Jawbone looking for Windows Phone developer, following in the steps of Fitbit

New Jawbone job listing confirms official Windows Phone app is in the works

There's still a lack of support for Windows Phone when it comes to fitness accessories and wearable technology in general. We've previously touched on multiple vendors who have no official apps available on the store for consumers, but Jawbone currently has a job opening for a Windows Phone Senior Software Engineer. This means we'll be seeing official platform support for the company's accessories in the future.

Just like Fitbit did in the past, Jawbone is looking for talent to help develop a companion solution to match competitors. This is fantastic news for those who either already have a Jawbone product or are looking to invest. 

Before you get cranky about why these companies are slow to support Windows Phone, there are two reasons: drivers for the Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and APIs for developers. This is what has held back wearable technology (excuse the pun). Update 2 and Nokia’s Amber firmware made it so low-end hardware began to have their Bluetooth 4.0 hardware enabled. This continued with Update 3 and Nokia’s Lumia Black firmware for high end devices, like the Lumia 92x and Lumia 1020.

The second solution is the SDK or Software Development Kit. Developers need these tools developed by Microsoft (and Nokia) for using the 4.0 hardware. They use these tools, for lack of better words, to write the directions to sync the data from the Fitbit device to the phone (or any other wearables). And here we are today with yet another job posting. 


Does this opening sound like something that suites your skill set? Should you wish to look into the position in more detail and apply, head on over to the Jawbone website. For consumers and the rest of us, we'll have to patiently await the official Windows Phone app from not only Jawbone, but other companies in 2014 and beyond.

Source: Jawbone; thanks, chillywilly_69, for the tip!



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What fitness band fitness band has the best support from WP platform? I don't care if its 3rd party

Right now? None. Though Fitbit is, imo, the best fitness band. You can get a really good unofficial app, Fitbit Tracker, which does all but sync with Windows Phone. It's what I, and a few others here, use.

Schnydz says:

I'm hoping Razor's Nabu project they announced during ECS comes over to WP. After using Fitbit and loosing interest, I feel Razor maybe on to something that is a little more "functional."

Fitbit has some great 3rd party apps. They have an official Windows 8 app as well. It doesn't sync through the phone, but syncs with your computer. As soon as I walk in, it syncs and my phone alerts me a few minutes later that I achieved my goals.

Jas00555 says:

Jay should take this job lol

RyanAMG says:

This is good news for the platform

mpt15 says:

This is a job for Rudy!

hopmedic says:

While I totally respect what Rudy has done for the platform with getting the attention of services not yet on the platform, there are plenty of other very good developers out there. Rudy is great in the niche that he's in.

jleebiker says:

C'mon! SOMEONE step up!!!! We need this type of thing! If for no other reason to pave the way for other apps and other hardware. Heck, I'd be willing to do it in my spare time just to get an app out there!

Dave R4 says:

What the heck is a fitness band?

funkyGeneral says:

It's a group of people who work out while playing an array of instruments.

L0gic Bom8 says:

Dan, you have articles to write ya lazy bum, lol. ;)

TechBizJP says:

Damn, you nailed it. LOOOOOOOOL

NikhilSahu says:

What is a fitness band?

Dave R4 says:

Don't bother asking, you won't get any answers on this site. 

From what I gather, it's a useless gadget for people who don't normally work out, that makes them feel like they are working out. 

aitt says:

Far from useless. This is a misguided answer. Its obvious you really only gathered some dust to blow

Dave R4 says:

Needing something to tell you how far you've walked/ran and how many calories burned is useless.    Your body should be your pedometer.  Useless.

aitt says:

Yeah because pedometers, GPS, heart rate monitor are all useless. Next you gonna tell me is watches are useless and we should all put a stick in the ground to tell what time it is. Oh no that's useless too. Just look in the sky.

Dave R4 says:

Good job taking what I said and twisting it around

MikeSo says:

Good for you. Don't use it. See how easy that was?

Dave R4 says:

I originally asked what a fitness band is.  I got that answer (finally) which I replied how ridiculously pointless one is.  Welcome to the comments section, for comments.  See how easy that concept is?

Stevied1991 says:

It is basically a pedometer for your wrist that tracks your walking, calories burned, and a bunch of other things.

jsnod25 says:

Well some can do alot, like tell you how many more calories you need to burn for your goal to lose weight. If you input your food, it can tell you that you should eat more or less, even recommend foods to eat. They can track your sleep efficiency, and depending on how well you slept, it can tell you when or if your ready to workout in the morning, or that you need more sleep. Daniel Rubino did an interview at CES about such a product, and there is a video about it somewhere.
Nike is working on cloths that will track precise movement of athletes, so they can analyze they're form and movements to find room for improvement. Think of how video game makers use point mapping to animate characters with real people, its like that but more precise and with live tracking and playback.
Wearable gear will become very popular in the next few years.

TechBizJP says:

It gives you a whole ne meaning of excersise and being fit. Gives you targets and tells you. "you lazy bum. go run some more"

And some distance tracking, sleep patterns. It even monitors how many times you pee during your sleep times. Did i say that right? :)

aitt says:

I been eyeing the basis watch but it cost more. The fit bit is tempting though. Not sure which I want. The basis offers more

Jazmac says:

Beautiful. Great news right there.

Edwardlb20 says:

Don't want this, a Jambox app would be good

CGA111 says:

Agree, hopefully something will emerge from this.

Really and what would this app do?  It's just a bluethooth speaker. Just play it and forget it.


Mayur says:

One word - 6Studio

blessthejon says:

Someone call Rudy.

Mark Byrnes says:

I have a Fitbit but I am getting sick of waiting. Eying off the Kreyos Meteor watch. The Kreyos does add some extra smart-watch features too, Kreyos is due to ship in April. Link here  http://www.kreyos.com/

ScubaDog says:

Calling Rudy Hyun, calling Rudy Hyun!

cesar ruiz1 says:

I wish but he's kinda busy with his own studio.

Yugiro says:

Where is Rudy?????