JumpWheel bounces into the Windows Phone Store

JumpWheel for Windows Phone

JumpWheel is a new multi-level, platformer styled game for your Windows Phone. You control a wheel that has to navigate through a series of platforms, gathering tokens for points.

The 3D graphics are really nice and game play has its fair share of challenges. JumpWheel has twenty levels of play and three choices of wheels with varying traction and jump ratings.


Each level progressively gets more difficult and each level can be replayed so you can try to best your previous score. JumpWheel does lack a leaderboard but does have settings to control sound/music/vibration as well as resolution levels. At full resolution, JumpWheel boasts 60 frames per second graphics. Which looks really nice.

Forward motion is automatic and jumps are controlled by tapping the screen. Your first level serves as a tutorial to guide you through the jump controls.

All in all, JumpWheel is a fun game that makes for a very nice time waster. Unfortunately, there isn't a trial version of the game with the full version currently running $.99.

You can find JumpWheel here at the Windows Phone Store.

Update:  Apparently, based on our reader's experiences, there is a trial version available of JumpWheel in certain markets.  I'm not seeing one here in the U.S. but it looks like Germany, India and Australia are among the Windows Phone Store markets that do indeed have a trial version.

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nizzon says:

Too bad on the missing trial. :(
Looks awesome, is this first on WP or is it comeing from Android/Iphone?

MaxPirat says:

It's exclusive for Windows Phone :)

dKp1977 says:

The game does have a trial. I just downloaded it.

There was not a trial version from the Windows Phone Store web site or the Windows Phone Store app.  Where did you find a trial version?

dKp1977 says:

Germany does have a trial. ;) I downloaded it directly from my Lumia.

grol4 says:

The trial thing is a bug. Appearantly devs are aware, but they cant fix it.
Source: http://wmpoweruser.com/marketplace-developers-complaining-about-apps-bei...

I downloaded from windows phone store on my lumia 710 in India.

Milk21 says:

Trial is available in Australia as well...

Thanks for the information.  Post updated to reflect that a trial version is available in some markets.  Odd that a trial is available in some markets but not others.

grol4 says:

Its a bug, see above post.

Nakazul says:

Wopiee, trial in Sweden also!

wetworker says:

No trial in the Canadian store. I bought it anyways because I 
Support the developers who supports the platform, Plus it only 99 cents.
Great graphics/music and game. 8/10

yellowmage says:

No trial here in the UK. Still, the game looks pretty good; definitely worth 79p. The backgrounds kinda remind me of de Blob.

TurboTony says:

I was just able to grab the trial on the UK marketplace.

MaxPirat says:

Yep, it's already there. Thank you ;)