Joe Belfiore continues to tease on Twitter, new app to be released tomorrow


Joe Belfiore is continuing to tease followers on Twitter that an app is set to be released for Windows Phone tomorrow. To kick off the coming week, consumers will be able to download a special app from the store, but it's not currently known what we'll be seeing. Much like Pandora (see the above photo), Microsoft's working hard to get more big name apps on the platform.

Good times ahead, folks. What do you believe will be released this coming Monday?

Source: Twitter (@joebelfiore), via: WMPU; thanks, eehsun, for the tip!



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Saad Rabia says:

Please God, let it be Instagram.

interopbyt says:

If that was to happen, the forums would be a far more spam-free place :D

AliNSiddiqui says:

Agreed.... I don't want it but it will help WP8 secure third position easily.

oscargodson says:

For the love of god let it be instagram so I can get rid of my iPod touch that I use exclusively for instgram

Jnero20 says:

I do the same thing lol. Use an iPod just for a few apps that I can't get on WP

bb_gonzo says:

Still, an iPod is a terrific device. I am thinking about carrying my old iPhone again just as a music player. For the life of me i can't figure xBox Music or whatever it's called out. 3 times now i unintentionally started blasting music in the subway because i wanted to look up a song. Can you be intimidated by a music player? Additionally some songs crack a little bit when i connect my Phone to my car.

KongsPhone says:

Difficult for them to make it more unintuitive.
Great phone, awful music player.

Please god, let instagram burn a fiery death

andrewq911 says:

Agreed instagram is the most retarded application I have ever seen to date

Gomez9 says:

Never seen it or used it, but full agree with you, you would think its Crack the way people go on here, people forget WP 8 is abit like JayZ, BIG PIMPING, if you want instat Shit, stay with ur IPOD, you have Facebook, what's so great about INSTAT-SHIT ?


To sum it up, Instagram is FAcebook's photo-sharing software...but on its own site. It's like how Twitter is Facebook status updates on their own site.

and yet no one questions 'WHAT IS TWEET-SHIT?!" because Twitter's features have been available all along.

westex74 says:

Instagram is what younger people (under 30) use now instead of Facebook. I teach at a HIgh School, and Instagram is basically their communication system. Although most of us could really care less, not having Instagram is a HUGE disadvantage for a platform. If Microsoft is going to make any waves in mobile, this app is a must have. It's the biggest hole in their app store.

SMMinke says:

Correct. My wife is a High School teacher and her kids ask her about her Arrive and Windows phone and how to get one, only to say "No Instagram? No thanks then". Again folks, this isn't about if YOU use it, it's about what's good for the platform. Bring it.

Jnbs says:

It will be AWESOME.. Why? Because people will stop complaining lol..

kwajr says:

Ditto,I could care less about it
But I'm tired of hearing about it

nizzon says:

You could care less? So you actually do care a little bit then?

I could care less = I couldn't care less.  They're both valid phrases in the English language that mean the same thing.

Hooksie says:

Em, no, they're not. I COULD care less means it would be possible for me to care less. I COULDN'T care less means I care so little it would be impossible to care less. Their meanings are diametrically opposed. One is correct English, the other is an Americanism because Americans can't speak English. :-)

kwajr says:

Just stfu already

The phrase is "shut the fuck up", my good sir.

Jnbs says:

Agreed that Americans cannot speak English, well at least properly.. ;)

kenzibit says:

Please God, I don't care. Why? Because no matter the kind of app that gets announced, it will be exclusive to WP8 and not 7.8.

Es yo says:

I hope it'll be available for 7.8

scdkad says:

Yes-let it be instagram so I don't have to hear about instagram anymore! (no, I don't use it)

Z10YkakPES says:

Maybe official YouTube app?

almdudler26 says:

Nah, Google hates WP. Plus Metro Tube is great.

Jazmac says:

What he said.

ogracia says:

I think the same who needs YouTube app when MetroTube Supertube etc...are so fucking Great!

Have metrotube for that.

ade333 says:

I expect to see instagram launch with the 928. Likely exclusive for a short period of time

Z10YkakPES says:

Yeah same as data sense supposed to be, still waiting on it

BoBallistic says:

I doubt it would be a single phone exclusive, maybe Lumia brand I general.

temple run + instagram = perfection!!!

gerbir21 says:

Though I am not a user of this app, I hope that for the sake of the platform that the pleas for Instragram are answered. This will definitely add to the legitimacy of WP.

larspassic says:

I feel like we aren't lucky enough for Instagram to come on Monday

When WPCentral announce tomorrow different app than Instagram, the world will become in a KAOS. Spammers are already preparing himself. They are drinking some vitamined water, workout, cleaning their own keyboards and everything you can imaging. Get ready, is comming.....

AussieMs says:

I really want subway surfers but that isn't it, I'm betting on instagram

I'd love if Subway Surfers shows up soon. Instagram may be dropping Monday, but I'm leaning towards Viber or tumblr.

Never even thought of Tumblr being the app. I'd really like that.

Harkkum says:

I think that Nokia announced there will be an exclusive Lumia tumblr app alongside another version for everyone else using WP8, therefore I do find it somewhat unlikely that the announcement would have something to do with tumblr or foursquare as they seem to be hailing from Nokia rather than from Microsoft.

AussieMs says:

I'm betting on instagram because they had 2 instawithlove everyone's asking and they probably want to get to all the markets

illumia says:

I'd love to see viber but I won't get my hopes up!

Hiiiiiiiii says:

It's already there with 2.5 star rating

mcivor88 says:

that's the messenger version
other versions are the voice calling for 7,5 for lumias

chucky78 says:

I think it's Viber to. They did say before the end of March or early April

MSFTisMIA says:

Looking forward to the announcement. I'd love this to become a routine called "Microsoft Mondays", where every Monday or more frequently on Mondays there is a highlight or signature app announced.

slayerhk47 says:

I really doubt it will be instagram.... But who knows?

Jamdot says:

Change 'announced; to 'released' and I'm with you.

murani says:

That is an excellent list of apps that would provide a lot of enjoyment for users.

That would be really cool. It would generate buzz every week and keep Windows Phone in the news. Reviewers are only cautiously optimistic about Blackberry; now is the time to put them to sleep!

ehalo21 says:

Nikefuel app would be nice

ziplobob4 says:

Seriously, I need that app so bad. I'm tired of plugging my Fuel band into my Surface Pro all the time...

suresh419 says:

Its probably something gay like instagram.. I would rather see dropbox

Higgs Boson says:

I doubt it will be something gay. We just got Scruff a few days ago. Oh... You were using gay to refer to stupid things you don't like! Sorry, my bad...

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Why would they release an app of your face?

Instagram is not "Gay", because it has never made me happy...heehee

ogracia says:

Silly comment of the Day...

ImAdrian23 says:

Temple Run 2... I don't care about all of these stupid and useless apps. Who the hell uses Pandora? 1% of WP community?

absolutshame says:

Honestly how many people really care for Temple Run? I've never heard 'I wanted to try out WP but they don't have Temple Run' from anyone. Its always been the lack of official Pandora and Instagram apps that drive possible converts away.

rpm5101 says:

I use Pandora every day and know plenty others who do as well.

revamp says:

Thats funny I was thinking the same thing until my girlfriend tried out my phone and the first thing she looked for was temple run. She promptly handed it back to me...

I'd never used Pandora until it was released on WP. Now I love it! Use it constantly at home.

kenzibit says:

Really wish it's facebook remake.

exyaster says:

I wouldn't mind that.

Sean D. says:

But remade how? I'd like a share feature, but other than that I don't know what else it should have... besides better notifications. I don't want that android apple version, that shit just looks like http://touch.facebook.com

SpideyCoco says:

Facebook's app still has a long way to go in Windows Phone. The open graph apps are unknown for the platform, it doesn't know how to show them, how to redirect notifications, Share button is essential at this time. Groups' notifications redirect to the group, not the post itself, and sometimes it can be really troublesome. There's also this weird bug when tapping the comment button, instead of showing the comments on the photo you're looking at, it shows you the comments of another one.
I think I made myself clear, maybe a bit too much :P

lerimer says:

what ever happened to Jetpack Joyride?!?!?!?!?

howdysir says:

Seriously, who even uses Pandora?
Ohhh, you know, 59 millions users in 2012, and 101 Million Dollars in Revenue... that's who.

invertme says:

Judging by my firewall alerts at work - over 90% of the people in my office use Pandora.
It's very popular.

I care about Pandora and was one of the apps I missed most coming from android to WP8

Ticomfreak says:

Instagram (crosses fingers)

Lilleverden says:

Pandora like app, it has to be a remake of Spotify, the beta was just to get a working version while they make a proper one.

Olivion17 says:

Probably viber. Hopefully Hulu plus. But probably not instagram lol.

absolutshame says:

Hulu Plus or HBOGo would be great!

Raesu says:

HBO GO would be nice, but even more so...i still need my WSJ news and Fidelity apps!!! WSJ live doesn't count.

chucky says:

HBOGO would be perfect! But I want instagram though.

wpward291 says:

Fidelity app suppose to be in the works

Hulu + would be awesome!

Olivion17 says:

I've had windows phone since day 1 with my hd7. Then went to Lumia 900 and now 920. Its always bothered me that we don't have a Hulu app but on day 1 windows 8 gets it. Where's the windows phone version.

verbivore says:

YES. I can already take a picture through a filthy sock and tweet it, so I have no need for Instagram.

revamp says:

Add another vote for Hulu plus that would be amazing !

mrcraggle says:

It won't be Hulu as that would be another US only app and JB said this would be international.

maybe subway surfers or viber

What the fck with guessing? Are we little children to him? He has to be a little bit more respectful with this shit especially when so many of us pissed off with how slow the os is developing.

rianext says:

He said that jst to get ppl to anticipate for something good tomo.. What kinda idiot are you if you blast ppl for trying to build up some excitement??

Your parents were close relatives? Do I understand you correctly?

Calm down, it's all in fun. I've been using WP since the beginning and am actually enjoying the fun Joe is having on Twitter.

Do you really find it amusing to be teased for days and then being given apps you don;'t care for?

Kellzea says:

Why you mad bro?

I am mad because he gives us crap instead of popular apps.

Yeah because nobody asked for Pandora or anything.. Just stfu

Well, thanks for Pandora. The job is done, no other important apps are missing.

Its real simple.. Change platforms if you are so unhappy.. Anger is just silly

raul_junior says:

I'm pretty sure Pandora, photosynth, and Skype are all popular just calm down

Wow homie, go drink some Metamucil & relax. No need to get on here like this.

Sean D. says:

Dude, are you kidding me???  I put this up before in another thread, but whatever;
WP7, NoDo, Mango, Tango, WP8, Portico, talk of GDR1, GDR2, and Blue.
All since late 2010.
The OS is devloping just fine. Matter of fact it and the marketplace are developing at a fast pace than the other two did.


topleya says:

I hope its an animal noise soundboard

Nakazul says:

Oh how we have waited! :-P

laserfloyd says:

No no no, an Arnold Schwarzenegger sound board of course. :)

aerosmillie says:

Hopefully something we can actually use here in the UK...

topleya says:

Same, really annoys me when MS make a big deal about things then say in the really tiny small print US Residents Only

Beshoy Hanna says:

Joe Belfiore - The Giver of Hope

Montpbm says:

Or maybe it's an official FACEBOOK app! :)

topleya says:

Unlike the current official Facebook (I'm aware its made by another company, but they were commissioned by MS & Facebook)

Montpbm says:

Yeah exactly..

I think it isn't instagram, I like maybe like Temple Run or something. But it would be cool if it was.

walter1832 says:

An official FB app?

paras chugh says:

its not going to be instagram as he wouldn't advertise a nokia exclusive
it has to be viber as when pandora was released he added that there is something fun coming to non US users

teom95 says:

Since when is instagram a Nokia exclusive?

CmosError says:

Definitely not instagram. I'm thinking jetpack joyride. Its one of the few if only remaining apps that was announced for wp8 months back and in one of his tweets he said it would be "something fun"

That would be awesome! Another game I love playing on my tab 2, but would rather have it on my 920.

AskaLangly says:

I want a Games Hub update: all-in-one with Extras and SmartGlass.

kenzibit says:

That will be an OS update OTA or Zune.

jabz9 says:

I highly doubt it will be instagram because, Nokia is still strongly promoting their anti-instagram app. Probably temple run or something else for that matter

It's a pro instagram app, not anti, lmao! It's supposed to show how much the WP community wants the app. Hence #2instawithlove....notice the love at the end.

jabz9 says:

Maybe @walter1832 could be right, maybe an official fb app

-Temple Run 2
or something that we don't even care about :D

Trust1421 says:

HBOGO or Hulu would be nice too.

DFB says:

I'm hoping for data sense. I'm not where the rumor mill stands on it but Counters was bad-ass and there's none for wp8

patiua says:

Yes, instagram please, so we can stop hearing about it.... What I would really dig is: hdhomerun tv directly streamed to phone and the cute little game dragonvale. That's how little I really miss on this platform....
Have a neighbor. Who sadly just switched her Lumia 920 for a sgs3 and she says she loves the new phone, because it can do everything. Like: take screenshot with a finger swipe and she can customize everything. And she may be right. But I don't necessarily need to and I really don't like the GUI on my own work phone (android). So where Is WP?
Almost every "needed" app is actually here. Lets get the few missing ones, and then the battle should be, which GUI seems most appealing. IMO, WP wins easily...but ifans and Droid fans don't agree....
If I switched to Droid? I'd die without kids corner and rooms!!!

iSingBass says:

I don't know about other platforms but screenshots in WP8 are pretty easy: press "start" and power buttons at the same time and the image will be saved in the "Screenshots" album.
It took me a while to remember that feature was available, and they don't really advertise it, but it's nice to have.

Didn't know that.  Thanks.

Nakazul says:

I believe you can have several accounts on Android now. Like kids corner.

rianext says:

Instagram in nxt to impossible...i would guess...temple run...probably the first one...but hopefully the 2nd...:)

alexb1970 says:

I would like to see indigo voice assistance.

dalydose says:

Indigo would be cool, but I don't think it would be the cause of Joe B teasing on Twitter.

That would be cool.

mrcraggle says:

I messaged them a couple of weeks ago and they said they had no WP8 plans despite there being a W8 app.

GSOgymrat says:

I love comixology but I don't know about comics on such a small screen.

What I want won't happen.
MLB At Bat
Hulu plus
Roku Official App

Jnero20 says:

Mlb tv is a must!

Cellus13 says:

It wont be instagram. It would be too good to be true.

teom95 says:

Maybe it is molome the instagram competitor?

Nakazul says:

Instagram, HBO, Viasat, Bank ID, IKEA, would work, all of em at one release. And more next day.

The Courier says:

i 100% agree with you on the HBO App... that's one App i miss from my other OS.

Jazmac says:

It'll be Instagram. Who is holding the bets?

aerosmillie says:

A new Facebook app for both wp8&windows8 would be good.

WhippedKream says:

I've been dying to get a good facebook app so I can stop browsing on my computer so much cuz im uncertain if I got a notification or want to simply browse facebook properly (i.e. attach PICTURES to messages... MIND BLOWN). It's an addiction that I need to stop but I think having a proper toast notifcation is a step closer to make me a bit more sane :P haha

polychromenz says:

Err click image, share, Facebook what's hard about that? Or am I missing your point?

WhippedKream says:

Do you honestly think that I am that stupid as to not have figured that out? I'm talking about having a conversation with someone and wanting to show them a video, or picture or anything. No attachments can be done there. Not even in the integrated facebook chat... sad life

Rich White says:

Does Joe know the difference between a game and an app? Tomorrow we know.
Flipboard and TapaTalk and Pulse i admit I Ilike Collector and Foreplex and Fuse as subs. Newser's OK too.  All 4  need need one more update bedore I can kiss the other OS offerings goodbye.

Menzlo says:

Games are apps.

The Courier says:

Noooooo Instagram.... lmao. We need a bloody decent tumblr, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook app that works ;-)

I hope it is Instagram to stop people from complaining and It will make WP look good. I personally don't min Instagram

MrVol84 says:

My guess is a new re-done Facebook app, Temple Run, or Instagram.

Jestin96 says:

I'd really love a better fb app

MacDaMachine says:

Viber, jetpack joyride, or temple run (if its this please be #2).

bono5112 says:

I can tell you one thing IT WONT BE INSTAGRAM

apRPhle says:

My vote is on lexi-comp....as well as instagram, flipboard and/or pulse

fiddlebenton says:

Instagram & Flipboard would be nice. Pandora was a great start, its so polished. They didn't rush it to get press, unlike the Facebook app.

London Jr says:

+1000000 most highly anticipated app for me

Menzlo says:

Seriously. I'll take the march madness app too, please.

Mik29 says:

Someone needs to tell Joe we don't give a toss about twitter apps and are far more concerned about why our SD card don't fucking work properly. Fix it

dalydose says:

If I was to bet, I'd say it was Viber. Getting Instagram would make my WP experience better only because we could stop hearing all of the sad, desperate crying in these forums as if the world has ceased Spinning because they can't share square cropped, over filtered pics of their pets and lunch on one more kinda-social network. Of course, I give it one day and the sky will fall because another case on iEnvy will take over. Alas, I don't think it will be the hipster-cam app. I'm still banking on Viber.

I wish it was Mint or a video editing app or an official (or just upgraded) Facebook, but my hopes aren't high.

chucky says:

Yeah we need a good Facebook app, the twitter update is awesome!

Residing says:

dalydose...you always tell the truth!
Agree; for the sake of not having to hear about it, hopefully it will be Instagram, but I doubt it.  I'm thinking it will be the other app promised by Joe at the launch of WP8 in addition to Pandora - which is Temple Run.

oakfan52 says:

+1 on Mint > Instagram

TechAbstract says:

Instagram to shut people up.

Dadstar0410 says:

No one said SnapChat yet? The app was tweeted to be coming around a month and a half ago. It is time!

mondokjm says:

I've never heard of this app before and I just searched it. I don't quite understand. We can send images natively via text. Is this so you can use WiFi rather than data to send an image?

Menzlo says:

You can set your image to expire after a few seconds. Mostly for nudie pics as far as I can tell.

Jestin96 says:

Hoping for the best

jabz9 says:

I remember that the redone of the foursquare app is coming at"the end of march" so my guess is that

Jf.Vigor says:

That would be the third redo. What's wrong with it now, did they say?

splash112 says:

Never used instagram...

cedarlog says:

viber or snapchat

caliborn says:

I'm hoping it'll be a really high quality fart app. I desperately need this.