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< >
Paper Boy for Windows Phone 8

Join the public beta for Paper Boy. The fresh news reader from the developer of BBC News Mobile

BBC News Mobile was one of your (and ours) favorite apps. Unfortunately, it was a third party development effort and was put to pasture from BBC pressure. The app had been a labor of love from developer Lawrence Gripper, our friend across the pond in the UK. Thankfully, the years of work he put into the BBC News Mobile app isn’t going to just sit around unused. He’s taken pieces of the code base to build a generic news reader called Paper Boy. You should join in on the public beta happening right now. You know where to find the link.

Paper Boy basically picks off where the BBC News Mobile app stopped. A sweet UI meets your need for a constant stream of news. This time around you have a few more options to choose for your news instead of the BBC. In addition to the BBC and subsections within the BBC, you’ve got ArsTechnica, Wired, TechCrunch, the Washington Post, Financial Times, Reuters, and more. Hey Lawrence, don’t forget to add a certain Windows Phone site to the tech section!

Paper Boy screenshot

After adding your news you’ll see the latest articles, most read stories, your feeds, and sections. From there you can read away. Orange, black and white theme? We’re digging it. It’s a color combo you don’t see often enough.

Paper Boy screenshot 2

If you do join the public beta be sure to send any bugs you find or suggestions you have to Lawrence. That’s like an unspoken rule of joining one. Or maybe it’s a made up rule for us. Either way hit him up on Twitter or go the UserVoice for the app.

Paper Boy is available for Windows Phone 8. It’s a free, public beta. You can get it in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Andy!

Via: GripDev

QR: Paper Boy



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rodneyej says:

More apps❕❗❕❗

Ankmeyester says:

YES! 160k+ was the start. Look at these gorgeous apps pouring in and getting updated everyday. yay WP :D

rodneyej says:

300,000 soon❕❗❕

Yay betas are great for the future of Windows!

Pakhtun says:


Ticomfreak says:

The orange and black color scheme is pretty ugly...

What if it used your theme colors instead?

aaa6112 says:

Please provide feedback to the dev at @lawrencegripper

topleya says:

Already submitted user voice on this

Very briefly thought that the game Paperboy was coming. I am disappoint.

trwrt says:

Yeah, this guy just loves getting sued for trademark infringement I guess. :-)

Racxie says:

Glad I'm not alone on that one haha.

pranav rai says:

WP apps look lovely generally, though I dont like the colors here. But this guy is talented. The BBC app I still have is one of the prettiest around irrespective of OS. And also the reason why I would think twice about hard resetting my phone, should the need ever arise :|

archkron says:

I had to send my 920 in for service about 6 weeks ago. Restored the phone from the Skydrive backup when I got the phone back and BBC News Mobile downloaded itself to my device. Not sure whether that was a glitch, but hey, I got the app back.

xankazo says:

I like the name.

beachhoppr says:

I actually like the colors and the double wide. Great start but it's pretty buggy. I know its only a beta...

MangoGuy says:

Wow great app, love the colours and content and yeah it is buggy but its a beta so you can expect that i'm sure the final release will be great

sicnus says:

Didn't like how this whole thing went down. So I'm done with BBC news, they can take their app and shove it.

topleya says:

"their app"?

S_C_B says:

This app isn't made by the BBC.

charan gv says:

Nice app,should have expanded the news for other countries also

Thank goodness I still have his BBC app on my phone. Its still the best so I will just continue to use it.

Finally have a feed from Reuters.  Thanks new replacement BBC app.  

quantum tao says:

Maybe the article needs some adjustment, seems like people are getting confused about who is making the app.

avtoj says:

I do apologise for off topic, i want to do a birthday present to my mom but i don't know from which company: Verizon, att or .... I need advise please, they live in Washington d.c.

hohohohanfan says:

use the forums! it's your best friend 

avtoj says:

Thanks for advise.

beachhoppr says:

^ best off topic potential troll post this week

avtoj says:

Could you explain your thoughts? Otherwise your comment just unsalted me, because it's my first comment and somebody...

Jazmac says:

Nice. Love this part. "Hey Lawrence, don’t forget to add a certain Windows Phone site to the tech section!"  Priceless.

someoneinwa says:

I will pass on the beta but let us know when it is released and I'll be there. As a big BBC fan (thanks to all my UK friends who pay for that for me :) I am pissed about the grief they gave the developer and the cold shoulder they give WP, but I will still listen, watch and read. I still use Lawrence's BBC app and will until someone takes it from me.

bjd223 says:

This app has potential but it needs a lot of work.
No matter what I set for my catergories of breaking news, etc. everytime I go into settings they are set to the default of BBC. I am in US and prefer CNN which is an option it just won't stay. I don't know if the app actaully switches the sources but fails to get the current sources when you re-enter the settings but it is annoying because if you don't reselect them I imagine that they will reset back to BBC.
Also, I hate the fact that everytime you enter the settings it opens a page to a blog that I presume the dev owns. There already is a dev page button in settings, if I wanted to take a look I would click that button.
The icon in the app list looks pretty pixelated on my phone, 920.
Just some of the issues I noticed.

Deacon.Jo says:

From "WP 7.8" to the World.....Over
is anybody listening ?? Does anyone Care ??!!

coolraoul says:

Superb app, very useful already. I especially love the live tile, displaying written news instead of silly pics or logos. I noticed that the settings are suite buggy on my L620, redirecting to a blog and seemingly not remembering the home feed I chose. I also can't access the dev page to report. I would prefer a choice for other themes too. For such an early beta, impressively mature. Love it.