O2 Tracks

Keep on top of the music charts with O2 Tracks for Windows Phone

MusicQubed, the company behind O2 Tracks on iOS, Android and BlackBerry has released an app for Windows Phone. Should you not be aware of what O2 Tracks is all about, the service enables consumers to check out the Top 40 and 20 music charts on a smartphone while on the go. Tracks are downloaded for offline playback, perfect for those who don't wish to rely on a data connection for music enjoyment. 

It's free to download and trial (for 2 weeks) and is available for customers across all UK mobile operators. O2 customers are eligible for an eight week free trial (with a £1 weekly subscription thereafter - added onto the bill), while those with other mobile operators can take the service out on a two week test run. The full price after the trial ends is £4.99 a month.

Some highlighted features of O2 Tracks for Windows Phone:

  • Unlimited plays of the Official Top 40 - the UK’s biggest hits always up to date
  • Just In Playlist  - packed with new releases every day
  • Exclusive O2 Playlist – the nation’s favourite classics tracks as voted on tracks.o2.co.uk
  • Daily celebrity news and gossip
  • Free trial - All UK networks welcome

O2 Tracks

Those who wish to download the app and kick off the free trial will need to provide their mobile number, but no charge will be applied unless the subscription is selected. It's free to unsubscribe to the service at any point, so there's no fear of a long term contract. It's urged that users who are on restricted data plans should use WiFi to download overnight updates to save on usage.

O2 is pretty big in the UK when it comes to music. It's good to see the official app for its music service available for Windows Phone consumers. You can download O2 Tracks from the Windows Phone Store (do note that the app is region restricted - available for Windows Phone 7.x and 8).

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Samst22 says:

Yess been waiting for this on WP :D

rockstarzzz says:

Nokia Music eats this for breakfast.

adrian1338 says:

I think even xbox music could do that :)

tds101 says:

The more services that jump onboard the better!!!

willied says:

I'd rather not know what's on the top 40 seeing how bad mainstream music is these days. But hey, the more apps the better.

TonyDedrick says:

Its not all bad. But like anything, its a matter of taste. Some stuff people see as brilliant, "real" music, I see as pretentious dribble.

willied says:

What "real" music are you referring to?

SomeGuy11 says:

Unlimited play of top 40. Wow. I really like the idea of tweenies picking my music!

splash112 says:

Worth a look at, 8 week trial buzz!

uopjo6 says:

Yep. Not in my region. Can't believe the East is missing out on ALL music services except iTunes. And iTunes suckssssssssss.

neo158 says:

Would be nice if it didn't tell me that I need a 3G or Wifi connection when I already have one!!!