Julie Larson-Green to become chief experience officer for Applications and Servers Group at Microsoft

Julie Larson Green 

We’re getting closer and closer to the closing of the Microsoft and Nokia deal. Besides buying Nokia’s handset division, one big change is that Nokia’s Stephen Elop will return to Microsoft as an executive vice president. He’ll take over the Devices and Services division, which Julie Larson-Green is currently in charge of. We haven’t known what’s next for Julie within Microsoft, but now we do. And it looks to be a bit of a demotion.

Thanks to an email from Julie Larson-Green, obtained by GeekWire, we now know what her next position at Microsoft will be. She’ll be moving to a new role within the Applications and Servers Group (ASG).

While head of the Devices and Services division at Microsoft, Julie led oversaw a few product launches a lot of you care about. Her team was responsible for hardware like the Xbox and Surface, in addition to overseeing Microsoft Studios and the various games it develops.

She won’t be leading ASG, but will be instead become chief experience offer. ASG includes products and teams like Office, Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Lync, Skype, Bing, Bing Apps, MSN and Microsoft’s advertising platform. As chief experience offer, she’ll be reporting to Qi Lu, the division’s executive vice president.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the Devices and Services division is without an executive vice president. She’ll remain leader until the Microsoft-Nokia deal closes and Stephen Elop can take over. The deal is expected to close this quarter.  

Head to GeekWire to read the full email sent out by Julie.

Source: GeekWire



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Smg-Uk says:

Elop in Charge of Xbox & Surface is that a good idea, I think not.

theefman says:

Expect Titanfall to become a ps4 exclusive!

Yeah, considering the news that he wanted to get rid of the Xbox and Bing divisions. I really don't want Elop near hardware divisions...

erzhik says:

Did you really believe those completely baseless rumors?

Rockartisten says:

You don't find it peculiar that a rumor like that started at the launch of a new console? Obvious troll rumor.

Selfie13 says:

This rumor was such a stunt by some random analyst to stir up controversy during the CEO search once Elop was said to be a candidate. I dont think anyone took the time to find the original source of this news, It was a hell of a headline for the media, but here is the actual source: "someone familiar with the thinking of Stephen Elop" Seriously, this was just pathetic for what the media did with this, not unexpected from most of tech media, just wish people wouldn't be so oblivious to the obvious.

xlandhenry says:

The same source says Satya Nadella also intends to sell off Xbox division. What do you think?

hwangeruk says:

I think the source is your cat.

lubbalots says:

I'm seeing a more powerful Xbone within a year. Many may not like him, but he sure did bring out some great Lumias. I believe in Elop. I came to this conclusion after he threw an iPhone across the floor during an interview. Love it!!!!!

AngryNil says:

Elop also brought out the 808 and a line of AOSP devices for no reason. Maybe he'll release a KIN 3 and some Tizen phones once he gets his new job!

lubbalots says:

808? I'm not sure about that but my opinion is, 808 was more or less a final goodbye. Though it is a loved device. Yes I don't a agree with the Android Nokias but that's something internal we can only speculate.

AngryNil says:

The 808 was a useless device, just like these AOSP phones - they have no larger purpose and only serve to damage the actual strategy. The 808 removed any element of surprise the 1020 could have gotten. The AOSP devices are a slap in the face of low-end Windows Phone, which Nokia has not done anything meaningful for since last MWC.

Viktar H says:

Have to agree with you.

why? what's wrong with him?  I think he is very good

Tirinti says:

He destroyed Nokia.

TechBell says:

Nokia destroyed Nokia. 

hwangeruk says:

>He destroyed Nokia

No, Nokia destroyed Nokia by throwing tens of thousands of developers at Meego, not realising they had to have a massive eco-system to go with it. A cloud, media services, email etc. They didn't have any of that, and Meego was a camel designed by Nokia's horse committee.

Seriously, Elop did the only thing left to do. This Android was the way to go is so bent, Samsung would have won on cost. Nokia had no option after being caught offside by Android and Apple. Its a historical one, certainly not Elop's 11th hour appointment.

Karanstyle says:

He will sell it off lol

brenna.gould says:

NO, I hate this! He will ditch XBOX :(


edit: okay, maybe that wasn't real.

unnatixlr8 says:

Green wow a nice name

Blu3V3nom07 says:

Well, gosh! That was unexpected..

theefman says:

So Elop gets the whole hardware division to convert to android, wonderful.

AngryNil says:

Nah, he'll adopt Firefox OS and Tizen. Then WPCentral will write a fluff article about how it makes perfect sense.

DJCBS says:

I feel bad for her. No one deserves to be demoted because of a fat pig like Eflop.

I wish her all the best in her new job and hopefully Nadella will kick Eflop out and place her back at her place.

Jas00555 says:

I know you don't like eflop, but at least he's more charming to an audience than Julie was. At the last BUILD, she kinda just hopped around the presentation of 8.1 and left some people confused.

DJCBS says:

He's more of a salesman, you mean. Yeah he is. As much as his badly-dress figure disgusts me, he's a good salesman I'll give him that. Heck, he sold really well Microsoft's services yesterday at the press conference. It wasn't his job and he should have kept his mouth shut, but he did do a good job selling Microsoft's services.

However, I think Julie has that charm only females have. But you know, I just think she isn't very confortable doing the sales stuff. From the interviews I saw with her, I always found her much more loose and at ease when the interviews were less formal.

hwangeruk says:

DJCBS oh just shut the hell up will you. Of course MS services are his job you massive twat.

Look we know you've got this pathetic view of the world that Elop ruined your beloved Nokia (he didn't, but lets go with your mental brain for the sake of brevity) but he is a Microsoft man (effectively), Nokia are a week or so away of being a Microsoft company.  What was he going to sell, Blackberry?

For Pete's sakes, drop the Elop hate already. Its old news, its boring and it won't change anything.

Nokia handsets are MSs now, as is Elop. The end.



jmagwp says:

It's hard to talk with a plastic face. Just sayin'.

Shantek says:

"because of a fat pig".. Kind of a bit over the top don't you think?

DJCBS says:

Oh I always go over the top when pouring poison over Eflop, my friend. It's kind of tradition by now ;P

OMG55 says:

He'll be in the unemployment line after today reveals at MWC. This is just all for show until the deal closes.

DJCBS says:

From your mouth to God's ears.

You are a bit harsh, but I kind of agree. She must feel sad, unless she wanted a worse position.

lubbalots says:

Elop gave you great Lumias. What are you crying for?

DJCBS says:

Nokia gave me great Lumias. Not him. Nokia has been giving me great phones for 15 years. So they were already doing it way before the unfortunate day his plane landed in Finland. ;)

Xaphoon148 says:

You are a really sick person, go get some professional help and treatment along with bieber and cyrus

Xaphoon148 says:

You are a really sick person, go get some professional help and treatment along with bieber and cyrus

What's the point on wasting so much energy hating Elop when all he's done is his job. You may not agree with his decisions but to wish unemployment seems harsh.

lubbalots says:

When the iPhone first showed up, Nokia gave you jack and they continued to give you jack until Elop showed up which then he bore for you DJCBS, the still loved today, L920. Next he then blessed us with the popular 520, best camera phone 1020, awesome giant phone 1520, and soon the 8.1 phones with lytro tech built in. Mouth watering isn't it?

Mmm sound like Skype and Bing are going to get some new features!

NguyenMinh says:

And much, much better UI (as if Bing is not most charming search engine already).

Micah Dawson says:

Wow she has some nice cheekbones! Lol

Sucks about a demotion though.

OMG55 says:

Ger salary is probably the same like a lateral move

Robert Grant says:

Yeah I don't think a lot of people rate her (check these comments - just search for Julie https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=7555958&postID=8587179857976135790), so I doubt she'd get a decent job anywhere else. Maybe a showcase CEO one day. For her, any salary at MS is better than no salary.

monayosh says:

Keep dreaming...

rodneyej says:

I could have her......

lubbalots says:

Lolzzzzzzz!!!! Marisa Meyer be better...

neonspark says:

Marisa's eggo head will crush you while you sleep.

NIST says:

You'd do her with what?

neonspark says:

whatever he meant (which I have no clue), I hope it is easier to use than her windows 8 user experience.

rodneyej says:

Yes, I would.

blackhawk556 says:

Me too. Sinofsky did by the way.

lubbalots says:

Not jealous at all.

neonspark says:

I did not need that image....

She should be the leader qi Lu sucks Skype and Bing could be a better they could improve Bing put shopping search and put more features accessing windows app store and office they don't even put it on Bing page it should say office next to out look SkyDrive Microsoft store can't pull all this through Bing categories so people discover it...skype could be ad supported with free group video and cross country chat like oovoo and fb video and contacts are a mess and the UI could be cleaner!

WilsonBlaze says:

I'm sure you have a phone on another platform, always have negative comments...

Did you type this on an iPhone or a LagDroid? I see lots of grammatical errors, and is very hard to read what you wrote.

Menzlo says:

More like he's just dumb and doesn't know how to use sentences.

cuwe says:

No full stop ! Lol . Did you wrote this in one breath ?

birgs says:

When I use iPhone I always got an error typing words

birgs says:

But I like iPhone SMS design

deluksic says:

I want a faster touchscreen. 100+ ms is far too much. If one thing that iphone got right is touch, 55ms! Typing on that thing is amazing..

Shantek says:

Emphasis on "ONE" thing they got right..

rodneyej says:


Typing is faster, but corrections and the size is worse compared to WP.

Talbot690 says:

So I'm trying to figure out WTH you guys are talking about. I got my 1020 and my brothers Iphone5s right here in front of me I can type fine on both, there is no lag no discernible difference other than the look. Maybe I just can't type fast enough?

dbgman says:

Fire elop! He is a traitor!

Shantek says:

Yeah, he's done nothing good for Windows Phone at all, huh? /sarcasm

theefman says:

He's taken it to a whole new level of goodness today.....

rodneyej says:

You're a traitor.... You,,, traitor.

lubbalots says:

Huh? Traitor in what sense?

LawnPaul says:

Wow to all the useless comments... I like here. I used to think she was snarky like Steven Sinofsky, but I've been paying attention to her since the CEO search began, and she seems like a great person for Microsoft.

Aashish13 says:

She could have replaced Belfiore,isn't it?

lubbalots says:

Belfiore could/should replace Meyerson.

neonspark says:

Belfiore? the guy that shipped windows phone 7.0 two years late, and then had to start over already 3 years late, and just shipped oh wait...not shipped windows phone blue as the windows blue team is ready to ship an update to last year's blue?

I know snails that slide backwards faster than belfiore ships forward.

RyanAMG says:

I don't know any snails. Are they friendly?

lubbalots says:

If he's the cause, hopefully they get rid of him!

sdreamer says:

Not saying she deserved it, but I always felt her role was temporary because Sinofsky left. I'd hardly call her responsible for those products with the short amount of time spent in that position to really make any changes, but she,probably did have a big influence in things. From the sounds of it shea going back to her previous position before the shake up. With all her experience there, she deserves a promotion probably.

theefman says:

She is a very likable person but I think she's been paying for Sinofsky's Windows 8 screw up ever since he left and all the blame has been shifted on her. Must be even more annoying to now be replaced by that git elop.

toraji says:

Come on People, most of You forgot a lot of stuff obviously. Elop made WP wake up at Nokia, he made WP that we love so much what it is today and I for one would love to see him bring it further. Julie still has a great job at one of the worlds most amazing company and I think nadella is exited to have her on that team... And please remember that Elop had a good chance to be in balmers place... Sort of demoted too right??? I wish both of them all the best and I think WE will be the winner's from all of this

leoniDAM says:

Not so much.
Windows Phone is a child of Myerson (that now is the head the Operative System Group and before was the head of Mobile division, he dropped Windows Mobile 7 tha was in development in favor of Windows Phone 7, and he put Belfiore at the head of Windows Phone) and Belfiore (that is vice president of Windows Phone Program Management and before he was the head of Zune, from which inherits many thing).
Also the relation with Nokia was started thanks to a personal friendship between Myerson and Jo Harlow.

Elop before he becames the CEO of Nokia was the head of the Business Division, responsible for Office

neonspark says:

ha ha. who better yet than to put in charge of all of windows, than the zune and wp guy. the future is so bright!

If MSFT was an investment firm, they'd hire the lehman brothers bankers and promote them to run the financials. Seems the best way to get promoted at MSFT is to basically ship somethign that doesn't sell.

I smell promotion for the xboxone guys! oh wit, Don left...

ASG! Awesome band!

InlineV says:

I was fortunate enough to attend a partner event for Windows 8 three months prior to launch where she presented. She was thoughtful, engaging and magnetic. She is also a consummate professional. Regardless of where she is at, she will represent Microsoft very well.

InlineV says:

On another note, the live tile for the WPC app just shows her breasts.

DaiaX says:

Mine is only her smile.

TechFreak1 says:

You mean chief experience "officer", hahaha funny typo.

vlad0 says:

Keeping Elop as the head of DandS doesn't make sense to me..

ljp882 says:

I have no idea why MS choosed Terry Myerson to control OS devision not Julie Larson-Green.

Terry Myerson and his WP team have done poor job on WP but he and his man like Joe Belfiore all promoted to control MS's OS division including Windows, WP, Xbox and extra but Julie Larson-Green, who was one of Steve Sinofsky's people, was demoted like this. So some MS watchers also expect her to leave MS soon.

It is shameful that MS let Terry Myerson be in charge their core business because almost of their outstanding talents already left MS. 

lubbalots says:

Over 3-5 span, Myerson has done jack shit! And they keep promoting him...

neonspark says:

Joe, Julie, Terry. All need to go. These are Ballmer era guys. I hope Satya cleans house.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Qi Qu. Now that's a hell of a name to have :) Does he get royalties from the Qi chargers?

bilzkh says:

Elop knows how to sell people on his ideas. If there was ever a plan to push a cheaper Xbox One with no blu-ray and digital-only games, always online, etc...you'd need an Elop to sell it on stage.

It'll go like this: "....today we WILL bring the POWER of Xbox One and Microsoft to the future and to the next generation of gamers and tomorrow's living-rooms... Introducing, the Xbox One+ !!!..."

Except he'll just sell off Xbox.

lubbalots says:

He gave us the L920, 1020, 1520, icon, and 520 which have high praise. Wtf you crying about? If anything, he'll say make a more powerful Xbone within a year or you're all fired!

NIST says:

I love me some Julie.

lubbalots says:

Marissa Meyer much better... Just sayin.

neonspark says:

what a pair. the windows 8 dreamer with the yahoo turn around miracle. talk about two people that have grand visions but poor track record. maybe they should combine their powers and start a shoe line.

lubbalots says:

Marissa meyers in regards to, eh hmm...

andy21andy says:

Milf weed?! Mary Louise parker?! Weeds?! :)

Not happy one bit. I'd prefer Elop not involved at all.

lubbalots says:

Ok, are you happy with your 520 or 920?

mango.lover says:

I hope Larson-Green isn't responsible for the Frankenstein monstrosity that is Update 1.

blackfire says:

And how you know how good or bad Update 1 is going to be?

neonspark says:

no, she was responsible for the sales crash of windows 8.

andy21andy says:

It amazes me the kind of knowledge they have

TheSnapDude says:

She's hot!  Let her have fun until she screws up.... then confine her to making sandwich apps

markeboyle says:

Easy job. Fix Skype

sumton says:

she one of the most recognizable people from ms i don't why but i like her good thing she still working for ms good luck to her

AriesDog says:

Wish a video games person had been put in charge of Xbox.

lubbalots says:

If a guy can throw an iPhone across the floor in an interview, he's my CEO.

AriesDog says:

I miss Peter Moore.

denzilla says:

She looks damned similar to Cortana from Halo. I wonder.....

neonspark says:

cortana isn't that old.

neonspark says:

so the UX chief for win8 (a huge success with EVERYBODY) is now in charge of UX for bing and skype...HA HA HA. please tell me it is a joke.

arbetaren says:

I wanna write ELOP on my **** and then let her taste.. mm milf..

Xaphoon148 says:

Why would you want do write Elop on your ice cream?
Gonna melt long before you get to meet her...

I hope he got all of that bandroid bs out of his system. Having said that what does he know about Xbox and video games in general? I mean, I liked the 2520, 1520 and 1020, but not everything can look like a Lumia. Please keep Panos Panay in charge of the Surface.

drozdpatrick says:

Are there any good 1st person shooters (space preferred). on WP?

Jack Larson1 says:

Yes. MC4, and others.

l520user says:

Just asking but will android apps be coming to wp8 phone

TheSnapDude says:

Only from the back ;)

Kooosh says:

Sexist much? Why do you care what she looks like? She can buy and sell you a thousand times. I doubt if she or anyone else cares what you think about her sex appeal. 

PureView says:

Calling someone hot is sexist? Go back to whatever cave you came out from.

Kooosh says:

Is she a fashion model or a porn star? What does her sex appeal have to do with ANYTHING?!?! 

The comment adds absolutely nothing but to objectify women for the sake of doing so. Grow up. 

Ronnet says:

Would you also respond with such passion if it was a male CO that was being objectified?

There seems to be a double standard here. Just take notice of it the next time a topic shows up wth a good looking guy in it.

Not that I care one way or the other. We are all attracted to good looking people. Good looking people are more succesful in all aspects of their life - on average - this is a fact.

Jack Larson1 says:

Maybe "cute" or "pretty" works?
with your reasoning, calling men handsome would be objectifying also. ;)

PureView says:

Honestly she does look like a porn star with that plastic surgery.

md_minhaj says:

Dude, calm down. It was just my first impression about her. You don't need to generalize it.

PureView says:

Easy on the plastic surgery there Julie.

Kooosh says:

Too bad you can't afford a brain job. 

PureView says:

That time of the month for you huh? Local store out of maxipads or something?

@Sam Sabri Third para, second sentence, delete 'led'. :¬)

crise says:

Damn, how much plastic surgery did she have?

PureView says:

Enough to land a job at Microsoft. Maybe it's a requirement there.

jfivieght says:

Only a matter of time before Julie leaves; she tends to keep getting passed over for roles...

Martinio32 says:

Julie looks hot... Music please!

David Bozic1 says:

SHE is the one who should have been made CEO! They should have made her CEO and put a good management team around her! I'm disappointed!

sd173 says:

So many grammer-o's (like typos for grammar) in this article.