds says:

I got it, but I had it this morning
From Canada here, L920 Red

DrewLumia900 says:

Already pulled from the store!

wetworker says:

Not available for me. Toronto - Canada - Nokia Lumia 920.

kovisxd247 says:

When it comes to windows phone 7

ttsoldier says:

Store says "This app is no longer published"

frugo says:

LoL I got it in the UK before it was pulled and it's great! We'll see if they'll block it tough.

chad08er says:

Not available for my 920 U.S CA.

mysterioso74 says:

...not available on nokia 920 :(

aerosmillie says:

Looks like its been removed or there making the switch to non beta version (the guy said he just wanted to see if it passed the store)
Is it worth buying, rumour has it the real thing is getting announced at the Nokia event this week??!!

Disappeared here too

bayotte says:

MTL., CAN. neither

Yah...I can't get it. Nokia 920 in CA, USA. It says app has been no longer published...or maybe it just takes time?

L920 in the US, New England. Says it's not available for my device :( please fix. I want to support.

paulheu says:

It's pulled. trust me, Instagram will never let this app be available

Idiotic response.

radde says:

Strange it says "Diese Anwendung ist nicht mehr erhältlich." which translate into "This application is now longer available."
Has it already been pulled?


Camaroon says:

Also says not available for my 8X at this point. Have any 8X-ers been able to download yet?

Not able to download for my HTC 8x

Thank God I downloaded it earlier before it got pulled!

damo579 says:

Its not available for me either. Lumia 920 NYC. Maybe instagram is being announced for windows phone this week by Nokia.

frugo says:

I was thinking about that, who knows but that'll be just great!

TechyMexican says:

had that been true, they would have shut down Instagraph and Winstagram too. 

venetasoft says:

Instagraph is the only one fully compliant with Instagram ToS.
We chose the "longer but right way" not simply sniffing and illegally calling their private api...
We think it should be not correct to sell an app that could be immediately removed by Instagram.
We don t expect to receive a C&D, nor Instagraph to be pulled from the Store.

Jax_S15 says:

Not available for US Nokia lumia920?

Gamby35 says:

Not available here (US, 8x). Anyone get the full details yet?

Not available in US for HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Wael Hasno says:

Read the comments, the developer sais it was pulled from the store because it was not ready and someone leaked it.

scrabble111 says:

The developer said he only wanted to see if itsdagram would go through the store and if it did, he priced it even though it was still beta because it was meant to still be private. Source: he commented in the wmpoweruser post

paulheu says:

Here he posted it was 'leaked by someone'

DJCBS says:

"This app is no longer published".

Not sure if the developer pulled it or if Instagram forced the pulling of the App. Either way, sorry for all you who desperately want an Instagram App. Be patient. 

erzhik says:

It was pulled by the dev. Read the comments above.

I got it hour before. Now not available. Russia, Moscow. L920.

TonyDedrick says:

I snatched it up immediately. Does as advertised. No filters. But there are a ton load of apps available to accomplish filtering, if you choose.

jamon723 says:

RICH...... Please edit/update article with something up top to help all those confused by not seeing devs comment explaining what happened.

Sean Burns1 says:

Can we not use filters or take pics though?? Pretty useless without that imo 

Jazmac says:

There won't be filters in this app but the developer says there are plenty of apps around if you want to edit your pics.

RichDunbar says:

That's not true at all. There WILL be filters in the released version. 

Jazmac says:

its not in the official press release. Unless something has changed, the developer in the original video said there would not be filters. 'There are already filter apps out there.'

matt dunn says:

EVERYONE! read the devs comment, it isnt out yet

bryfuture says:

Instagram will be annouce on the 14..

lfjj says:


billiam149 says:

Not available for HTC 8x or at least that's what popped up when I tried to download it.

I'm experiencing the same issue

Its not available yet in my market :/

When will be WP7 version available?

Sean Burns1 says:

Can't use it on Lumia 520

I can not fa download instagram? at the mouth why?
in Denmark

So much illiteracy going on here.

TonyDedrick says:

To dev, I apologize for downloading the app and using it if it wasn't ready. Had no clue til I saw this posting that it was published in error.

danielgary says:

Hey, no worries and no need to apologize.  The money comes to me either way, I just hate that you did not get the full app I hoped to release to you guys.

Heavy Rain says:

Will the app be updated even though it has been pulled?

danielgary says:

Yes. It will be updated to the full version once I release it.

Heavy Rain says:

Could you add a feedback link? So we could help you iron out the kinks.

Tahiti Bob says:

Got it before it was pulled. Apart from the absence of filters it's great, well done to the developer.

jabz9 says:

Says I can't download on my 8x for some reason

hysonmb says:

I'm not an instagram user, but, do support those who write apps to fill voids where big companies overlook our platform. When this one is posted, I'll buy it. Who knows it may actually turn me into an Instagram user.

andinsane says:

not aviable for me. 920/tkom/germany :(

starblade876 says:

To the people who are saying they can't download it after about 12:22pm on May 12, 2012, just give me your credit card info and I'll download it for you. Also, send me your social security number and bank information. :]

Yehya Tarek says:

I can see it in the store but tells me that  the app is not avilable for my device ..  :( 

Shantek says:

Read the comments

Spicymikey says:

Yes I downloaded before I learned it was a mistake. This beta is 100 times better than instagraph STILL is. What a piece of garbage that is. Don't buy it. Wait for this

tranite says:

Just look forward to it being released, it is truly awesome! I've been trying the private beta for some days, and so far it's great. Great work Daniel!

Flagz says:

Been using it for a few hours, its really nice. HTC 8X USA

joe_easton says:

Downloaded before it was pulled. Sucks that it was leaked but it looks good. I can't get the Facebook to connect but its just a early beta. Looking forward to the official release!

danielgary says:

Hey joe, would you mind sending me an email at  I've heard of people having troubles with the facebook connect, but I can't duplicate the issue.

Masterz1337 says:

Hey Daniel, I purchased it this morning, and I am also having problems with the Facebook connect as well as searching my phone for contacts. If I can help you in any way, let me know! I suppose I'll forward this to you as well via email.

Give it some time. Once I added facebook/twitter, it updated instagram and twitter instantly, but it took facebook about 30 mins to get the picture.

Spicymikey says:

My experience also.  it works fine.  Just has a small delay.  For me it was about 10 minutes.  Obviously there is still some middleware doing something to make the connection with Instagram.  No problem.  It's still 100 times better than Instagraph which came out a few weeks ago and is till clunky and offers few features besides uploading.  Plus there is a 3 picture limit with Instagraph still eventhough they said it was just until they could do some load balancing, etc.   Their whole rollout was a joke and a fiasco also.
Bottom line, don't by Instagraph or Winstagram.  Wait on this product to be released.  It's cheaper and much better.  Only thing it's missing is filters but I hear that will be added soon.  Maybe even in time for the release on Friday

joe_easton says:

I agree; this app is the best out there. 
However, my Facebook issue remains.  It won't let me get past the log in process so I think it is more than just waiting for the connection to be established.
I am more than happy to wait for the official release as I am sure it will be fixed.

Spicymikey says:

Something might be wrong locally with your phone or account.  It could be a bug in their system but it's not affecting me or others so that's odd.  I assume you rebooted the phone

joe_easton says:

Normally, I would have rebooted it but since the app was a BETA I assumed it was the app.  I did a reboot and still get the same results.  I will wait for his update and see if I am still having issues.  Thanks!

etphoto says:

I wish people would read before they comment.

SilverCha0s says:

Desperatly waiting for an app such as this. Any time scale on this?

Duvi says:

Dev said thurs/fri of this coming week, hopefully.

Duvi says:

Wow. Teased. Grrr.

kappa2010 says:

Since there had to be so much a#$ kissing to get them to come over to windows phone...I'll stick with one of the full featured third party apps...whatever instagram!... Thanks lomogram..

spyderzWPC says:

ran here to buy the beta..dang it, will have to wait..oh well keep up the good work

Residing says:

The bigger question is, Why hasn't Rich and/or someone on the WPCentral staff updated the headline to advise that the app is No Longer Available?

mayur89 says:

please tell them 7.8 ppl also needs some of their Love!! :(

There is a image uploader for WP7.8 users like me. It is winstagram. I tried, and all my 7 pics from my instagram/marcusasdrubal is from it.

It is like instagraph without filters But THE BEST, WORKS on 7.8.  I BOUGHT IT. And WORKS FAST AND NICE!

Here a pic using my nokia lumia 710, and Winstagram on Windows Phone:

ericf4 says:

Lookin fwd to this one!

jlynnm350z says:

This for black people?? Dis is da insdagram. Think there running out of syllables to put at the end of insta.

chadwick611 says:

You are a fucking idiot. 

I can't download it on the WP 8??

meriton says:

Why doesn't it work in Nokia Lumia 820???

ericf4 says:

Yeah I don't see it in the store..

Daylife says:

Maybe if you read the article you would know why..... lol

Ordeith says:

Not available for your device on lumia 810??????/

Daylife says:

Maybe if you read the article you would know why..... lol 

pippyo03 says:

Ya I can't download it on my Lumia 920 just says not available

ZuNuKoo says:


Invaderhim says:

Not available here in Canada.

iggypop120 says:

No 7.8 . I left android because of fragmentation and it followed me!

Tim McMahon says:

For a beta this app is badass! Great work!

Spicymikey says:

I agree. It has some small flaws but its less quirky than Microsoft's new FB Beat and they have millions to invest in dev and testing. It's certainly a lot better than that POS Instagraph that came out a few weeks ago and fell flat on its face out of the gate :/

Tim McMahon says:

I also use your app pinsation, it is great as well!

Aarav Sharma says:

Why Not For WP 7.8 Devices.

deloa84 says:

Beta is currently in the works for wp7 devices. Please read article and then re-read it before you post..

Its really........ good, and can't wait until the release. Are you adding a way to view your own profile.

AgeT says:

Can someone explain me what instagram is ?

nizzon says:

Its a community where you post pictures.
Think of it like twitter for pics.

Spicymikey says:

My experience so far shows that it works great.  Just has a small delay transferring to FB.  For me it was about 10 minutes.  Obviously there is still some middleware doing something to make the connection with Instagram.  No problem.  It's still 100 times better than Instagraph which came out a few weeks ago and is till clunky and offers few features besides uploading.  Plus there is a 3 picture limit with Instagraph still eventhough they said it was just until they could do some load balancing, etc.   Their whole rollout was a joke and a fiasco also.
Bottom line, don't by Instagraph or Winstagram.  Wait on this product to be released.  It's cheaper and much better.  Only thing it's missing is filters but I hear that will be added soon.  Maybe even in time for the release on Friday

"Windows Phone 8 only - WP7 version in the works"