Kik Messenger for WP7 due "within a month"

We first caught wind of Kik Messenger for Windows Phone 7 during MIX11. At the time, it wasn't too clear when the popular messaging service would be available on our platform i.e. pre-Mango or during Mango launch?

Now it looks like they've answered on their Facebook account--all it took was someone to ask:

Alejandro Aguilera Rivera: Are you guys (by any chance) working on a Windows phone 7 app? is it possible? :D?

Kik Interactive, Inc.: You will see it within a month :)

So that sounds good to us. In fact, the race between IM+ and Kik seems to be heating up as we're expecting releases from both companies relatively soon, giving Windows Phone users some new options. Not to mention, there's that whole Mango-Live Messenger/Facebook Chat integration coming too.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, Alejandro, for the tip!



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theefman says:

Would be nice if MS picked one high profile IM to integrate into the messaging hub. I really like the way all communications are in one place rather than scattered over different apps.

Live Messenger, Facebook IM & Skype... that's more than enough to me. ;-)

don't forget, via Live Messenger you *can* connect to other IM services like AIM; no different than how Google Chat proxies to other services.Windows Live Messenger is a gateway messenger, think of it that way.

Yes this is true but will that translate to the devices? time will tell I suppose.

No need to guess, the answer is 'Yes'. I asked Microsoft about this last week.

Good man I can quote you on that then ;)

Out of curiosity does Live Messenger currently allow you to connect to any other chat service other than FB? I had a quick look there in the connected services section and no sign of AIM, Yahoo etc

WixosTrix says:

You can add Yahoo! Messenger users to your Live Messenger contacts and vice-versa. It does not connect with AIM however.

Wheezle says:

I don't know a single person who uses Kik. I just want a decent WLM client.