Kurt Vile video shot entirely with Windows Phone [Updated]

Shooting an entire video on a Windows Phone always seems like an interesting challenge and we like seeing the results. For one, it demonstrates the phone/camera capability and number two, it makes us wonder how good can we make our videos.

Microsoft is evidently starting a "Me series" which is described as "a collection of short film essays exploring a day in the life of creative Windows Phone users." The first one, as seen above, is filmed by Todd Cole an "acclaimed fashion photographer" who was working on the video for Kurt Vile's song "Baby's Arms" using Windows Phone. From the video description: 

"Todd Cole, acclaimed fashion photographer and music video/commercial director, is known for his work with such diverse talents as Charlotte Gainsbourg and No Age to Rodarte and Commes Des Garcons. This video profile takes a look behind the scenes in his making of Kurt Vile's "Baby's Arms" music video. The video was shot exclusively using the Windows Phone camera in Cole's hometown of Los Angeles and explores the love story between a young couple living their everyday lives in East LA."

Okay, fair enough, he has some fancy editing software, professional lighting and a steady-cam setup in addition to his Windows Phone, but all else being equal, it's pretty cool. Plus the quality of the video,  when you steady the phone, is pretty top notch and gets you thinkin', no?

Update: Full video of 'Baby's Arms' after the break.

Source: YouTube (Windows Phone)



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Saljen says:

Why does it seem that Microsoft is so obsessed with the "hipster"? They base all their marketing campaigns around this tiny tiny portion of their market share. Just a little odd imho...

GreenGo#WP says:

Wait! How did he managed to get this top quality?I try, but (i guess) the Zune keeps getting my videos in low resolution from the DVP or something.I've already filmed some homemade performances, but when I watch on the PC they all looked awful but crisp on the phone.Am I doing it wrong?With Mango it has now 720p resolution option avaliable, I've not tried since the update.

firebrewd says:

They should keep using the Windows Phone logo in that way, not in the color, bloated way.

Irdial says:

Umm, don't want to be negative - but who is that ? If this is supposed to be a marketing campaign - it is very very very poor.

Yeah, new to me too, but actually his music isn't bad. Though I've only sampled, reminds me a bit of Nick Drake.

sleep says:

Oh man, I was planning on doing something like this with a similar concept. Guess I'll try come up with something else...

Rodney5 says:

Hi Daniel,Would you happen to know which windows phone was used? There's no way in the world this could have been done with an HD7.Thanks!

From what little is shown of the phone, my guess is a Samsung Focus.

Rodney5 says:

Thanks you.

Rodney5 says:

I meant, thank you.

SeNiLe911 says:

Anyone know where to pick up the SteadiCam hoop setup they were using?

Jai#WP says:

I didn't hear they mention that the samsung focus recorded audio sucks! the image is just 'ok' but the audio it records is so low quality!

kalass says:

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