Lazada, the Amazon of Southeast Asia releases an official app for Windows Phone


Lazada (lazada.com), the most popular online shopping mall in Southeast Asia, has recently released their official app for Windows Phone. Customers can browse through various categories from electronics, fashion, cameras, tablets, mobile accessories to home appliances and health and beauty. The Android and iOS apps launched earlier this June. The Windows Phone version followed soon after.


  • Weekly Wednesday's Sale
  • Category & Specific Brand Search
  • Discounted Offers & On-Sale Items Filter
  • Detailed Product Images & Specs
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
  • Cash on Delivery Payment Option
  • Mobile Payment


When you first open the Lazada app, it asks you to select a country: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Lazada also has a presence in China and Singapore, but those markets are not available in this app.

The main page lists all the categories if you feel like browsing, but you can use the search button at the bottom if you have something specific in mind. Discounts in percentage are shown with the products, so customers know how much they are saving. The item page lets you add the product to the cart, wish list, or even share via email, Twitter, Facebook, and other apps.


You probably wouldn't want to buy products without checking the reviews first. Lazada provides that. Products with reviews show ratings up to 5 stars and comments from reviewers. You'll need to log in if you want to provide your own review. Logging in also lets you confirm and track the status of orders.


Lazada is Southeast Asia's fastest growing online department store. With investments from Tesco, J.P. Morgan, Verlinvest, Investment AB Kinnevik and Rocket Internet, they have approximately 2,000 employees across their operations.

The official Lazada app is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Do you shop from their website? Will you be buying more stuff now that the Windows Phone version is available? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tips, Gerson N. and Jason B.!

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Whoa loads of new official apps. This could be the year of Windows Phone

Judge_Daniel says:

The next hurdle for Windows Phone will be app maintenance. Many official apps come to Windows Phone and release one or two updates but then are never touched again.

aXross says:

It must be the year of Windows Phone. It's time!
I hope all those app would be still getting update on-par on other platform

Yugiro says:

I have tried purchasing from them. Though there was a day delayed in the delivery, the COD payment option is very helpful.

Mark Guim says:

COD option is interesting. I have never used that before.

irsyadhhs says:

COD is sooo helpful. For those who scary online shopping... I always use cod option.

Good news keeps a comin'.

ebin5 says:

Past one or two months are big milestones for WP as it has attracted many official apps and with wp8.1 people can finally make the switch.

Yes, I use their service a lot recently and I'm glad they made an app for windows phone. Will definitely encourage me to shop more since it's much easier now.

traceamar says:

This push of official apps is very exciting.... Microsoft now please get some official Canadian apps too.... Pleeeeeeeease

nufcfanatic says:

I bought my lumia from them. And I think it is the only one with COD option where you can pay as item arrives. The app itself is lightweight and well designed

Almondz10 says:

I have atleast 5 transactions with them. And oh, yeah, the COD option was really awesome when you have lots of cash at home. But anyway prepaid and debit visa and mastercard cards are a lot useful nowadays. You can finalized your order in few clicks and dont have to query for so long (via their web site).

kittananj says:

I never used the Lazada service (you know I'm Thai). But I'll try it if I have something to buy.

TechFreak1 says:

Hopefully this is the official app summer for windows phone!. Dare I say it, we may be on the verge of reaching critical mass if the parade of official apps keeps going through out the year.

Faklur says:

It was released a month ago in Indonesia

rain620 says:

I was just looking into creating an account in this site, then this! Great!

aXross says:

Yey! More official apps! :D

RaulfBNP says:

I bought a lot from them with COD option and BCA bank transfer if item value pass limit of COD terms. Packed well and have good discount rate. (Indonesia)

romanion says:

No option for Singapore even though we have Lazada SG

wow, more official apps..

nilsderbaer says:

Can anyone give me the minute in the video, when Chris teases this?