Latest Skype for Xbox One update adds Snap support for video calls


If you've been hankering to snap Skype calls to the side while playing or watching something else like the console launch videos teased you with, you're in luck. A recent update to Skype for Xbox One now lets you do just that, so you can rack up some kills in Titanfall while taking a call from mom.

This feature is a long time coming, so it's no doubt a welcome sight for many. Snap is a great feature and the more top-tier apps we can see incorporate it, the better. Do you think you'll end up snapping Skype calls regularly on your Xbox One?

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alijahg34 says:

Thanks to the naysayers

kenzibit says:

Still waiting for the major overhaul to Skype app on WP8.1

Been waiting for this and as always, seems faster too!

wiederman says:

My best friend and I who now due to work live far away from another have been looking forward to this one.... Gaming while actually interacting

simphf says:

Was about to say it.

Why Not says:

When for 8.1?

Planblover08 says:

I have an xbox one. Never tried Skype on it but I though this function was always there. It was shown in nearly all the commercials since launch.

Achike Da says:

FINALLY! I can game against a friend and watch the reaction of his defeat live!! :-)

Yeah a reveal feature thats finally true, next patch will make the voice function work more than when you are alone

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zikifer says:

"so you can rack up some kills in Titanfall while taking a call from mom"

I don't play Titanfall, and my mom doesn't use Skype, so...  *heh*

wtf808 says:

Awww boo hoo. C'mon man.

VividHD says:

Well you can always call her cellphone.

The thing is for most its a useless feature since as a majority most of those dudes can just shout up from the basement. Command center* sorry

Reflexx says:

Are you under the impression that saying stuff like this will fool people into thinking you have friends?

You caught me. It was just a jab at the 'skype your mom' line in the article. Its not like your comment had any better intention.

While true, your first comment made you come off as a condescending prick. Either you're one of those guys you mention or you don't play videogames. Regardless, you are in no position to make a statement like that without any backlash.

Reflexx says:

Will this work for party chat? Is party chat supported on the Xbox yet? I haven't tried.

peachy001 says:

Party chat is supports, but patchy. At least in my experience. Static and audio drop outs all the time.

pr0phecy says:

Thanks for the heads up Simon, was waiting for this!

FearL0rd says:

When are they going to add Video Conference in the Windows 8 metro skype? :(

I swear this was advertised as a launch feature