Last day to catch Twabbit for $.99

Twabbit for Windows Phone

Twabbit for Windows Phone is a Twitter client that is nicely laid out, has plenty of features and overall is a really nice Windows Phone app.

Twabbit's main pages cover your Twitter home page with all your tweets, interactions with other tweets and your direct message inbox. Other key features include:

  • Persistently present tweet button that enables you to compose tweets from anywhere in the app
  • Quick reply bar, Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Ability to mute users, hastags and apps
  • Support for Twitter, TwitPic and yFrog photo upload services
  • Live Tile Support

Tweets load fast and there are a ton of settings to let you customize Twabbit to suit your needs and tastes. There's even gesture settings for customizable single and multi-touches.

Twabbit Screens

There is a free trail available for Twabbit and the full version is currently running $.99. Today's the last day to pick Twabbit up for $.99 and then the price jumps to $1.49. If you're looking for a nice Twitter client for your Windows Phone, Twabbit is worth checking out.

You can find Twabbit here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Twabbit



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Ton77 says:

Where in the world is the major carbon update and what happen to it?? (off-topic)

erwt says:

+1. This app looks interesting though.

Ton77 says:

I can't give up Carbon cause I love the images and the timeline so much

mmoses1978 says:

What does "ftw" mean?

KustomAU says:

For The Win or F**k The World

Snow says:

Love this app :) esp the setting to vibrate after a successful action. Though it still needs inline images like carbon.

timwp12 says:

Twitter is so boring. Why use twitter has been hacked many times. Just do email or instant text message.

jkercado says:

Sir, you definitely don't get Twitter.

_Haitian says:

Mehdoh all the way

phatboy66 says:

I'm already good with Rowi but this looks nice!

Tried mehdoh, carbon, rowi, peregrine, motweets, tweet it, birdsong, seesmic and even twabbit - definitely wasn't impressed with twabbit - now using Gleek! Yay! My backup for when I go over 140 characters is Tweetcastor - only because it uses Twitlonger!