Kobo Books now available on Windows Phone

Kobo Books

It was a few months ago that the official Kobo app came to Windows 8. Kobo is a company that makes the popular Kobo eReader in addition to apps for mobile platforms. Today we can add Windows Phone to that list of mobile platforms that has Kobo Books.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find Kobo Books sitting at version 1.0. Note that this is a Universal Windows application.

With this first release of Kobo Books for Windows Phone, we get the following notable features:

  • Pick up right where you left off. We'll sync your bookmarks so you can keep reading across all your devices.
  • Customize your reading experience. Enjoy crisp, clear text, in the size and style you prefer or try Night Mode for easier nighttime reading.
  • Enjoy first chapter previews for thousands of select books and save them in your library.
  • Get access to more than 4M titles in the Kobo store including best sellers, new releases, classics, comics, and kids books.
  • Quick access to your recent reads within the app and from Live tiles.
  • All those features are in addition to the 4 million free and affordable eBooks you'll find inside Kobo Books for Windows Phone.

Kobo Books

How many of you out there are fans of Kobo? Take the app for a spin and let us know what you think!

Thanks for the tip Seb!

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Sam Sabri says:

Fun fact about that "Practical Physics" book in the first pic. It's from 1929 and hilariously out of date with some of the science :P

S Vaibhav says:

Wow :-o where did you find/buy it from? I want one too :)

josonjoy1986 says:

The icon reminds me of kindle......:)

ebin5 says:

'not that it is a universal application'. It's note..

It is. The icon is right there

poddie says:

He's correcting the spelling in the article, not stating it is not a universal app.

vakama94 says:

Great! I kinda forgot about it but it's fine that it has arrived.

CJ Thunder says:

So... Any news on that MS reader with Nook support?

Kormiko says:

Seriously.  I can't believe Windows Phone has been around for nearly 4 years... and there still isn't a Nook app for it.  How hard can it be?  Is Microsoft changing it to Xbox Books or something?  They already dropped the ball with Comixology.

I'm a Kindle guy myself, but my wife uses Nook mainly for library access, so she's waiting on the app for times when she can't bring her Nook device around.

GSOgymrat says:

I don't know anything about programing but I honestly wonder how difficult would it be for a programer to write a Nook app for Windows Phone. Since the app exists for Windows 8, iOS and Android it doesn't seem like it would be that complicated. I wouldn't think putting an ebook on a phone is as complicated as creating an app like Halo.

Then again, it must be challenging to create these apps based on the poor quality of some of them. The Kindle apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 started out unusable and have only recently begun operating without crashing. Kindle and Kobo apps for Windows Phone still don't have built in dictionaries. The Kindle app for Windows 8 still just says "loading..." when the shopping cart symbol is pressed.

I know Nook isn't a comparatively high priority app but wouldn't an app that sells content, rather than just the sale of an app itself, motivate a retailer to create an app? I've spent thousands of dollars on ebooks but I doubt I have spent $100 on phone apps.

I think the main challenge is store access and DRM. All nook books require a valid payment method other than gift card tied to ones account to download the books, due to a DRM verification method, and we don't exactly know how Nook DRM works on the device as well once the books are saved. I've also seen a number of eBook apps on the Windows store, some with really good reader UIs (but substandard bookshelf UIs), so creating an eReader is hardly the issue, I would think.

Furthermore, despite Microsoft's investment in Nook, I've hardly seen anything at all from Nook Microsoft-related. In fact, Nook is coming out with a Galaxy 4 Nook, that's made jointly with Samsung.

One could speculate that this gives reason to believe Microsoft is building their own eBook software, since why would Microsoft make such an investment if all they were getting out of it was a Windows Store app for tablets/PCs. However, it's purely speculation.

funkyGeneral says:

I am a big fan of Kobo, glad to have this.

J Ice70 says:

I never will use it. But glad it's here for someone else.

poddie says:

Agreed... Kindle is the only closed format I would consider using, and that is only because Amazon is so dominant that it is assured to survive.

arrow22 says:

That's the thing. Kobo uses ePub (with Adobe Digital DRM), so it's not a closed format specific to the device. You can buy a Kobo eReader and never have to buy books from their store.

I'm one of those "someone else" people you were referring to. Kobo is huge in Canada (over 50% marketshare in e-ink e-reader device sales), so this is good for Windows Phone here.

DracheMitch says:

I hear Blackberry is big in Canada, too...

ZuneEtunes says:

Actually, the sad fact is, that they are bigger than WP in Canada, and they are still widely available with providers. I moved from being a BB user to being a WP user 3 years ago. I do not regret the move, but I sure wouldn't mind more selection and greater availability. My 920 is in need of replacing. Oh, and back to Kobo, it's an excellent reader and it's about time that we have it on WP

Hoping nook comes out with an app as well.

KFBradley says:

It's about time. Been waiting forever for this.

rakeshrai says:

Not that universal. Not available for Lumia 635.

It could be because of the subpar wp7 era screen resolution(high end for that time) & the lack of ram even though their 1st few iterations were nothing to mention about

rakeshrai says:

I don't see why an e-reader would need more than 512mb and more than WVGA to work correctly.

Page turn animations? Sometimes the 1gb restriction is seemingly absurd on numerous apps.

It's available for the 625 so...

TechAbstract says:

Awesome. Been wondering about this app.

titoyees says:

any respectable epub reader? 

I can not understand why there is not an epub reader by default on Windows Phone

shivam94 says:

The best one out there IMO...
Check out "MoHoo Reader" for Windows Phone http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=d811954f-a43b-4193-9760-4a20ead945d7

Jazmac says:

MoHoo Reader is very good. Not only will it connect to OneDrive, you can sync wirelessly with it. It looks great too. I don't know if this reads from Skydrive or not.

ladydias says:

Freda is also very good and very customizable. It's been around since Windows mobile.

Ankmeyester says:

Bookviser is good

Tucan Reader is best

papanoongaku says:

i've used nearly all of them and they all suffer from something. usually it's design; none of them have a clean, easy-to-use interface. but then there is the issue is that they all require you to load your books through OneDrive or some other service. it's a huge pain. and i don't particularly like opening up my OneDrive to apps published by individials. it might be a bit paranoid, but that's just me.

i've spent about 10 minutes in the app and i can already see that it's a much better designed app. it lacks special features like a dictionary or highlighting or sharing. but for reading, it's easily the best available of the non-Kindle apps and it's just as good as Amazon's reader. plus it has it's own ePub store and ePub is an open system. i'm well please this was FINALLY released. one of the reasons i bought the 1520 was it would make a great e-reader (it was either that or the Xperia Z Ultra).

GSOgymrat says:

Great! I have several Kobo ebooks will definitely check it out this app. I am still waiting for the MS/Nook app for Windows Phone.

parthi64434 says:

Thank you.... Finally i get it...

James8561 says:

i'm surprised this lagging 3rd player in the ebook market released an app before nook. srsly BN, when can i read nook on my WP?

It is a head scratcher seeing as kobo's parent company is Japanese

Jazmac says:

What does that mean?

oscarbum says:

It means the company is based in Japan. 

Nook never will arrive. Read that development has stopped. Working with Samsung now.

onysi says:

I barely have time for like

For those who don't know, "kobo" is an anagram of "book". :-)

myrandex says:

Wow Kobo before Nook and Microsoft has financial investments with Nook...

elitelibra says:

I wonder when Microsoft will have their own book store like apple, Google, and amazon platforms. This is where that Barnes and nobles deal would work

CJ Thunder says:

I think MS should just buy them outright. In a while. BN has tons of publishers in the textbook industry, score for surface line and other windows tabs in schools, and drop the booksellers sinage, turn the stores into posh tech stores (MS Stores) with coffee and books.

mahesh nakka says:

reading kobo books on dvp 8 pro for some time now its time to read in my L820 & 1320.......

aemehran says:

No in-text dictionary. Sigh!
That's what's missing from the WP version of kindle too. More sigh!

AliSiirappi says:

Not available for Lumia 920. What now? I have almost all my ebooks in Kobo so would really love to use This.

Fictivision says:

Finally,i got Game of Thrones books there,havent been able to read ever since I sold my last android phone year and a half ago.But when i try to download the app it says its not available for my country...

AskaLangly says:

No. I want David Olofson's "Kobo Deluxe" on Windows Phone. Someone port it!

Melvin Ang says:

Not available in my market yet.. Been waiting for quite some time since I've moved to my Lumia 1520..

Kaye Morales says:

My favorite reading app. But sad that it didn't have dictionary..

ravhor says:

Which one Lumia are on the picture? :D

heksesang says:

So, why can't I install this on a Lumia 920 with 8.1 in Europe? Is it the phone, the OS or the region that's the problem?