JDB Pocketware's $.99 "Like" sale, entire app catalog on sale

SkyManager from JDB Pocketware

JDB Pocketware has a nice selection of Windows Phone apps over at the Marketplace including Handyscan, SkyManager and 7Dialer. To celebrate reaching 1,000 likes over on Facebook, the Windows Phone developer has decided to share the joy by offering all their titles for just $.99 this weekend.

Just head on over to JDB Pocketware's Facebook page and "like" them. You'll then be sent to a page that has the link to JDB Pocketware's software sales page where you can send the app links to your Windows Phone.  The sale covers JDB Pocketware's entire app catalog including the latest title Fat You (a photo morphing app) and their financial app, MoBudget.

JDB Pocketware Software Sale

For many of the Windows Phone apps, this is a $2.00 savings. So if you were thinking about moving from Handyscan Free to the paid version, now's your chance to save a few bucks.

Update: If you don't have a Facebook account, you can still take advantage of the sale prices.  Just go to the Marketplace and search for JDB Pocketware (or the software title itself).  The listings should reflect the sales prices.  Just remember the sale ends on July 2nd.

Thanks, everyone, for the tip!



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Link not working for me......

Ok got it - for some reason, I had to go into my settings and change it from mobile to desktop - maybe this could be a good FYI to other users! Weird that it didn't work in mobile setting!

Here I am again.....Went to fb, liked, and had a few apps sent to my phone via email (per the directions) but when clicking on Install now' it didnt do anything - any suggestions? Not really worried about the .99 cent price cuz im trying them out first before I buy but I cant even install to try them....sigh....

schlubadub says:

Don't bother with the FB links... Just search for the app in the Marketplace or search for 'pocketware'

Adorath says:

Acer timeline x? :D nice!

digitalbrew says:

What? A BlackBerry running Windows Phone?

orion989 says:

Acer timeline