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Games are listed in the App list for discoverability in Windows Phone 8.1, may be optional with future update


Jungle Mamba slithers into the Windows Phone Store

Jungle Mamba

Jungle Mamba is a new game for our Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. It's a play on the classic Snake game with really nice graphics and simple controls.

Game play is just like the classic game of Snake in that you guide your snake around the screen, gobbling up fruit. As you do, the length of your snake grows. The challenge comes in avoiding obstacles and more importantly, running into your snake's own body.

You have four snakes to choose from with an additional three snakes that become unlocked as you progress through the game. There are three different jungles and a wide assortment of fruit to eat. Some fruit can be poisonous though.

Jungle Mamba

You control your snake by tapping the lower left corner of the screen to have your snake turn left and by tapping the right corner to move right. The snake movements are really fluid and a little creepy if snakes make your skin crawl.

We've only tinkered with Jungle Mamba for a short bit and our first impression is good. It comes across as a decent game to pass the time with. The nice thing about it all is that Jungle Mambe is a free game so you won't be out anything for giving it a try.  The game is ad supported but the ads only appear on the menu screens, leaving the gaming screens free from distractions.

Jungle Mamba is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Jungle Mamba



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NICE! MORE APPS! first comment

Senth Murg says:

Yaaay! got a huge update for my 920 in India ! 

Very excited to try this game, thanks George for the quick review.

DaSchnee says:

George, i read online that the yellow CC-1043 case has serious discoloration problems. Can you confirm this?

poddie says:

I have one and can comment. It definitely will pick up color when rubbing against fabric with certain dyes, like some jeans. My downfall was a black screen cleaning cloth that I used a bit of water on to clean the screen... And simultaneously left lots of black marks on the edges by the screen. Can't get them off. I recommend the black one if you plan to keep it in jeans.

venom5150 says:

Likewise. I picked up a red one for a friend and her looks terrible at the edges. Kind of disappointed. :(

Mine seems to be fine... no discoloration.  Pocket carry the phone in jeans or khakis most of the time.

That screen shot on the right is creepy. There are simply too many games on windows phone now, making it easier to recommend it to friends.

This is a good problem to have, different people like different things :)

borasar says:

Free is too expensive, I'd like to be paid to use this app

walter1832 says:

Excuse me Sir, but you are an idiot. Good day to you Sir. ;)

borasar says:

so either you misunderstood me or I misunderstood you, which one is it, Sir?

kirklyt says:

A better DEAL: Gravity Guy, iStunt 2, Fragger & other MINICLIP games free on WP Store

Many thanks for the heads-up!

Awesome, another game to give a try.

jp_hero says:

It's a pretty cool game, handy to pass time.

lpforthewin says:

How much space does this game need to install? I have 338Mb free but it won't install
This storage issue is so frustrating at times!

blugri says:

It only needs about 22Mb. What error do you get?