Join the beta for Toib, an upcoming YouTube client from the developer behind Phonly

Toib Beta

The day we get a good official YouTube app for Windows Phone is the day pigs fly. In the meantime we rely on solid third-party apps like myTube and Metrotube. You’ll be able to add another app to that list very soon. Toib is an upcoming application for YouTube that’s currently in beta. You can join that beta and you really should. It’s a great app with a lot of potential. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Toib Screen

Toib comes to us from Swedish developer Daniel Berg (@bergdaniel). You probably recognize a few of his apps, like Weight Story and Feedly client Phonly. Toib is a YouTube client that’s building off the foundation and UI/UX he built in Phonly. Of course that are tweaks to make Toib work with YouTube, but overall if you’re a fan of Phonly you’ll feel right at home with Toib.


Right off the bat you’ll notice that Toib is a beautiful app. Daniel has an eye for detail and it shows with this early build of Toib.

Toib does what you’d expect from a YouTube app. You can sign in to your YouTube account to get access to your subscriptions, favorites, likes, playlists and more. You can read and leave comments. View accounts and the videos associated with that account.


Performance in the app is good and there’s even support for Vevo videos, which sometimes don’t like to play nice in other YouTube apps.


Daniel is currently accepting beta testers. So if you’re interested in trying out a new YouTube app for Windows Phone you’ll want to sign up. Just head to the Toib signup page if you want to check the app out.  

And if you don’t sign up, we’ll let you know when the app goes live in the Windows Phone Store. 



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david90531 says:

Strange name, looks gorgeous, can't wait! For now MyTube + Metrotube will do

+1 Hopefully, he will change the name sometime soon.

Janhouu says:

Yeah, stupid name

Ha.. Toib is Swedish for YouTube client.

TJWINS says:

Probably the worst named app in the entire Windows Phone Store

I will find a even worse name!

raycpl says:

That's what they said about whatsapp. LOL

hcarrega says:

w8 for beta:) just submit but no email yet

Looks really good!

cybermoose89 says:

Happy with mytube the recent update it received was excellent

genuinefrand says:

I agree. Mytube is the best youtube client for Windows Phone

bkbkjbb says:

It is. However I'm willing to try this. It looks really good. Signed up.

buggyglint says:

If this app can somehow get the audio and video streams for 1080p video to play simultaneously then I'd say we have a winner.

cybermoose89 says:

Def that might make me swop to this maybe

Armin Mhd says:

Can he add a support for adding tv or xbox so you can project the video on a tv or your xbox & etc... I havent seen this option on any third-party apps.

ortizang says:

I already have 4 youtube apps.

bkbkjbb says:

What's the point? Mytube is all anyone should need. 4 is ridiculous.

ortizang says:

Not really. I find YouTube HD better than mytube.

mccasive says:

Ditto. I love Youtube HD better than the rest but I'm willing to give Toib a trial.

Yousef Kawmi says:

yeah, and we already have 2 complete OSes (Android, IOS) theyn why did we switche to WP ? ;)
we gave it a try and we liked it!

wangsa86 says:

Metrotube has problems, the update isn't live yet. Wish google made a wp8 app for us windows phone lovers.

buggyglint says:

They did, sort of... Microsoft had a great looking "Official" one but it was removed as per stupid requests from Google.

genuinefrand says:

You should use Mytube. For me it works flawlessly

With Metrotube and Mytube at very similar high quality levels i can't see the point of another Tube app that offers nothing new...

Yousef Kawmi says:

that's what people said about IOS and Android, but why are you using the 3rd OS ? ;)

Chemilinski says:

I don't mean to be nasty, Sam, but there are a few typing mistakes in the text of this.
'an eye for attention' (an eye for detail/attention to detail)
'you can leave read and leave comments'
I can be quite the copy editor, sorry :P

tone84 says:

It would be awesome if a developer could get vevo videos to pop up

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Yousef Kawmi says:

but there is already an offical vevo app!

Posted via the WPC App for my awesome Windowsphone!

Denis Padua says:

But this is a piece of shit

Yousef Kawmi says:

it's working fine on my Lumia

LTTG says:

*stewie griffin's voice* YAY!!

I enjoy MyTube a lot, but this looks good too! That name though...

bergdaniel says:

Yeah, sorry...

It's okay man! I appreciate the work you put into the app. As this is a beta and isn't in final release, maybe by then, we might see a name change. Maybe a poll to help you like we did with Itsdagram (Instance now)?

k0de says:

I just download the app. It looks fantastic. I like the name it's unique. Thanks Daniel.

kurotsuki says:

No offence. But my first impression regarding the name was, toyib, an Arabian word which mean "good" as in good marks, good point, etc. After paying more attention to the name that I found that no 'y' on that name :D
I guess something wrong with my brain :3

CokeZero98 says:

Signed up for the beta. Looks like a really good YouTube client, really digging the design. 

My week has been full of jellyness. First hangouts on iOS, now this deliciously beautiful app for YouTube.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

SamiSaifDine says:

No thank you, I have Mytube

Dadstar0410 says:

Can you pin channels to start? I don't have a YouTube account (rather go non-Google), and I love this feature with MetroTube.

Sam Sabri says:

Hell yeah. Just pinned /Drive to my Start screen. 

Jonas_H says:

Is a login required to use the app? I don't have and don't want a Google account...

mohannad087 says:

Even if we have high quality apps like metrotube and my tube
.nop if we get a new app looks like it high quality app ....joined

bkbkjbb says:

Looks really nice actually
Gonna have to try this

armyvet66629 says:

I wish we had a good Facebook app. Jdb is starting to be a pain in the azz. I'm so sick of these skinned browsers. Off topic I know but still

flygeani says:

the singup link doesn't work :/

Jonas_H says:

It does work. If you don't receive the email, look in the spam filter! :)

navidee says:

Yeah mine was in my spam box. Kinda silly it gives you the option after submitting to add his address to your list

flygeani says:

no you don't understand, the link isn't even load..

Ben Hanson says:

The link literally does not work, clicking it just refreshes the page

Qiyamata says:

Awesome, I'm using some trashy app now but it works.

Lipe13 says:

Signed up to the beta. Daniel's apps are really good, I love them.

DennisvdG says:

Looks real nice, signed up!

TJWINS says:

What a really stupid name for a YouTube client.

TJWINS says:

Seriously I won't even download the app based on the name alone. It really is that bad.

Wael Hasno says:

Daaaark theme?

abid11 says:

Bang Toib.. Pantasan gak pulang2 lol.

Nazir Taib says:

Haha.. Bang Toib,, name of my senior

Arpit Mittal says:

How to download app as my subscription is confirmed?

bkbkjbb says:

That's what id like to know

bergdaniel says:

I'll send out invites tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for signing up.

booog89 says:

Does it have HQ and HD quality to choose before stream?

bergdaniel says:

No, it doesn't. The player is currently the built-in Windows Phone one.

Yousef Kawmi says:

maybe few updates later ? :)

bergdaniel says:

Yes, definitely. Depends on how everything works out with WP 8.1 as well, which has a *much* better built-in player for YouTube videos.

My subscription has been confirmed..but now how can I download this app..

Arpit Mittal says:

I also want to know how to download app

bergdaniel says:

You'll be receiving a mail with instructions tonight or tomorrow

nuclax says:

When will beta be available to download ?

bergdaniel says:

I'll send out the invites tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for signing up.

Duduosf says:

Looks promising. The time has come for MyTube to be replaced.

kittananj says:

I really love MyTube app. But I signed to be a beta tester. Hope that it's work awesome.

syedjalalt says:

I signed up. How do I download the beta app

bergdaniel says:

I'll be sending out beta invites tonight or tomorrow

syedjalalt says:

Okay. Thanks for the heads up. By the way. tehe app looks fantastic. Really well made. A formidable and better alternative to Metro Tube and Prime Tube and My Tube

bergdaniel says:

First off: thank you, Sam! :-)

Now; I seem to totally suck at giving my apps names. First Phonly, now this. Hm. How about 'OneTube' instead?

Thanks to everyone for signing up. I'll send you a beta invite tonight or tomorrow. I need to do some work with parsing the signups and adding you to the beta list.

I see a'lot of comments about HD-quality, audio playback only, etc. I can't stress enough that currently 'toib' does not implement a custom player. It uses the built-in (internet explorer) one for now. YouTube API terms of use state that you cannot use any other than the official players. 

Though there's a fine line if the built-in internet explorer one is even approved. So, I'll have to look into that.

courtz07 says:

Will Microsoft get on your back about using 'one' before tube, maybe something else not sure what though!

efektos says:

I love MetroTube, but the app has some shortcomings (like sometimes not being able to start playing videos for no reason) - I'll check Toib, can't be a bad idea.

How do i download the app after subsciption?

bergdaniel says:

I'll be sending out beta invites tonight or tomorrow

Okay! :) And OneTube sounds good \m/


Looks beautiful. But that name has got to go...dont got that nice sound to it. Toib??

bergdaniel says:

Yeah... I know. I suck at app names.

mesamit says:

signed up....looking forward to test it.....

Sasakinator says:

The UI looks beautiful! Reminds me of how gorgeous the actual WP YouTube app was before everything went South for it.

UKintel says:

Looks good, not sure about the name and tile. Something that suggests its a youtube client in English would be good.

bergdaniel says:

Yes, I suck at app names apparently... :-) 

Considering 'OneTube'.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Looks great just downloaded very fluid hope you change the video player.

TJWINS says:

OneTube is an awesome name! Now we are talking :D

doeboiO says:

Can downloaded videos be sent to a pc? If not, pass

bergdaniel says:

There's no 'download video' feature in the app

you can use Youtube HD

InterKnight says:

Signed in for the first time in a year just to mention how beautiful that Mclaren P1 is.... okay I'll see myself out now

Joseph Poney says:

Got it on my Lumia finally

Marcin J says:

I got mail with the download link, but when it goes to the Store and I click install, it says I don't have permission to install it. Should I just wait?

jimhun696 says:

I'm getting the same message. Maybe it is a region problem...

nuclax says:

Me too .
I signed up using my google id
I thinks thats the reason

Marcin J says:

Maybe that's because my MS account uses Outlook.com and I typed my gmail address during registration to the beta? Can I do anything to get access to the beta? It looks very interesting!

bergdaniel says:

Did you sign up with your live ID e-mail?

The app has the built in YouTube player. Anyone knows that will this be updated to a custom one?

bergdaniel says:

Hi, yes, I'm looking into it.

Julian_C says:

can someone post the download link? I signed up, maybe it works..

kittananj says:

After I tried this app. It's not a perfect YouTube app. I don't like a player. It look like a IE's YouTube video player.

I hope that next update will have a very own player. For now, I stick with MyTube.

WilsonBlaze says:

Its like m.youtube.com
Nice interface, but I like to have the option to watch in portrait mode. I like MyTube, but this is a nice effort

Alex Dean says:

It definitely needs a way to see recent uploads by all your subscriptions, instead of just being able to select individual channels. Until that is implemented I cant justify using it over MetroTube. Looks great though!

MikeTheYid says:

Agree with that completely. Its useless if you cant see latest uploads in a list. Kind of crazy this doesn't have it.

bergdaniel says:

I'll see what I can do!

jayant_daga says:

Amazing app.. I got the email.. And using it..

Julian_C says:

could you please share the link of the app?

I just downloaded the beta version and looks good

Saravanan B

Signed up; Downloading.

It looks awesome from the screenshots. If its as good as it looks, it'll become my new client for YouTube

crisdiaz01 says:

I GOT ACCEPTED IN THE BETA. Truly a good looking app

Ben Hanson says:

Signing up for the beta just simply results in a page refresh on the website ???

Im using it, it looks gr8 and it has a simple UI...

Good Work, I hope one day they wont force full screen!

bergdaniel says:

Working on it! :-)

Apparently I have been but it won't let me download the app saying that I don't have permission

Jazmac says:

This app is freakin fantastic! I thought the Microsoft Youtube app was amazing before it was unceramoniously stripped from the store but this app TOIB is amazing in design, form and function. My number one youtube app has become TOIB.  Great job and its only beta. 

Sam Sabri says:

Beta is over! The app is now available in the Windows Phone Store.