Korean electronics companies concerned over Microsoft-Nokia deal, fear patent abuse

Nokia Microsoft Deal

Microsoft has a few hurdles to jump before it can finalize the acquisition of Nokia’s handset division. The biggest hurdle? Regulatory approval in China. As we reported a few days ago, Samsung and Google have expressed concern to the Chinese government over potential higher patent fees from the Microsoft-Nokia deal. Turns out Korea smartphone manufactures and the Korean government aren’t too keen on the idea either.

The Korea Electronics Association (KEA), Korea Semiconductor Industry Association, Korea Software Industry Association and the Korea Battery Industry Association all recently submitted a petition to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

The fear? That Microsoft would keep Korean phone makers inline by using Nokia’s patents. They groups claim that Nokia would turn itself into a patent troll after giving its handset division to Microsoft.

As you’ll recall, the Microsoft-Nokia deal has Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s mobile phone business. As part of the deal, Microsoft will also license Nokia’s patent portfolio for 10 years. The remaining Nokia will focus on the HERE mapping business, infrastructure through the Nokia Solutions and Networks group, and by developing and licensing its advanced technologies. Nokia retains control of its entire patent portfolio.

Nokia also can’t make mobile devices until 2016. The Korean groups fear that Nokia will become a patent troll during that time period.

Do these groups, which represent companies like Samsung and LG, have valid concerns that Nokia could abuse its patent portfolio? Or is this a Samsung proxy battle to delay the Microsoft-Nokia deal? Duke it out in the comments below.

Source: Business Korea, Via: NPU



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iamoniwaban says:

Duh! Not to you Sami. But why of course you buy a hardware company for its thousands of patents. Abuse? Maybe.

ymcpa says:

Microsoft didn't buy the patents. So, Microsoft can't abuse them. Nokia has already sued Korean manufacturers, mainly HTC, who violated their patents. So, how will the sale of the hardware division change anything? 

_Emi_ says:

"Nokia has already sued Korean manufacturers, mainly HTC"

wow... HTC is NOT Korean, so how is that even relevant here?
"amazing" people on internet, I guess.

batkingnz says:

Well, you know. Taiwan, Korea, China... for some there's no difference, and their ignorance knows no bounds.

cidico says:

Most north americans think the same way about "latinos". 

_Emi_ says:

lol wow... I would say "no" they are not the same, maybe taiwan and china would be the "same" since they are pretty much China if we go back to history. but korea and china? only because they have similar features... like the eyes? haha.... ehmm so do you think a person from Argentina is "the same" to a person from Uruguay? or Guatemala to Honduras? what about US to Canada? the same? or what about Russians and Ukranian people? or Finnish to Swedish or Norwegian? only because they are close to each other and they might have similar color skin or something? wow please.... if you cant say latin americans are the same and they speak all spanish (with different accents) you cant with more reason Koreans and Chinese arent the same.

in other words and again, NO they are not the same or similar, they dont even speak same language, their characters are different and just about any reason can be said they are just not the same only because they are close and they look "similar" (well, honestly chinese and koreans, most of them dont even look similar). I know you want to justify the ignorance of someone else saying they are no difference but please, dont do that.
so again HTC is not relevant here, and I am sure, Samsung or LG dont care about HTC either and if they lose or win a patent case or not.

batkingnz says:

No, I'm actually trying to point out in a nice way, that people are stupid and lump them all together, basically agreeing with you but anyways, derailing a bit here.

laserfloyd says:

Don't get so bent out of shape. We all live on the same rock and we're all at least 50th cousins.

Can you imagine an alien species observing us? They'd say we all look and sound the same. ;)

DJCBS says:

You're mixing HTC with LG, mate. HTC is from Taiwan (or Republic of China, whichever you prefer).
LG is the one from South Korea.

batkingnz says:

Waiting for everyones mind to blow when they confuse ROC with PRC etc. etc.

WNxAshik says:

Why the hell should people living in the other part or the world be concerned about PROC and ROC?
All we care is about the brands, not the exact country of origin.

Iain_S says:

Most patents Nokia owns stays with nokia after the dea, these asian companies that rip shit off all the time anyways need to go screw themselves, the world is flooded with their cheap chil labour crap.

batkingnz says:

If you own a Windows Phone device (or almost any other smartphone), you can almost guarantee that it came to you floating in the flood of cheap chil (child?) labour crap.

wpguy says:

And how long have they known about this deal? A little late to start crying foul.

wonder1070 says:

Ms already sells patents and there's alot, this doesn't change anything.

pooleyjnr says:

Google - Motorola! It went through eventually so google keep out of it. And Asia grow up and accept it, you cant have it your own way, don't just throw your toys out the pram when some competition comes along. And what are china worrying about they just ignore the paitents any way!

x I'm tc says:

Nokia will be a troll, since they won't make the products on which they hold patents. Thus, they will be mostly immune to counterclaims. It's a *very* legitimate concern.

kurotsuki says:

No. They won't. But patent bully (like IBM), maybe.

Colin Olsen says:

Seriously read the article.

wtma says:

It must have been a very traumatic experience with Apple.

Saiyaku says:

Imagine if they instead produced their phones without blatantly stealing Apple's design...

Knlin731 says:

Well, it was rumoured that Samsung v Apple lawsuit that Samsung lost BTW, that Samsung paid Apple with 30+ truck loads of nickles ($1b) but thats not true unfortunatly, but they still had to pay $930 million to Apple.  So you kinda cant really blame them for being cautious elsewhere but still with the MS-Nokia deal this far a long i think its still they're a day late and a dollar short.

ivo_apo says:

In my view MS made the mistake of not including Nokia patents in the deal. Or even better, buy the whole company.
Most likely after 2016 Nokia will take its branding and invest heavily into Android and their new OS.
Reason? More profitable business. No to mentioned that MS will no longer subsidies them.
So MS must have a good plan for WP.

WNxAshik says:

They can use nokia's patents for 10 years.

NOKIA wont be making android phones from 2016, they just sold their whole phone division to MS.

Trappiste says:

"Or even better, buy the whole company."


I do not see MS developing new wireless standards and selling LTE base stations to operators and maintaining 3G networks in Africa and China, etc. with tens of thousands of pertinent employees globally. I do not think that is the new Microsoft we are hearing about.

sueha says:

They haven't been patent trolls before, so why should they be now?

iamoniwaban says:

Yes they have. For example, Microsoft makes a killing from every android sale, or at least HTC sales

rockstarzzz says:

That's not trolling. That's rightful business. Bing - Patent trolls.

The same way they did with MAC by propping up Apple to be a viable company for competition. Every Apple product, as far as I remember, has some, albeit minor, kickback to Microsoft. I'd have to read up to recall the specifics.

PostItNote says:

Microsoft and Apple have a cross-licensing agreement, so both companies can now freely use each others' patents.

HHammack1 says:

The first thing you need to do is look up the definition of the term "patent troll" because you don't have a damn clue what that actually means. Google blatanty stole Microsoft's legitimate patents when building Android, which have been upheld in a court of law, and didn't even bother seeking a license for it's use. That patent is in use by Microsoft and it is legitimate. Signing licensing deals with OEMs who are violating that patent is not even close to patent trolling.



iamoniwaban says:

No shit...i didn't understand what "patent troll" meant. MS does not fall under this category.

ymcpa says:

Patent troll just buy patents and don't make anything. Microsoft developed their patents for their own products and license them to others. Therefore, not a patent troll. Nokia won't have a mobile division anymore, but those patents were developed for their cellphones and many of them are FRAND patents. They don't qualify as patent trolls either. Microsoft gets licensing from all android manufacturers. Nokia is suing HTC for some patent infringment. I'm guesiing Samsung and other korean firms are licensing Nokia patents.

psychotron says:

After you beat people over the head with patents enough, you gain that reputation. Tell me something rockstarzzz - how is a "patent troll" who legitimately owns patents and threatening to sue companies if they don't get a payday any different than Apple or Microsoft doing it? As you point out it's still "rightful business" under the law even when the trolls do it. In my opinion it's distasteful when anyone does it. Unless they can show legitimate injury as result then they're just using it for intimidation because they're unable to compete on merit.

grking1234 says:

The difference is that Trolls do not typically make any products.  They simply use the patents to generate income.

While technically legal, it does violate the spirit of the law.

OMG55 says:

A patent troll is companies who specifically purchase other companies then immediately sue other companies who they find violated any of the previous owners patents prior to the eventually selling the company off.

ymcpa says:

Currently, being a patent troll is legitimate business. Some people want to change the law that require patents owners to manufacture products using the patents and not just make all your money from trying to license some patents. The problem is that many of the patents that are held by patent trolls are questionable and it cost a lot of many to fight them. They usually target smaller companies that can't afford to fight them in court.

MadSci2 says:

I have to disagree. There is nothing distasteful about enforcing your Parents. Patents exist in order to speed the rate of progress in society by cutting back on wasteful duplication of effort. The key is that in order to get a Patent you have to public ally disclose all that is needed to know to duplicate the invention. That saves your competition a boatload of time and money that they can use to invent something better of their own. If you don't want to Patent your Invention you're free to try and keep it a secret, but your competitors, after duplicating your efforts, can then so it themselves. It is such an important engine of progress that Thomas Jefferson insisted on placing the right to Patent Inventions in the US constitution as a specific right of Individuals in the US.
Why should Microsoft spend millions of dollars to develop a new technology if Apple can then just reverse engineer it for a few pennies? (I just used them as examples) And without patents, FRAND rules are impossible and without them you can't evolve universal standards. Without them, the telecommunication web would be pretty much impossible, instead of being inevitable.
This is just MS competitors trying to slow down an inevitable deal. Both Nokia and MS have always happily licensed FRAND Patents so there is nothing to worry or complain about. Of course, Google and Samsung are two of the world's largest Patent infringers, so what credibility do they have? And when China actually starts complying with the IPO Treaties they have signed then they may have a legitimate could CE to be heard, but at this point they also have no credibility or legitimacy.

The irony is that if these companies weren't exploiting their own patents so much they wouldn't have these fears in the first place...

ladydias says:

The reverse side is that if the companies complaining wouldn't keep using the technology that other companies patented and paid for to make money without giving credit where it's due it wouldn't be such a problem.

wtma says:

Another problem is there are many patents that doesn't make any sense at all, ie. the patent for rectangular tablet shape. Seriously? It is like patenting a circular shape for wheels. It obviously blocks innovations, instead of encouraging one. Now that is patent exploitation.

ymcpa says:

That's a trade dress patent. It's mainly meant to stop companies from using designs that are so similar to yours that it would create confusion by consumers. Apple didn't sue samsung because it was rectangular. They sued because the general shape, the icons and many other element were too much like the iphone. The curved edge of samsung phones matched exactly to the iphone. I think samsung did borrow many elements of the design, but I don't think there was enough that a consumer would confuse the samsung phone to an iphone.


OMG55 says:

And Apple has paid enough to high UPS that they won that frivolous law suite, just like they current procedures they're going through with apple concerning leaked information by the law firm representing Samsung, however it was recently discovered that Apple had published the same information on a public site, but of course they won't drop the suit, only reduce it. But with this BS with Google & Samsung trying to impede Microsoft's purchase of Nokia, I hope Apple destroys both google and Samsung.....death to Samsung & Google!!!

And go figure, once Microsoft goes out of their way to actually get patents the legal way, these companies object anyway. -.- Sometimes it really is embarrassing to associate with the smartphone market...

sdreamer says:

And they didn't say anything when Google did the same with Motorola?

Agreed.. Notice its the Asian countries? The biggest copycats in the business

cuwe says:

Not all asians please . Not all .

What Asian country/company doesn't copy? Lol GoooOOOO!!! Goophone! Lol

cuwe says:

So what asians country does copy ? Butthurt -,-

ymcpa says:

Chinese companies has been know to not only copy, but outright steal designs. They actually opened an store that look like an Apple store in every way to sell fake iphone. Korean companies copy a lot, but they are usually not as blatent as the chinese. The other asian countries are more know for making clothing than electronics. 

Tell me, you know all other asian country who copy product?

Referring a product to the whole continent is just wrong.

Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.

You're kidding right? I could come up with a list longer than the countries in Asia. Shut your mouth while you're ahead.

papanoongaku says:

E-ten and HTC were making smartphones when the modern smartphone was just a glimmer in blackberry and apple's eye. And Japanese phones had cameras, internet, and color screens when we were still rocking razrs. Pull your head out; give up your racially charged attitudes. This isn't the 80s any more.

There is a difference between being inspired and following to outright copying. Asian blatantly copies.

Saiyaku says:

Yeah yeah, that's why Nokia is the one holding the patents, the japs invented eeeeeverything and Nokia was there like a vulture ready to claim the spoils...

Better to be racially charged than to be IGNORANT

iamizan says:

"Your kidding". Shouldn't it be "You're kidding". Shows how smart and knowledgeable you are. If you despise Asians so much, you might not want to use any phones except maybe from Motorola. Most phones will have something that goes by "Made in China". And talking about Asian countries, how many are there exactly?. And please do list out the Asian countries that is copying stuffs.

cuwe says:

Way to go dude !

You are actually pathetic... You act as though I have said something that doesn't have merit. I never personally attacked you. So here I go. You're probably an angry Asians with a tiny dick. :) Have a great night dweeb.

kurotsuki says:

But Motorola was sold to Lenovo, and Lenovo is Asian company. So, which phone we need to get when we don't want Asian products? :D

cuwe says:

Just forget that dumbass . He's fuckin racist .

Haha, You have issues. I'm not racist.

Kuro, I'm not saying avoid Asian products like Motorola. Almost all phones are made in Asia.

theroyboy44 says:

Yea I agree its not a shot at Asians as a people but the companies they control, they tend to copycat and less quality...

cuwe says:

It's always 'made in China' . There's no 'made in India' or 'made in Indonesia' or 'made in Malaysia' on those copycat phone . Asians are too general .

Did I say ALL Asian countries? Sorry but its built into the culture and its evident in a ton of Korean products and china.

OMG55 says:

The knock-offers....they steal everything, it they place where piracy began

rockstarzzz says:

They will screw this up for Microsoft. What good is the deal if it stops Nokia for only 12-14 months from coming back? Cant afford delays! I know one die hard fan who is going to love this story. Any guesses?

Nokia needs to slam phones out now and keep some In MS name and then they can continue selling them.... Maybe im wrong. But they obviously know what they're doing.....

rockstarzzz says:

By the looks of things, Nokia branding won't go away any time soon on phones.

TheMacamush says:

Oooh i hope that happens :D

procen says:

Let me guess, does it start with a D?

jsnod25 says:

Realistically they can't stop the merger... Ita already been approved by the EU, USA and share holders... This deal is done.

DJCBS says:

Considering the factories are all in that area...yes, they can prevent the sale of the devices unit (there's no "merger").

jsnod25 says:

Merger in the sense that they are acquiring the devices department into their company... I know its an acquisition, but they are merging the company into themselves... Maybe not the best choice of words. BUT I thought most of the manufacturing was in India.

OMG55 says:

You just said last week the deal would go through, now you joined John Kerry as a "flip-flopper"

DJCBS says:

And I can think about one die hard fan that will be really p*ssed at Nokia's eventual comeback to spoil some-MS-people plans. Any guesses? ;)

What a pity Microsoft can't that easily grease the pockets of Chinese officials as they do with European ones, isn't it?

blackprince says:

Yup that's what this conversation needed, more wild baseless theories.

payam.ace says:

Oh yeah, Microsoft greased all those European pockets! Dude, you either have some super secret sources or a great imagination....

Ticomfreak says:

Have fun on a Jolla!

Meanwhile I'll stick with Windows Phone which has enough capital to survive...

Duffau says:

Huh? Europe is the one that put MS on supposed anti-competitive behavior. Confusion abound.

Why don't these companies worry about themselves. If a company succeeds and you don't... Thats because you just got SERVED. You don't succeed without technique. God knows most companies lack it. Take them to court for being a smarter company, see where that gets you. Case closed.


Dam Chinese government!

awesmdiver says:

I wouldn't be surprised if Google is behind.  Sure stinks of Google BS.

N google sure does STINK haha

wtma says:

Neither would I.

grking1234 says:

Has the Lenovo - Motorola deal gone through?  Just saying

OMG55 says:

Guess they won't block that one seeing that Lenovo isn't an American company or an Asian company buying an American company....typical racist behavior seeing that all complaints are overseas

Article Headline Translation: Samsung upset about not getting to monopolize global mobile phone OEM market.

simphf says:

Agreed. It's a little obvious.

OMG55 says:

They can take they're galaxies, non supported titans, focuses, focus flashes and shove it as far as I'm concerned after this bullsh*T.

Duffau says:

Wasn't titan HTC? Lol

sip1995 says:

Let the copiers die...

crbjr says:

Basically they're worried they'll have to start paying for the patents they're already using...which they should already be doing. If a company doesn't protect their patents they stand a good chance of losing the patent. That's not being a patent troll.

Duffau says:

I think they're worried about prices for these patents going up. Some of the smaller companies who don't pay for these patents might be worried that this might free up Nokia resources to pursue them though.

enzom09 says:

I really can't stand google...this is ridiculous...

Jack Larson1 says:

Muahahah! Fear the royalties for patent infringement!

Techywarrior says:

First, MS doesn't get the patents with the Nokia hardware division. The fear is NOKIA starts suing everyone over the thousands of patents they hold.


Second, Google only bought Motorola so they could get the patents and stave off lawsuits from patent trolls. That's why when Google sold Motorola for a huge loss and it wasn't really that big a deal.


I hope this deal goes thru because I don't think that Nokia is in such a fantastic position that the sale would force them to file lawsuits to get revenue from patent cases. They have already been doing this so what difference does it really make that they don't have the hardware division anymore? MS said they want to be a devices and services company, which is smart because traditional computers are slowly going to become a niche market again (could be 10+ years, just saying).


Nokia can make mobile devices again in 2 years but they would either have to license an OS (WP or Android), fork Android and create their own ecosystem (like with the low cost X) or create a total new OS and start from scratch to get developer support for a new ecosystem.


It's more likely that if Nokia even does decide to make mobile phones in a few years that they license Android which just makes them the same as any other Android producer as far as MS/we should be concerned. Also, they would need to create the entire division all over again, R&D, engineering, software, etc. That's not something you can do quickly. I wouldn't expect Nokia to be selling phones all that soon even if they are allowed to.




Very long comment read, have nice day!

Saiyaku says:

did you take your Ritalin, ninja boy?


Drug abuse blocked, have nice day!

procen says:

He need his prozac triple dose.

It would be reasonable if Nokia buys a patent portfolio. There is no change in the portfolio. Nokia is neither selling it to MS nor buying it. So there is no logic in those claims. The patents are already valid and anyone is obliged to license and still will be in the future. Seems like a Samsung bullshit.


Offensive comment denied, have nice day!

Jazmac says:

No their not worried.  This is more of google's meddling in matters that don't concern them, again. I read this story on Flipboard about a week ago and google's beef is the IP Microsoft will hold.  If I find the link I'll post it. Weak ass, store front company is full of garbage trying to control what happens on the net.

Its a Bloomberg story and even toilet brush websites (android) are talking about it.



Offensive comment cancelled, have nice day!

Watch out. The comment rent-a-cop is in the building!

Sorry, Rent-a-NINJA.

Seriously the South Koreans have been such hypocrites lately in both electronics and the automotive industry. They wanted all the benefits and help to grow where they are now and now that they are giants they make  demands to the US goverment? They're lucky Samsung, LG, KIA, Hyundai & CO even have the US market to sell to, this clealry has more to do with their concern about losing a little market share over anything else. 

Cellus13 says:

Omfg! They aren't even buying the company! Why is there so much resistance. Microsoft wants to do one thing and its a problem. But the whole world spreads its legs for apple and Google. Things need to change NOW!

Fritzly says:

Actually the concerns are about Nokia not Microsoft; the reasoning is that Nokia, no longer in the making phones business, could decide to charge higher fees for its patents because the company does not need to license any from other cmpanies.

OMG55 says:

Nokia has a right to sell just like Motorola and currently blackberry is looking to do.

I said JK.... Sheesh.

meddyrainzo says:

I've given up on this purchase.

This is beyond stupid. Sure, let's focus on the company that has 3% market share maybe abusing others, instead of regulating the company that has 90% market share to avoid another monopoly situation...

wtma says:

That what's called inconfidence, because they know they are pouring the market with craps.

migueli2 says:

Just came to say: LOL

theefman says:

Interesting. Did these companies also voice "reservations" when google bought Motorola for their patent? And isnt there a certain Korean smartphone maker that is known for corruption, writing fake reviews and general dodginess? Hmmmm....

gevabar says:

I don't get it Nokia can't make mobile devices until 2016??? What does that mean that Nokia in 1.5 years can start to make mobile devices without Microsoft????

Step 1. Buy Jolla.
Step 2. Make phones like crazy.
Step 3. ??????
Step 4. PROFIT!!!!

Tirinti says:

3. Invent something profitable so they have profits even after spending a lot of money on production of the phones nobody wants to buy.

Rubios says:

phones nobody wants to buy

You could say that about Windows Phone too.

OMG55 says:

Yeah, like they were supposably doing with Asha before with WP and forking Android

Saiyaku says:

Yeah, profit, like what they got when they held QT and invested millions in maemo/meego...

gevabar says:

Make the phones in USA and everyone will start buying them like GM....lol....i have a GM so....maybe that's not that funny....and it is a good car....

Here's a thought...invent something and get your own bloody patents. Then there's no worries. You can email me crybabies@waaaaaaaaa.com

DJCBS says:

Well, they should fear Nokia. Obviously, once Nokia loses its crown jewel, they'll have to make money on their most valuable asset. And that is their patent portfolio. Obviously it is expected that Nokia will start to tolerate a hell of a lot less the patent infringement from other OEMs.

So yeah, Nokia may turn into a "patent-troll" but its their patents and they're just protecting and making money from what's theirs. Obviously this is a problem for companies that love to steal patents from others like Samsung and Chinese OEMs.


At any rate, if Korea and China are the ones that put an end to this stupid deal, I'll be very happy. And I think I'll be joined by quite a few important people at Microsoft.

Shantek says:

I don't think you'll be joined by that many people.. But hey, each to their own.. Either way will be interesting to see what comes from this

DJCBS says:

Well, even if that was true (which it isnt' judging by recent reports), I think the company of Bill Gates himself alone would be more than sufficient ;)

OMG55 says:

The same crown jewel the could make money on Asha, maemo, or meego??? You guys! If the devices division was a cash cow, believe me, the board would not have voted to sell...
Simple as that.

HHammack1 says:

What relevance does Nokia's use of it's patents after Microsoft takes control of their hardware division have to do with anything. That shouldn't stop this deal, because Microsoft can't control what Nokia does.

DJCBS says:

But they could favour Microsoft on the patent licensing (example, demanding a lower price) because of the 10 year deal of brand name in feature phones.

Iain_S says:

and im sure google does the same damn thing with it oems, especially samsung.

OMG55 says:

Yeah, like make a cross licensing deal with Microsoft just like the one apple currently has with them? Breaking news: "Samsung, Google, or anyone else are free to make cross licensing deals with whoever they please"! Are you saying that google buying Motorola wasn't strictly for patents? Even though they're selling to Lenovo, they keeping the patent portfolios....why do you think that is? Furthermore, Google knew they were violating MS patents with Android, but knew, that as long as the OS is classified as free, they wouldn't be responsible when MS found out and that OEM's would be responsible.......nice business move o might add

lippidp says:

As long as there is a killer phone released with WP and an even better camera than the 1020 I don't care what the suits fight over until then and I don't give a crap what brand it is.

pookyjoralyn says:

These are the bullshit companies that keep making knockoff products.

Qiyamata says:

Asians stole my milk money.

sampath29 says:

I don't understand something...An American company is trying to buy a Finnish (european) company, why are they filing a suit with China...? Whatever it is, it is like people that try to break-in to others homes complain about alarm products...

DJCBS says:

Because all the factories of both those companies are in China and therefore they'll need the support of the Chinese government. Otherwise they'd be forced to move the factories to other countries where labour is more expensive.

V Hoang1 says:

What's the point of applying for approval in korea? Nokia doesnt sell any phones there and that market is too small too matter...

Zeroplanetz says:

This is getting old fast. Companies need to get over it. Cause they would buy Nokia if they could too. Anything to try and hinder competition.

DJCBS says:

If any of them wishes to buy Nokia, all they have to do is a public offering of acquisition, where they offer Nokia shareholders a certain price for each of their share. Microsoft would then be forced to make a counter-offer to top it.

OMG55 says:

They're not going to do this though, so they should just shut they pie hole! LG and HTC have been loosing money in the Android game for years now, so where are they going to get money? Samsung is the #1 Android handset maker and is busy working to refine Tizen for an eventual dump of Android, so they won't make an offer either.....theory dismissed

V Hoang1 says:

Tizen will violate nokia's patents as well..you cant make smartphone without violating nokia's patents...since they pretty much invented the industry

Markp74 says:

These are junk complaints/concerns simply used to delay the purchase process, the longer it takes the further back it puts Microsofts plans.

neonspark says:

you mean google is telling them to complain for google hates the thought of a mobile OS choice.

Isn't this a clear example of 'kettle meet pot'?

The resistance this is getting, shows the potential of this deal, if they are really that scared. ;)

Tirinti says:

Microsoft should make a deal with them.

Microsoft won't buy Nokia and Korean Manufacturers will produce the same models with Android and with Windows Phone and make them avaliable on each market at the same time and spend equal amount of money na theier advertismen.

If they refuse they should shut up and keep on producing theyer spydroid crap.

Finally someone copied a Chinese idea.

Bull shit!! What if Nokia simply shut down hardware division and Microsoft wasn't involved all together. Would they then ask govt to buy out nokia losses just so they don't become an apparent patent troll.

rmichael75 says:

Exactly. This is what I was thinking too.. These guys are not atall logical.

kurotsuki says:

You got a point there. If Nokia decided to close their device divisions without selling it, what will they do?
But rationally, they (Nokia) definitely prefer to sell it rather than just close it if someone want to buy it.

arunsandeep says:

how is using other's patients different from using a pirated product?

When you use others patents you pay them for it.. Its not piracy.. By your logic, WalMart would biggest piracy company as they sell products made by others.

kurotsuki says:

What he mean was, how is using other's patents (without paying it, since if they did pay, he would use the term 'license other's patents') is different from using pirated product :)

CSJr1 says:

Over the past year I have developed a disdain for Google.  At first it was just a preference of liking WP better than Android, but it has grown to disdain.  If they are not pulling support, being unresonable, or using their customers they are intentionally impeding Microsoft.  They are the #1 smartphone OS and can buy Motorola with no fuss, yet if Microsoft tries to be competitive, Google puts up roadblocks.  I think I will start selling T-Shirts that say... "I have developed a disdain for Google.  Say no to Evil"

OMG55 says:

1 question, why didn't any of these haters bring this up months ago

Ron_2155 says:

If car manufacturers carried on like this we would still all be driving a model T Ford. They all need to get a life & stop acting like spoilt little brats!

Xaphoon148 says:

Wish that Nokia would price that patents so sky high that Sammy couldn't afford them and had to stick to their refrigerators...

kurotsuki says:

Unless the patents was not FRAND, they can't do that.

rmichael75 says:

Well. What i dont understand is, if these guys are worried about MS buying it and Nokia charges then more money, what is stopping Nokia from stopping devices production and just go after these guys. No body can stop Nokia if they want to make money of Patents. These guys need to be sued if the deal falls thru. Left right and center.

Miti 1982 says:

Having in mind it all started with Google and Samsung I cant but think that somehow Google is forcing its OEMs to go against this merge since they know sooner or later Windows is going to crush Android.

Wael Hasno says:

I would expect Microsoft to have more permanent control over Nokia with the acquisition. What happens after the 10 years? And Nokia will start making phones again in 2 years? Not good in my eyes.

hs k says:

Pffft. Who cares about Koreans anyway

The best there is, there was and there will be in the mobile business is NOKIA. If not for the devices for now but for their contribution to the mobile phone industry. That's why others are so scared of them. They own the patents.

Probably a proxy battle against Microsoft and Nokia.

kwokhou says:

They do have a point...

ZvjerOPC says:

Bing it on, Microsoft! :-)

willhsujr says:

It's so Korean! Why am I not surprise.

gazmatic says:


maybe now they would start innovating....

also.... FRAND

just license the patents.... because of FRAND microsoft cannot reject the patents

guess what... if you dont infringe you wont get sued...

they just want something for nothing...

open your wallets and pay before you decide to steal. karma will eventually catch up to you

right samsung

y2kern says:

Google buys android no problem
Google buys waze no problem
Google buys motorolla for patents no problem
Google buys bump no problem
Google Tries to buy what's app

Microsoft buys Nokia big problem. The Korean petition for the Nokia deal has no base. Google have been abusing the system for years now and no one seemed to care. Even getting serious anti thrust cases. But Microsoft Nokia deal is a problem?. The mistake Microsoft made was not to buy the entire Nokia division. As soon as the 10 year deal is up they may end up being google owned