Joe Belfiore: Spotify for Windows Phone 8 coming out of beta today [Update]


Spotify for Windows Phone 8 is to come out of beta today with an update that's currently making its way through the store submission process. According to a tweet published by Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, consumers can expect to see said update hit their smartphones in the near future. The beta was released back in February, earlier this year.

As well as coming out of beta, the upcoming update will include support for more languages, offline playlist improvements and track scrubbing.

We'll give you all a heads up when the update is live. If you haven't yet downloaded Spotify for Windows Phone, you can catch it on the store (Windows Phone 7 version if you require it).

Update: We've started to receive word that the update is now live, so be sure to keep checking the store for an update. Let us know if you've got it in the comments.

Source: Twitter (@JoeBelfiore); thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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ThePKReddy says:

Yay!! Anyway, does this update help with Bluetooth Audio? I can't use Bluetooth and spotify at the same time on WP7.8 (HTC HD7). If I have blue tooth enabled, and launch spotifiy, my phone turns into a brick for the most part. I have to disable bluetooth altogether and use the AUX cable.
In contrast, the native Zune app, when blue tooth is enabled, transmits audio (music) to my car wirelessly. So, THAT might be a reason to get an xbox music pass vs. spotify

What's the advantage if Spotify over Xbox music? Just curious

Wael Hasno says:

Well, we still get another official app.

elperroverde says:

Spotify rocks, Xbox Music sucks. That's the advantage.

jubbing says:

Really nailed the pros and cons there....

ScubaDog says:

That's purely a matter of opinion.  I already pay for Xbox Music Pass.  Why would I pay for Spotify?  Particularly when there are other better free or ad-supported options that I can use in addition?  As far as I'm concerned, this is "meh".

juanesdg7 says:

Different platforms, with Spotify you can travel with no problem not like the 2 week limit of Xbox, and finally the social features

Jrexxx says:

1. Much better desktop client. The Xbox music app is a mess, even the updated version on 8.1 beta.
2. Platform agnostic service that works everywhere, from ipad to windows to android.
3. Much better music deiscovery. Creating radios based on artist in Spotify still surprises me with great tunes.
4. Using apps to check out new music, events, etc.
5. Social aspect: following friends and artists, sharing is easier and you're certain that people will be able to listen to waht you're sharing because of the service is available on all platforms.

Letros says:

Disagree on music discovery, you cannot browse genres or all recent releases on Spotify.

Jrexxx says:

I'd rather have apps, radio and the "you might like this" stuff than have those genre charts!  I'm an EDM fan, and the charts on Xbox are horrific and horrible!Tried using them a few times then gave up.

Letros says:

I'm not talking about charts, I'm talking about seeing every album in every genre in a weekly release manner, so I can see for myself if I like it, not some computer telling me. Then again, I listen to some really obscure music, so results probably vary with computers.

Mazze says:

Subscribing to playlists. Activity (e.g. Kontor is very active there). Much better back end (stream is very stable and responsive). 
And finally: YES, YOU CAN ADD SONGS TO EXISTING PLAYLISTS. That overly sophisticated and terribly difficult to code feature is still lacking in XBox music for WP8 (understandable, who would actually EVER want to add songs to an existing playlist?).

Cellus13 says:

More choice to those who don't like either Xbox music or Spotify.

m0unds says:

In lots of cases, Spotify has a significantly better catalog, better web player, and more complete featureset. I think Xbox music will eventually catch up. (I have a sub to both svcs, trying out Xbox music after the web player release)

Nice Mac OS X client, web application, and i like the apps and the social aspect! You have an client for all platforms (not for linux but you still have a webclient)

vukmania says:

The update is available in Sweden!

Robby Light says:

Nice! How is it? Can you upload some Screenshots for us?

Kindis says:

From first view it's a lot better and faster, but only time will tell ;)

vukmania says:

Unfortunately I'm at work, but it looks the same and it's alot faster and it runs smoother.

* Updated with Spotify's new logo
* Ability to seek a song, although it doesn't look that good.
* Support for more languages - I am norwegian and have gotten a norwegian interface.
* Faster and smoother, but no other UI changes as I can see.
If you want it now, go to Spotify on the online Windows Phone Store and click install again. You will then get the updated app.

cw1988 says:

Awesome!! Im using Spotify right now :) i have never had issues with the beta so im looking forward to this.

Warren Dance says:

It was still in Beta? Jesus..

nizzon says:

Thats what I thoght. Snails

Do we finally get free streaming like on ios and android? Or do we still need a premium account to even log in to the thing.

iOS and Android has free streaming? I was under the impression that a Premium account was required for all mobile devices.

Adrian Luna says:

There was never free streaming on iOS or Android. No mobile devices (except for laptops) have free streaming available. It's a paid feature. iOS/Android have the free Spotify Radio app. 

coolbreeze78 says:

Radio has always been free. I use Google All Access on my HTC One. Like a stereo concert, honestly. Dem speakas.

thorkenneth says:

Just got it in Norway. Looks nice

And they have fixed the one bug I knew about: it crashed before when entering a playlist with a Norwegian alphabet character in the title.

clausl says:

Spotify works with Sonos, XBOX Music does not. Before XBOX Music supports Sonos it is not relevant in my house.

sasukeluffy says:

XBOX Music works with Windows RT, Spotify doesn't.

frekah says:

Hmm,play.spotify.com Works on my Surface RT

sasukeluffy says:

Damn, I know that I should sleep more..

dkvam says:

Thanks! I didnt know of The web player. On my surface RT The Spotify web Version is smoother than the native Xbox music version! I find that somewhat annoying/irritating

wayne310 says:

isnt it just a 2 day trial on mobile and then u need to pay for premium to use it?
thats kinda stupid. i would rather take the free app with advertisements

Warren Dance says:

Spotify allows you to choose the music played, no other music streamer allows you to do this via mobile for free.

Warren Dance says:

And of course you'd rather listen to other peoples music for free rather than pay for the service. That doesn't go to say the current model is 'stupid'. It could very well mean though that you likely are.

DennisvdG says:

Finally! Been waiting for this since February :D
Edit: performance is great so far! ( it used to suck *** honestly) Im so happy :)

warmth says:

Already available for download. No Last.fm scrobbling or WhatsApp sharing support, tho.

MortalSins says:

I've been desperately waiting for this update. I use Spotify daily in my car and it was completely bugged and hardly useable. Now it seems a lot quicker to load and has a seek bar!

Tolik Pugach says:

The crappy textured background is finally gone!! Yes!

It has never been a textured background... just a light yellow one, and that's still there.

Tolik Pugach says:

Umm Why dont you compare these two links with pictures of beta and the link with wp store's current pictures. The background has changed. and its white.

sharkz007 says:

Not available in India

newneo says:

yep got it too.

newneo says:

UK that is!

pukkiewp says:

Got it also! Here in the Netherlands much faster and finally can scrub through the music :) and toast notifications now only whatsapp and I'm a proud WP owner

Ben1019 says:

The update is available in The Netherlands

planty says:

Question is whether it's caught up even slightly with the iOS and Android versions. Quick test, does it have last.fm scrobbling integration?

Lilleverden says:

Nope it has not, look at it as a stability and performance fix

Noesitium says:

I have a lot of different devices and Spotify works on all of them and has the best quality. Only thing that bugs me is that there is no Def Leppard on Spotify!

tbonenga says:

I guess you'll be High and Dry On Through the Night

jan-ii says:

Update available in finland also. Just downloaded it!

Robby Light says:

Still no important changes.
Neither Radio has been implemented which is very important in my eyes nor the app got more stable. Even the Logo has been changed and scrubbing is now possible.
The app still crashes, looks horrible and has a very very bad user experience and workflow. This is one of the worst and also most importrant apps on Windows Phone, which is a very very bad combination.
Maybe I should create a design suggestion for the wp8 app and send it to Spotify...

congoose says:

Here, here on all your points. Disappointing.

Do that... The 7.8-version isn't impressive

hans 8x says:

Nothing changed...

hans 8x says:

Just kidding^^ it's finally in German and scrubbing is quite ok, but the radio feature still misses.

I prefer Xbox Music, its portfolio is impressive.

ttsoldier says:

No radio feature , no care

Alphageek_UK says:

Got it in the UK. Perfomance is a hell of a lot better. Just heading out for a 5-hour car journey, so will be able to give it a good test today.

sasukeluffy says:

Got it in Finland, it's super-fast and smoother than any app!! And it's in Finnish now

gizzzmo says:

+It works much faster
+It looks better
+Added scrubbing
-Not fast enough
-Freezes between songs
-No last.fm support
-No radio
-Can't add artists to queue

Sagar Limaye says:

Apparently this guy is just wasting his time on the team. Users are desperately waiting for updates that will hopefully overcome the nonsense limitations on the phone, like no option for attaching multiple documents in emails, "other" storage problem, not being able to install apps on SD cards, not being able to download any type of file in IE.. THE LIST JUST GOES ON! I love my Lumia 820 but I'm really disappointed and frustrated.

jtes8 says:

Big improvement from the beta! Although now the radio streaming still needs to be added. But overall a welcome update!

nizzon says:

Wth is scrubbing?

haqwin says:

Fast forward/reverse in a track.

sqlchicken says:

MUCH faster. There's also offline playlist management in settings that tells you how much space your offline music is taking up as well as any pending downloads from offline playlists.

haqwin says:

+ Welcome update yes, speed is a lot better now. Like the ofline management. Lets hope the offline lists work now.
- The userinterface is still a mess. Bottom play buttons on the application bar?! Why do I need 2-3 klicks to get into my playlistst. Lats played would be exelent to place on the main screen. 
- Try this little experiemnt.: Start playing a list, use the buttons on your headphones and double click to get to the next track, do that a couple of times and it will break for sure. 
- And as other said, add the radio stuff and while your at it, thow in discovery instead of the totally irelevant results in "What's new"

lonbraj says:

For God's sake, I want Whatsapp update. Why it's taking so long. Just remove the ridiculous music streaming >.

S_C_B says:

It is about darn time! It was one of the worst apps I've ever used.

In Limbo says:

Music is being slowly murdered . . . ugh.

Jrexxx says:

Do explain...

In Limbo says:

I'm sorry to be vague buddy.
I had to find the articles again. I read them a while back when I was all distraught over the whole digital age of Music. It's really destroyed the notion of Music as a true "art". As I've read from others who agree (and can put it in better words than me), due to the "convenience of digital music services, it has become nothing more than a "commodity" to some. Music is often picked out as "single" instead of a full work of art (the album). Hence the large drop in physical media (also a lost/losing art). I am but 22, yet I've come to truly love Music with a deep passion.
When I say Music is being murdered, I mean the true "art" of it (sorry for not being specific. It's just so sad that people hardly know the works of they're "favorite" artist beyond a few singles. And don't get me started on people who defend piracy . . .
Do read! Food for thought:

Mankku says:

Yorke, one of my music idols has a good point and so do you In Limbo. I consider Spotify and other music streaming as a great way to discover new artists, and of course listening to what I feel like. This digitalizing and making everything available for piracy on the net is really bad. The SACD-format, which is one of the best way to enjoy music in high quality, is for instance cracked already. Digital is convenient but shouldn't not make valuable music, art cheap.

In Limbo says:

Thanks for getting me buddy.

Jrexxx says:

I get what you're saying and mostly agree with you. However, you should remember that most people are not like you (and me). They don't have that much pation for music. I mostly listen to albums. In fact that's what I like about the Xbox music app, you can download a whole album easily without having to add it to a playlist. Listening to an album is a whole different experience than listening to a playlist on shuffle. It's a journey, and at the end you get the same feeling like at the end of a movie. But most people don't care, and I dont think they ever cared in the past. So I dont think music is being murdered, it's just the way things are. When people listen to music through their shitty iPhone earbuds to crappy mp3s, music is secondary for them. It's a sad situation, but I learned to get over it a few years ago. I learned that art isn't for everyone. Only few people know how to savor it...
Sorry for rambling but I had to say this somewhere :P

In Limbo says:

Rambling or not, I appreciate every bit of it. You make a great point (one that you and I have likely heard before): Not everyone appreciates music as much as some other. Especially this younger generation (I know I'm young too, lol). Whatever the case, thanks.
I guess this makes two Radiohead fans (if it wasn't obvious I was).

sjnv says:

I used to use Facebook login and thereby use Spotify for free in my older mobile...but in WP8 app this option doesn't work..we need to have a premium account

TechnoTim says:

Still no free radio.

Andreas H says:

(Haven't read the comments yet but) FINALLY we can fast forward tracks!

Baryex86 says:

App is superior to the beta version. Open super fast, loads super, fast, can played stared music, can scrub track. Wish the sharing method for social media could improve. Overall a great improvement. 4.5/5. IMO

stumpy1570 says:

No radio=fail

Is the Windows Phone 7 version of Spotify no longer published on the Marketplace?

mikroland says:

Got it here in sportsmans paradise!

Catlasers says:

My biggest pet peeve is not being able to return to the list view of a playlist once I return to the app. Changing tracks in album view is so damn slow. Or have I just not figured it out yet?

Lav_2205 says:

Not available in India :-(

Jazmac says:

I have it and still don't know why I'm keeping it on my phone. Never used it and still looking for a compelling reason to.

Mazze says:

Overall a welcome improvement and good to see that someone is still maintaining the app (since customer service couldn't clarify on that). BUT: When (dis)connecting bluetooth devices like headphones the app still crashes in the background, which is really annyoing. E.g. if you're in the car and have ur phone in the pocket, u can't resume since the app crashed in the background. This is really weird, since, if you open Spotify again on the phone, you can see that it actually persists its current state and opens with the song you played last and even remembers the state of the song.

Josh Harman says:

Installed... Then uninstalled.
Between Pandora (that's free for a year w/ my phone), Xbox Music and my own extensive collection, I can do without paying Spotify.

jdawgnoonan says:

What I did not like about Spotify on IOS or Android (and want to know if they have fixed): Playlist based navigation. I hate the playlists. You can't sort them automatically. They are not alphabetized. I like a player that lets me sort music by artist or album. If they have fixed that then I would be interested in going back; if they have not fixed that then I prefer Xbox music.

isnoozu says:

Good to see Spotify team still improving this app.

Would love to see Radio function for WP8 still like for other mobile platforms.

Would like to be able to manage Playlists offline...can't Rename list, Delete or Move songs.

Still crashes when using with INRX, Runtastic, and Bluetooth headsets.

Streaming unstable at times (even with strong signal or WiFi) still.

Big gripe: NO CACHE FLUSH...Shuffle function in Playlists plays the same order of songs no matter what day you use the app...it is truly NOT random.

Unable to play Starred songs from list.

Love the Scrubbing function!

kimlo91 says:

Yes, so much better now. Still some improvement needed but it's fixed all my major annoyances in the one go. Need another update of this quality and the app will be very close to perfect. Right now it's 4 stars. 

Skelnik says:

Not available in Canada, of course.  We give the US all our actors and musicians, and the CRTC lets us have nothing in return...

ryan_linz says:

I can't believe the WP spotify app is still lacking the free radio feature like on iOS and android

leporello says:

Just hope Spotify will get around to releasing a Windows 8 app as well pretty soon!

In Limbo says:

Rambling or not, I appreciate every bit of it. You make a great point (one that you and I have likely heard before): Not everyone appreciates music as much as some other. Especially this younger generation (I know I'm young too, lol). Whatever the case, thanks.
I guess this makes two Radiohead fans (if it wasn't obvious I was).

Toxid_Fox says:

I'm on the Swedish Marketplace now and it has been bumped from 2.0 to 2.0.4933.0.
So far people have noticed:
-It is way faster to both start the app and use it
-The app does not crash anymore
-You can now forward and rewind songs by sliding on a bar (just like on Android of iOS)
-You can now Queue songs
-Offline mode works perfectly now without crashes or bugs
-New logo/tile
-Refreshed album covers(don't know about that one)
-More languges
People are saying that the ONLY thing missing is the Radio function. Can't wait until i get my 920 now :)