Kopy is a universal Windows app for exchanging info on your PC, Phone and tablet

Need a fast way to copy text from your computer to your phone, and vice versa? Kopy might be a solution that you’re looking for. Here’s how it works. Go to gokopy.com on your desktop and paste your text on the browser. You’ll receive the text on your phone in the Kopy app. This works the way around, too. Want a clearer picture? Check out our hands-on video after the break.

While you don’t need to sign up for a Kopy account, we recommend it so that you can view the history and bookmarks of copied contents. You can sign up directly from the Kopy app on Windows Phone. Type or paste anything inside the text box, then click the Kopy button at the bottom to send. You’ll see the text when you go to gokopy.com on your browser. 


If you don’t want to sign up for an account, swipe over to ‘connect to pc’ on the Kopy app for Windows Phone. When you click ‘start a temporary session,’ a QR scanner opens up. Simply scan the code on gokopy.com on your computer.

Kopy on Mac

For the best experience, you can also install the Kopy browser extension. It’s currently only available for Chrome, with plans for Firefox and Internet Explorer soon. To use the extension, select a text on your browser, right-click, and then click Kopy. The text then automatically goes to your phone.

Voice command also works with Kopy. On your Windows Phone, press and hold the search button and then say, “GoKopy new text.” Whatever you say afterwards will appear inside the text box.

Kopy screenshot

If you’re concerned about privacy, here’s what the developers have to say:

All stored data are encrypted on our database, we are very concerned about the privacy of our users and we are still working to improve our security on different layers and make our solution more secure, (the next step is using https).

Kopy is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. There are no ads or in-app purchases. This is a universal app, so you can also download it from the Windows Store. Do you find this app useful? Let us know in the comments!

QR: Kopy



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Mark Guim says:

"why are u using a mac" comments in 3.. 2.. 1...

DennisvdG says:

More like: "LOL HE'S USING A MAC xD!!!"

Seriously though, who cares?

Murilo Neves says:

why are you not using Cortana

hotraia says:

I think you can use it from one phone to another

Viipottaja says:

No seriously, why are you? :)

sip1995 says:

Mac is not mainstream any more...get a Windows 8.1 PC.

link68759 says:

Mac was never "mainstream" though.

OsamaAdam98 says:

It's too expensive to ever be mainstream.

SwimSwim says:

Yes, because we all know how mainstream 8.1 is. It's just flying off the shelves!

Tips_y says:

Maybe not but W8 has already overtaken all installed base of OSX several months ago, and still going up, so it's on its way to becoming mainstream ahead of OSX. And nobody knows if OSX ever will become mainstream at all.

psychotron says:

If you hadn't pointed it out I might have assumed it was just a "me too" ultrabook or something. There was really nothing in the picture I could see that led me to directly think it was a Mac. The window decoration was pretty out of focus.

LSDigital says:

you should've started with the answer :p


nice little app :p

Hoekie says:

Since you ask. Why are you? And why focus the first post NOT about the app. Do you not really care about the Kopy app? Then why make a news post about the app?

For all those campaigning for one note-

1.One note doesn't has chrome extension..so kopy is even faster than system integrated one note
2.One note is for long time cross platform storing
3.Signing up for kopy is incredibly faster -type an email and a password..nothing else
4.You use one email for private conversation and one for all those spammy newsletters--so how can you expect seriously organized one note user to use it as temporary sharing portal
5.After release of WhatsApp..several chat apps came out--so was it unnecessary..undoubtedly no...requirement and choices vary and so do apps

psychotron says:

How is this easier than OneNote? With Kopy you have to open Chrome, navigate to a web site and then sign in. With OneNote all I have to do is launch the app, period. No signing in, no multiple steps.

MaxyBley says:

I like how people like you make things so biased. If you're using Chrome (on your PC) and you're intelligent and saved the login so you don't have to put them again. You don't have to go the website either. There's an extension. And if you're using Firefox or any other.... There is this amazing feature that all browsers have is called Bookmarks.

1. Open browser
2. Click bookmark or extension
3. Do what you wanted to copy

herbertsnow says:

Onenote. Enough said.

stui83 says:

Kopy is good, i wish it was built into OS, i.e. Hold down and choose 'copy to Microsoft cloud clipboard....'. But this is cool for now

bates40 says:

Actually there is an extension for chome its called Send to OneNote, allows you to right click and send to one note. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/one%20note

I think the idea behind Kopy is great and it should only get better over time.

_Emi_ says:

I guess the question it's "Why are you not using Windows 8.1?" even people who use mac knows it feels better than osx.
you could at least hide the fact that you don't use a Windows computer with a virtual machine, you know. not that I care... but then why would you write a comment like this? I mean you know you will use osx, and you will post a pic of it in a Microsoft news site, so it's obvious your own comment it's just to put controversy in your own article...

next time you could just write the same in the article... so most people would miss it (since alot of people don't even read the article and just see the photos) and end.

PureView says:

Calm your tits.

Wael Hasno says:

I'll certainly give it a try. Just today I to text an amazon link that I had on my Surface. That would have helped.

Triogap says:

If you use IE on your surface and you use WP8.1 on your phone. You can open tabs from your tablet on your phone, by clicking the tabs button on your phone and then swiping to other. This also works the other way around by opening a new tab to about:tabs and then selecting the appropriate webpage on the Windows phone drop down.

Marcin J says:

So there really are people who use Internet explorer on pc?

Duffau says:

I can't even...

Wael Hasno says:

Yes, there are. Firstly, you can only use IE on Windows RT and secondly, it's a great browser that works fine.

adrian1338 says:

Yes there are. It is quick. has Tracking protection lists. Synced between devices. not that browser from 1999 anymore. might as well ask if people still use firefox 3.5

Jealy666 says:

I use IE across the board, it's the fastest and cleanest browser.
920, S2 & PC.

IE keeps messing up youtube for me :/

Wael Hasno says:

True. Thanks for the reminder.

Jrexxx says:

Or you could use OneNote ^_^

Ouadie says:

There is no browser add-on for OneNote :P

AlanTeew says:

There's a system add-on..

Have you tried it? It's rather clunky. It works, but once again, this method is way more streamlined. I really urge you to try this first.

I find OneNote way overkill for what this app is meant for. Why create a OneNote to save a weblink? Or to copy some text over? Also, OneNote doesn't integrate easily into the browser.

Jrexxx says:

Right click, send to OneNote. Done :) Actually I love OneNote for saving little snipets of information like this.

I don't. I find the OneNote design terrible, but that's me ;)

Achike Da says:

I would have agreed with you a coupla months ago, but I've recently re-arranged my OneNote and with the easy ' send to OneNote' option things are much easier. However, with this Kopy app (I just tried it out on both my PC and phone), it really does make the quick transfer of web links & texts much much better.

simphf says:

Shut your whore mouth!

Daniel not liking a Microsoft product? :O

louisoneal says:

I totally agree with you on OneNote's design in general.

mharr says:

But, for links, the browsers integrate across platforms. Using IE on phone, Surface, and Pc, and just open tab from other platform; no copy needed.

erasure25 says:

I don't know why MS doesn't make more a big deal about this. If apple had integrated browsers, they would have claimed to invent it already....

Tepid says:

Because OneNote is already integrated with practically everything. Honestly, OneNote is a lot easier. And using OneNote in a browser is not horrible. Plus, depending on the text you want to transfer,I feel safer using OneNote or even email. Win8 with Surface and WP, I really, personally, have no need for a service like this. Nor do many others if they would just get over their phobia of Win8.

Not if file sharing is blocked by your company.

Eroneko says:

+820... +Nokia... +Microsoft... +BillGates!!!
But OneNote don't have auto sync between devices, you have to open the app.

blackhawk556 says:

So you want it to sync in the background by itself without you opening? Does ever note sync even if you don't open it?

Tepid says:

Ummmm, you're kidding right?

Tips_y says:

Sync while the apps are closed?! Ah sounds like magic in Never-Never-Land! Maybe someday, but not now so keep on dreaming.

Eroneko says:

Use Bing translate:

Acaso es eso imposible? tu recibes notificaciones unicamente cuanto abres una App? Pocket en Android descarga los articulos en segundo plano en el momento que envio un articulo a Pocket desde mi PC, Poki en WP no lo hace, por qué pensar que es imposible? Y si realmente lo es, sería una cosa que cambiaría de WP, aun así me gusta lo suficiente para ser mi preferido.

wpn00b says:

Android apps stay open in the background. Windows Phone can do that as well, but the developer has to enable it. I would start there. I get notifications on my phone for At Bat 2014 when the app is not "open" but it is allowed to run in the background. Doesn't show in the task switcher either.

I'm thinking that Poki is the problem, or your device is not allowing it to run in the background. I don't use it so I can only make those suggestions.

Eroneko says:

Gracias por comentar.
Poki no corre en segundo plano, talvez luego el desarrollador permita que si corra en segundo plano, pero ese no es el punto. OneNote debería de correr en segundo plano, incluso la versión de Office para Windows 8.1.

npoe says:

El estar corriendo en segundo plano consume energía, aproximadamente el 30% de mi batería se va en aplicaciones que corren en segundo plano y en realidad uso una vez al dia. En lo personal no tengo necesidad que el office corra en segundo plano y lo mismo para Onenote que lo uso para enviar Texto de la PC al teléfono y no al revés.

OneNote is it!  Last week I went to a conference and was taking notes with OneNote on my Surface.  It works great but it's a pain in the butt if you want to take a picture and drop it into the note.  So I opened the same OneNote on my Nokia phone - synced over OneDrive.  I used the Surface to take notes.  Any time I wanted a photograph in the note I took it with the phone and it just showed up on the Surface.  Way cool.  This is how stuff should work.

Murilo Neves says:

i've been waiting for this for a long time

abduz says:

Have you tried using OneNote? Its much quicker to just use. All you have to do is open the app, type and save, then u can open it anywhere...as opposed to opening browser, going to website, copy paste, open app etc. or maybe it's just me that finds it easier

"...as opposed to opening browser, going to website, copy paste, open app etc."

That's not really how this works. This app has a Chrome plugin so that you can just highlight text, right click and save to Kopy. Then that info is on your PC, tablet and Phone all at once. No "creation" of a note or anything.

It also has a really nice Windows 8 Modern app and it's exclusive to Windows/Windows Phone for now.

Likewise on my phone: just copy the text from whatever and place in app, now it's on my PC. No note, no title, no searching later. You can even copy contact info across devices, or make a voice note (speech to text).

I get some people like OneNote and think it's the bees knees, but I don't and think it's overkill for this type of task. I actually don't like the OneNote UI at all and the menu system off putting.

abduz says:

I guess i should give it a try before passing judgment but from description it just sounded like something i could already do on OneNote. Does it not have an extension for Internet Explorer? Thanks Daniel

blackhawk556 says:

Did you read the article?

abduz says:

Did u read my last comment?

I actually like the Kopy concept. I needed this 2 days ago! I tried to scan the text from my PC browser (complete disaster!) I didn't think about OneNote because I didn't feel like signing in, creating a note, etc.) I only had a few seconds to spare. Anyway, what do you think about their privacy? I'm not comfortable to send anything major yet to Kopy, just maybe links and small stuff...what do you think?

ade333 says:

whatever floats your boat, but honestly it doesn't seem like you are familar with the features of OneNote.

OneNote has a right-click and send to OneNote in the browser (not to mention Office and Windows in general,) and the first time you use the right-click function there is an option to "always use this page" so you don't have to create titles or pages when you want to send something over... it just appends it right to that page in (literally) a split second even when OneNote is closed.  Use that, and pin that page on your phone and OneNote is faster and more effcient.  I fail to see what this app does other than lead to disorganization.

Murilo Neves says:

i like onenote, but only in phone

_Emi_ says:

Chrome.. yeah everyone uses Chrome Daniel......
it will be a good thing vs OneNote when non chrome users get the extension support then :) until that, many users who don't use chrome will not finding as fast as you (since you use Chrome)

Marcin J says:

It's not faster. With OneNote you have to opm this sh**ty new start screen and then launch the app that takes up all your screen, because there's no option to open it in a window. (so there are to clicks).
With kopy you just run chrome and open a bookmark. And the biggest plus: You don't have to see a full screen start screen!

abduz says:

If that's your gripe with OneNote, you'll be glad to know there is actually a desktop app of which u can pin on ur desktop or taskbar... u can also shrink the window to the size of an icon, so it can be as small as u like it to be. What I find odd about Kopy, is that it's an app made exclusively for Windows but doesnt have an extension for Internet Explorer.

spinzeroWL says:

Isn't that what email is for?!
Seems to me to be an app that is building a solution for a problem that doesn't exist!

Whuh? How is emailing yourself with a subject, filling in text and then sending off, clogging your inbox up a solution to a problem? I've been doing that for years and absolutely hate it, lol. That has to be the worst solution I've heard for simply sharing text and data between devices, but hey, that's me.

spinzeroWL says:

Ok....how about OneNote? That's been available for years too.
Also does a hell of a lot more than just sharing notes.
Anyway, if this app is of use to someone, great. I personally just cannot see how it improves upon something like OneNote.

I'm aware of OneNote. So isn't the person who created this app. They're not the same. For one, I don't like OneNote, yup you've read that correctly. I don't like the UI at all and I think for saving a quote, a line of text, some information, creating a new OneNote is about as inefficient as you can get.

I understand for projects, collaboration on research, or even a shopping list OneNote is great. For saving a line of text, a URL or anything else? Overkill and slower.

spinzeroWL says:

Fair riposte. It looks like the app has a use in some circumstances. I'm not sure I'd forgo OneNote in favour of this....but I guess I have differing requirements. I also prefer having multi-purpose apps rather than lots of niche ones - but I can see how it would be of use to someone in your position..

_Emi_ says:

you should make a video OneNote vs Kopy or at least a poll... and see what people think it's faster for them. I wouldn't try this kopy thing since I don't need it, I don't even use much OneNote, but I would find OneNote mor accesible since I already have it in win8 app/office desktop, webapp and my phone.

busyman96 says:

Daniel, what is with this crusade against OneNote? People have their right to an opinion. I've seen like 10 comments where you're basically saying "Your opinion sucks". Why would they need another app and a browser extension to do what they already can?

gutigen says:

What the hell...

Literally 30min ago I was wondering if there is an app for some easy and fast link copy between my pc and phone cause I wanted to take a link with me to another room and show it to someone (no communication between those two machines). Something for only that purpose which would be faster and more convienient than OneNote or retyping stuff.

Thank you! :*

vakama94 says:

Actually that´s what an app called Pushbullet is for and it states that it's meant to eliminate the need to send yourself an e-mail. As for the OneNote option, I myself do that but not if I want to share something from my phone to my PC.

meddyrainzo says:

They complain there are apps. When they get apps, they complain still.

spinzeroWL says:

No....we complain that there are some apps missing which need to be on the platform for it to sell. This isn't one of them.
Clearly it is useful for some people though.

sd173 says:

Aww man I wanted to make something that did pretty much exactly this once I finished the c# and WP 8.1 absolute beginners Channel 9 series. Gokopy seems faster.

Cyrax.NET says:

Haha I've been meaning to code this for the longest time ever but never got around to it. Hope kopy means I won't have to if its quick to use.

IceDree says:

Interesting, but I think I'll stick to OneNote.

Warbler says:

Don't have words to express how useful this app is

...is not nearly as good as Kopy for small tasks. I agree! ;)

Or just use reading list

Reading list? That's for saving articles, not snippets of text. Are you sure you've tried this? This isn't Pocket.

They only seem to be saving urls in the video

You can copy any text. Paragraphs, phone numbers, URLs, so long as it's text, it doesn't matter.

You should really try it! It's cool.

Just tried, like some others have said not sure how much ill use it but it looks like a well made app, good to see wp getting some unique (I assume this isn't available on ios or android) and well made apps though recently!

rodneyej says:

Will you stop it!!!... Lol❗

Kumar Rajan says:

kopy also support toast notification. once u have scanned the qr code  u do not need to keep ur kopy running on ur mobile.text wil be sent as toasts.


MartinKSmith says:

I've installed it, I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but it certainly seems like it could be useful. As others have said, OneNote is great, I use it for bigger projects (for example, I'm currently planning a trip and have been using OneNote to store all the information for that), but for the little things, OneNote is a lot of effort.

QilleRz says:

Agree. Using OneNote for something big and this app for small things to transfer text between devices.

ade333 says:

I have a page in OneNote specifically for quick info... It's always in the recent list in the app... Takes 3 seconds to pull it up. I don't get these OneNote is "for big projects, is clunky, is slow" stuff. Dedicate one page in One Note and you've replaced this app.

k0de says:

Nice app. Seems very useful. I'll take it for a spin. Thanks Mark for the heads up.

takje says:

Why not a single Windows and Windows Phone app and do the authentification via the Microsoft servers? No hassle with logins and QR code.

Ouadie says:

Windows 8 app is for kopy between your computer and your tablette. Adding the possibility to use your live account could be a great feature :)

QilleRz says:

Yes. Been waiting for app like this. Synchronization is always my favorite. Before this was using OneNote to transfer text but found it not so practical for what OneNote was built for because I don't want to save a note and need to delete that text back later because I don't want my OneNote got messy. So this app will come in handy. Great UI too. Kudos ! :D

Thundernerd says:

Well this sucks. I just took a 5 minute break from developing something 95% similar like this :(

spinzeroWL says:

Just release a better version ;)
There are dozens of weather apps for example....the good apps always rise to the top though. So just get that last 5% done, and get it released :)

Release one that syncs/ saves a copy to OneDrive!

QilleRz says:

True. Keep it up Thundernerd

Ouadie says:

We could work togheter if you want :p (remember free app no ads :) )

oerpli says:

where would you need help? maybe i could contribute a little.

Thundernerd how about making an app that allows email addresses to be put in the predictive text dictionary as I hate typing them out for logins etc, I'd do it but don't know how, I'd definitely pay for it

Munkeyphyst says:

You can add the unique bit before the @ natively.

Stevied1991 says:

Not if you have numbers in it, my old Hotmail did.

sunbee says:

I agree with you. I always wondered why predictive text does not show the email address. When signing in to some apps they don't have .com added to the keyboard and we have to type the whole thing. With a long press on @ it should show the email addresses saved to our profile.

blackprince says:

Do you ever sing your handle in the tune to the Thundercats theme song? Because i just did.

dalydose says:

Cool! I've wanted to do this!

ViniBT says:

Great app. Installed on all my devices already. Hopefully it'll be updated to include the app in the share options, so you don't need to open the app to paste.

Ouadie says:

Totally agree, we'll add this soon ;) if you have something to add here is our uservoice http://kopy.uservoice.com/

elitelibra says:

Omg I've been waiting for something like this for a minute. Useful for texting or long texts. I hope one day Microsoft adds cross platform stuff to windows. Hope one day texts and stuff like that will be viewable on the PC to respond to them like the ovi suite and airdroid

migueli2 says:

Internet explorer do this.

ven07 says:

This app is awesome sir

Kumar Rajan says:

this is for onenote likers...how will u send some text from a shared pc to ur phone like in cafe or labs.. u will start logging in with onenote account..or just do kopy without any login...this app is for just a specific purpose...this is a quite nice alternative n veryyy veryyy easy.

thaman04 says:

On a public computer, you would need to be logged in (just like OneNote Online) for it to work.  Same thing.

Ouadie says:

Except, there is no temporary session in Onenote and I prefer using other accounts vs opening my live account on a public computer.

IceDree says:

QRnow(dot)com , place your text there & Scan it with your phone ;)

Not sure about the functionality.

Great work on the UI though.

psychotron says:

Interesting, but I generally just use OneNote for this sort of thing. Don't really want to create yet another account, but it does seem to be a lot less convoluted that way.

thaman04 says:

I'm sorry but OneNote is definitely more intuitive than this.  I have the OneNote app on my PC (Windows 8 app and desktop app... which are signed in for me by default) and it opens in less than half a second... I paste what I want in on a page I use specifically for snippets like this, and then it shows instantly on my phone and vice-versa. 

Kopy is definitely more time consuming because when using the web method - you have to the web browser open, you have ot be logged in on the website on the PC (which you have to create ANOTHER account, not your MS account), you have to use Chrome (which I don't use) to use the extension, and it's more clicks/screens to copy something from phone-to-pc and vice versa, compared to using OneNote. Even with the Kopy Windows app, you have to hit send whereas with OneNote it's instant.

I'm not saying Kopy sucks, it's a great app for those who'd prefer that method.  But for people (specifically Daniel) blasting people's preference of OneNote above is just silly.

wizmagister says:

Just use OneNote ...

goldenpipes says:

So like one note? Or word?

IceDree says:

Wow, turned out a lot of you use OneNote for that kind of stuff as well.

I have to agree With Daniel regarding OneNote's UI, I don't like it either. However, I use it for that kind of stuff. I have an empty note as my Default OneNote start screen in my phone, I just paste whatever there to share it with my computer & vice versa.
For public computers, I use QRnow dot com to share stuff with my phone.
I keep the more important stuff in my Evernote.

Jazmac says:

That is a useful service.  Thanks.

sManowar says:

Why not just use OneNote?

jaceot says:

Let me know when they get a firefox extension, I am not getting chrome just to try this. I like the idea, but yeah no chrome.

mspace81 says:

This is pretty awesome!!

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

MatchAttax08 says:

Oh mark. No good taste in pcs. You should get a surface pro not a mac. What windows phone user uses a Mac

rodneyej says:

OneNote is better than Kopy in every single way..
OneNote is faster, designed better, more suitable for small notes, less cumbersome, and less confusing..
Daniel's words :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o

Baryex86 says:

Why not use Kopy and OneNote?


ovidApp says:

Why not just stop copying between devices?


I hope some good shtuff actually happens this week for us WP users. These past couple weeks have been boring to say the least. I wanna see an official Facebook Inc app and an official Snapchat app stat damnit! ;)

Also Instagram to finally come out of BETA and give us some kicking rad "new" features.

vertgrall says:

I just email myself in this situation.

zzynko says:

No Firefox, no dice  Nice try though.



Anguis says:

I get the OneNote overkill assessment - thanks for posting about this app/service. I'll give it a try.

Allright_Hu says:

Nice app, works smoothly on Lumia 520. It makes copying temporary texts more convenient.
Then it seems I have to suffer the loading circle on the browser, but it's ok, generally we Chinese suffers every foreign website for the loading screen ¬_¬

One word...OneNote.

SIDD_DEY says:

Nice way to text other language text without typing

Sahil Kutty says:

Very handy... Thanks!

ZuneEtunes says:

This is way "KOOL", and there is just no comparison to the cluttered way in which OneNote performs the same type of task. I use OneNote on a daily basis, and like it was said several times, OneNote is overkill for the intended purpose of this app. For the work that I do, Kopy will most definitely increase my productivity.

Bin Artyte says:

Windows Phone need a pushbullet. This app is too primitive of push technology.

matfantastic says:

Pushbullet is the only thing I miss about android....so damn useful!!!

WP8FoneTek says:

Or use one note


OneNote is way better

blends says:

I like the idea of this app. I personally use OneNote or Reading List for this type of stuff.

Kopy supports transparent tiles, OneNote doesn't. Until OneNote does the same, it has no place on my start screen. I don't like colored tiles cramping my style, and I refuse to use a transparent tile making app, because I enjoy live tiles too much.

Kitavi Ken says:

We don't need options we need apps that WP is missing, OneNote is the real thing no cluttering my devices with unwanted apps, plus I don't use chrome

Sorry for being off topic, but can we get Cortana in India if we have set region as US in the phone? The windowsphone website says availability will be determined by the carrier!

link68759 says:

So I like the idea of kopy, and am eagerly awaiting a Firefox extension.
That said, are toast alerts planned for the WP and RT apps? When I push text or other from one device to another, I'd like to be able to just hit a toast notification to get it instead of having to find and open the app.

erda0 says:

Nice idea but not very useful for me... 

tnadera says:

i installed the extension on chrome, but i can't find the option kopy when i highlight text and right click !!!

any solution ??

Ouadie says:

Still have the same issue ? Do you have the icon of the addon on you browser ?

Cyrax.NET says:

same here boys.  I thought I was going crazy.


Have added the extension, the icon appears on Chrome taskbar no option to Kopy in the context menu?

Ouadie says:

There is an issue for some users, we'll try to resolve this and push a new version soon! 

Windows is more than Windows Phone, it is an ecosystem that spans desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles. A site that aspires to be a source of information for this ecosystem cannot use mac osx. It just can't. This site site is increasingly becoming a disgrace.  Perhaps we should all read wmpu only from now on. Those guys are true Windows fans.

As for this app it has NOTHING over OneNote. Nothing.  And onenote is as simple as it can be  (And there are tons of browser extensions, the author was simply too lazy to check)

totolook says:

It's a clone of AutoSend

Would this work over home WiFi...like upnp sharing without internet

Paul Lazarov says:

It is interesting!It is good that it exists as a 3rd party app, but if I remember I had similar a app made by Nokia on my Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle. My own opinion is, since I have changed my ex-Nokia N8 with the Lumia 920, it was a step backwards regarding the functions of the OS, and the camera too. On my N8 I had 12 MP camera with xenon blitz, aluminium case, etc.  I am stil awaiting for the better development of the WP OS, and hope the other phone and OS won't laugh at us, but  raise their envy with WP OS innovations...  

Anjan Dhar says:


It was a great read. Loved the functionality and the UI. I am going to switch over to lumia 930 as soon as it launches in my country :-). I wanted to know if windows phone also has a substitute for the popular app named dukto http://store.ovi.com/content/67131 

Anojan Sivam says:

Can we send texts to phone to phone

Ouadie says:

Yes, just use the same account in both phones.

Jack Hancock says:

Wow, the comments on here are painful.'Mwah! Why are you using a Mac?', 'Mwah! This is pointless, I like OneNote', 'Mwah! No body wants this app', 'Mwah, Mwah!'

What a bunch of losers.

m231 says:

If my phone is offline the only way is QR ;)

josemazcorro says:

you can do the same with email or facebook chat with yourself... 


bahnhof says:

OneNote is good enough :P 

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