July's Xbox One system update will add Snap mode for achievements and more

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Microsoft's next system update for the Xbox One, due for release in July for everyone who owns the console, will add the previously announced Snap mode for Xbox Live game achievements as part of its feature set.

The update, which will be released in an early beta form to a few Xbox One testers later this month, will also allow users to double tap on the controller to bring up the console's Snap Center that has all of its snap-based apps. If a user is already using an app in Snap mode, a double tap on the controller will switch in between a game and the snapped app.

Residents in New Zealand, Ireland and Austria will be able to use English or German voice commands, via the Kinect sensor, as part of the July system update. Indeed, anyone in an English speaking country will be able to choose from the console's English language options after installing next month's update.

It will also let users 'Like' any Game DVR clips, along with activity feed items, via the Xbox One SmartGlass apps. Finally, Microsoft says, "We're doing some work now so that publishers will have options for great digital bundle and disc compilation offerings in the future. As we test this feature, we'll be seeing more flexible combinations of game titles and game content."

If you own an Xbox One, what do you think of Microsoft's plans for the July system update and do you like the fact that the company has been adding lots of new features to the console on a monthly basis?

Source: Xbox Wire



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I need a better TV to really enjoy the power of the XBOX One

Rug says:

I like the frequent updates, but there's still a lot missing when compared to the 360.

Luc4 says:

Agree. I miss the MP4/WMV/Picture viewer playback from external drive. With the monthly updates it just might come soon I hope.

Yeah...like media center extender support. Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah, I know. It's never going to happen.

jjmurphy says:

Unfortunately, Media Center is dead to Microsoft.  They at least offered it seperate for Windows 8.  I never saw if they did for Windows 8.1.

TechnoTim says:

You can still add it to 8.1, I have 2 8.1 media center pcs

theefman says:

Wonder when all this will get ported to ios and android...../s

Coperyte says:

Or to Playstation and Nintendo. I get u and feel the sarcasm referring to the possible Cortana news. I really hope they don't do it.

If they do I'll consider another oS... Its hard when they give away all their exclusive features to other platforms and not just that they run better.

PBLNS says:

I would jump instantly to iOS =|....its a shame I've been since windows mobile 6 and never felt so disrespected 

MobileVortex says:

Full DLNA support, and we have a complete console :)

Steven Curl says:

With encrypted cable playback so I can feed it directly from my HD homerun!

Better yet, full mirroring. If I want to mirror from my surface to my x1, it only works with select START apps, not my whole computer projected. Is that so hard Microsoft?

Awesome keep pushing the console forward. Don't understand why PS4 is outselling this beautiful machine.

Microsoft made a lot of silly decisions around the time of it's unveiling which kicked itself in the teeth. I'm honestly surprised the Xbox One has done as well as it has since.

Coperyte says:

Yes they did but boy are they turning things around. Even if they don't beat Sony in sales, that won't stop them from having an overall better console.

Opinion. Both consoles are great. Hell, even the Wii U is great. All consoles have their pros and cons, so people choose the console they like most, get multiple systems (like me), or get a pc.

reloaded17 says:

Price. Price. Price. Very little to do with "silly decisions" at launch. If it was priced at $399 from the get go, numbers would have been on par with the ps4. For MS to have sold close to 5 million at $499 in less countries than Sony is actually quite amazing. But all the blogs would have you believe that Sony "won" over its customers after e3 2013. Bologna. $399 will always outsell $499. No matter which systems your selling.

Except for iProducts.

Overpricing was part of the plan. Being in market over 30 years and releasing a product with 20% high price than competitor offering is not a blunder, it is strategy. It could be; "Increase the price because we don't have enough units ready!"

Large corporations pull this kind of stunt to bring about friction and variety of opinions to the table. Besides negative media also help in long run. They will still be making money out of XB1 sales in 2018.

Love the frequency of updates on this machine. Love the faster MS in general. Keep it up MS!

thundr51 says:

This is good but I don't see this as anything significant/noteworthy.  At this point with the Kinect gone, I think they should be focusing on things that differentiate the X1 from the 360/PS3/PS4.  Ok, snapped apps IS different, but I don't think many folks will use this,(except for the achievement hunters) or care.  I think folks will start getting a bit more excited when they start adding things from the uservoice site.  Lots of great stuff there to get excited about there.

Coperyte says:

I just watched the video of how the feature works and although I'm not an achievement hunter, this is quite awesome. Letting u know how far away from an achievement u are (while ur playing the game) might actually make u try for them. I never usually care about setting goals in games besides beating them but this might change now that the goals would be I my face.

Can the head of the Xbox one software development team take over XBOX Music. Hell make it all of Windows Phone. They started with a base and they just keep the awesome coming. Yes they are purposely ignoring our request for NAS support, but they've done just about everything else software related just about perfect on the XBOX ONE.

MediaCastleX says:

It makes sense, Xbox like Windows and their phones has an NT core, so worth their update schedule more frequent they shouldn't let any fall behind...

peachy001 says:

I love the update frequency, but damn, they need it. Sadly, I need them to build up the feature set to at least the level of the 360. It is still a fair way behind.

Zenpharaoh says:

Bring pre-order/pre-load digitally to Xbox One.

vinayscxbox says:

Don't you think Microsoft is releasing too too many updates for Xbox One, at a very very rapid rate..?

Ushae says:

Compared to Sony's once a year/half year? No seriously, I despise how Sony is sat on its laurels while in the lead, the system needs attention and more exclusives.

aafa says:

EACH update adds a feature that many were/are wanting. So these updates are pure blessings.

Would you rather have MS wait half a year for a feature? More the merrier.

Rod Hull says:

And there's still no sign of 3D Blu Ray playback, a feature so "next gen" it's been on the ps3 for years.

DiGzNY says:

Does the ps4 support it?

A feature so "next gen" that it's not on the PS4, either. 

ExcaliburII says:

Still waiting for it so I can drop my other bluray player. Add this and fix the party chat... That really needs fixing.

TheMacamush says:

Waiting for that too...

hambone855 says:

Just glad they are continuing to evolve and make it a better place to be

gerbir21 says:

Nice. More updates for new features & enhancements are always welcome. Now will there ever be an update that will enable low-power pass through on the HDMI port so that I can watch TV without having to power up the XB1? When I griped about this to a person @ XBox support, he indicated that this would likely be included in future updates. As time passes, I'm beginning to think this is likely not going to happen (if this feature is even supported by the hardware)

Coreldan says:

I've personally suggested several things to Xbox crew already and gotten replies from the devs and even seen a few things get implemented! Not taking credit for that, as they were likely suggested by many others too.

I'd still hope to see properly seperated console region and language settings and making Live more social network like. You can now "like" game DVR clips, but further allow us to comment them or make some status updates that are likable too, commenting on other people's achievements.... Much like Battlelog would be quite cool.

luumiaaa says:

Yeah i like it. Microsoft is doing its best. I think

Snowman81 says:

Its sort of crazy how many updates and features Microsoft has been coming out with for the Xbox One since the system went on sale.

simphf says:

Double tap to switch is already there.

sumothong01 says:

I think they were referring to double tapping to bring up the snap menu when there is nothing snapped at that time. Not switching between snapped apps.

Dre325 says:

They need to continue with these updates to match functionality of the 360 and make it so that the xb1 functions properly without crashing (mine freezes, needs reboots, etc too frequently)

CrazyQwert says:

I'm happy as soon apps can run in the background and I'm able to play music from my phone or usb stick again

smoledman says:

Microsoft is mistaken if they think having monthly updates wil lmagically make people want to buy this console. At this point gamers have written off XBox and MS should pursue greener pastures.

Ushae says:

Your loss I guess, we'll just be enjoying the exclusives over here :)

Didn't know you were the one appointed to speak for all gamers. How did you get that role?

What are you talking about? I would assume gamers want a company that is willing to give them full support, and more bang for there money... I personally view this as my justification that Microsoft really deserved my money cuz there giving me more options and keep pumping out more to me, this makes my day 1 purchase worth so much more by now

Monty9811 says:

You mean you've written Xbox off...seriously get a clue.

Sunofabob says:

The double tap to switch already exists.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

Ushae says:

Thus system just keeps getting better and better. Makes me wonder where the software will be in a few years time..

Banstyle says:

Still can't disable rumble on controller..;(

Sicarius123 says:

Needs more "Xbox On" outside the USA!

specialkevo says:

When will they support 3d bluray?