Last.fm for Windows Phone finally goes to Mango

Good new everyone! Last.fm, everyone's favorite radio scrobble service has finally gone to Mango with version 3.x. You can now minimize this bad boy in the background and enjoy your radio with multitasking Mango goodness. In addition, you can pin your favorite radio stations to the Start screen for easy and quick access.

We've only played with it for a little bit but darn it all, it's a nice app--fast, smooth and great work on the integrating "Sharing" option. And considering this service is built into the Xbox 360 (for Gold Members), this a great extension to your phone. Grab the free app here in the Marketplace.

Thanks, Lerimer S., for the heads up!



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Major Crash says:

Finally. One of the apps that most needed a Mango update.

jake69 says:

Yep, been waiting for it. Alot of my apps been updated the last 2 days.

cckgz4 says:

So how do you scrobble your Zune listens?

nizzon says:

Exactly?Totally useless for me if thats not working.And this app is not available in the Swedish Marketplace. :(

zombiefly says:

you don't.... it doesn't scrobble?! If windows phone is to compete, you'd at least expect a similar level of functionality to other phones, but no. no scrobbling. wtf?

Mouthsmasher says:

Still waiting for a Pandora app...

Pete C says:

I get the feeling we will never see that on WP7.

ampjake22 says:

MetroRadio is Pandora just renamed. It's a nice app but there are somethings I'd change

kim thran says:

WHY THIS APP IS NOT AVAILABLE IN FRANCE ??? This is insane.The LastFm service is available in France on a regular basis and I am a French subscriber. So why the app can't be available in France ?!Even 8tracks that let you stream music is available worldwide. So don't tell it's a copyright problem.

dwbmb says:

Still not available in Czech. Ridiculous

nizzon says:

Not available in Sweden either.If its not showing up soon this is a joke indeed.

kim thran says:

Microsoft isn't just doing any efforts. That's all. And later they will compalin that WP7 isn't popular. This is becoming ridiculous.All they can do is US centric apps.

MadWork says:

"Good new everyone!" mmmh maybe "Good new US!", seems it's not available everywhere.Tipical....

theman60099 says:

the region complaints and remarks are unnecessary. it'll make it there too.

rfso says:

How do you know?

BCH says:

This app kicks **** with the Mango update.

Leapo says:

Update appears to have broken the app... now it just sits at the "Loading..." screen forever.

Pete C says:

You can't pause from the pop-up media controls when you exit the app. You have to go back into the app to stop the music from playing! This is a major bug.

steveymacjr says:

Before you all go blaming Microsoft that the app is not in the Marketplace in your repective countries, you might want to check the last.fm website...according to it mobile apps are only available in the USA, Uk and Germany:http://www.last.fm/hardware/I'm sure it comes down to music licensing...Here is an FAQ that explains it: http://www.last.fm/help/faq?category=104#508

I wish I understood how Last.fm worked. Oh well, I have my app for slacker, which I moved to after Pandora went all anti-Windows phone.P.S. - The "likes" on this article don't seem to be working.

MadWork says:

Actually I don't care about the radio. I need a scrobbler, the only thing I miss from Android... maybe I have to ask elsewhere.