Leaked Lumia 930 picture shows a bunch of color options

Lumia 930

Microsoft is set to unveil not only Windows Phone 8.1 today, but also some other goodies for watchful eyes. Nokia will also be making headlines with new hardware announcements, including the Lumia 930. Now Twitter leakster Evleaks has published a render of the unannounced Windows Phone in all its colourful glory.

As one can see from the render, the Lumia 930 (aka. ‘Martini’) looks identical to the Lumia Icon available on Verizon in the US. This is essentially an international version for those who wish to use the Icon in their region. We’ll hopefully have more details later today when Nokia holds its media briefing.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)



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ak_r7 says:

Damn...that's a sexy looking beast...
Nokia- take my money :D

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omer620 says:

seems faster
seems colorfull.

This thing better have Glance.

Cormango says:

My Lumia 920 is a great device but I want a bigger screen. The 930 is my logical choice. But I won't buy it if it doesn't have glance...

Sobr0801 says:

Why wouldn't it have glance? I want the bigger screen as well.

Curtieson says:

Why wouldn't the Icon have Glance?  Who knows...but it doesn't...

DalekSnare says:

Same here, I'd love all the newer specs...but none of them hold a candle to Glance.

lubbalots says:

Once Nokia takes your money, you'll have to post via wpc app. You sure you wanna do that?

rodneyej says:

Good catch❕

Nokia hasn't figured out that their bezels r way too big! A larger screen is only good if the bezels were small because our thumbs won't have to reach so far. This is not such a nice looking phone 925 is wayyyy nicer.this phone has a lame design not a unique revolutionary design both the 920 & 925 had

ArthJar says:

Stop with the bezel thing already, they are necessary.

PoohGQ says:

Yup! I competely agree. The design is uninspired. I prefer the 925 and 920 ( I miss that black strip on the back that gave Nokias a distinctive look).

The design is nice, but even i wish it had a black strip, sort of differentiating from the crowd.

rodneyej says:

Although I think the Icon has a great look, you really have to see this device in person,, I do miss the longitudinal strip of past Lumia devices... I really wish they would've put it on the 1520..

MrSimmix says:

Totally agree with the black strip thing. It might have smudged easily but it looks sooo nice.

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NXH says:

I agree with the black strip. I love that on my 920. btw, I think the choice of Orange and Green and hideous on this phone and make it look very childish. Where is the Cyan?

saulgould13 says:

Were all just tall children ;)

hal Turnage says:

Exactly! Where is the damn CYAN?

Sobr0801 says:

I do wish I had less bezel on my 925, but I'll deal with it for the awesomeness on the 930. Hurry up Nov here I come O_O

stephking92 says:

Have you never realized that the side bezel on the icon is about the same size as the iphone's bezel and smaller than last years HTC One? How can you call that big?

duk3togo says:

I want that orange one lol

Zomby Jeezus says:

Me too! Looks great

Smaller bezels too... amazing !

I hope this has expandable memory

I really hope a variant comes along with microSD card support...

J Ice70 says:

Looks good to me. Can't wait for the specs

lubbalots says:

Want new specs, might have to wait longer.

DJCBS says:

Or maybe not ;)

lubbalots says:

Haven't seen any WP top the 1520 yet but we'll see what happens today. I'm guessing no 1020 or 1520 successor with actual new specs and tech till November.

J Ice70 says:

You're right, I may have to wait till 5:00pm for nokia to announce what the internals are. would that be the 'wait longer' you were refferring to?

lubbalots says:

I don't expect the 930 to be any different from the icon.

bigbmc26 says:

I really hope it's as sleak as my 925, the Icon is too thick for me.

That's what she said.....lol sorry had to

lubbalots says:

Ever thought, "that's what he said?"

khansabil says:

That's what she said! Lmaoo

Rishicash says:

No red? No cyan? Orange and lime green instead? Really??

jlzimmerman says:

My thoughts also.

borasar says:

yeah lack of cyan is disappointing, not that it would ever come to Canada in that color

MikadoWu says:

My Daughter has the Yellow,  it is so darn pretty.

You're assuming this is all of them.

And also assuming that people don't make third-party covers. Which they will. And lots of them.

Robholden says:

but there is green!! green is awesome!!!

link1873 says:

excited for orange =D

kinpin2131 says:

Indian and Irish poeple should be happy haha .. /s 

shaan sarode says:

This is not racist? He is referring to their flags' colors..... you twat

Rishicash says:

Sensitive much? Not the least bit racist.

Someone was craving sherbet when they came up with those colors...

lubbalots says:

Orange my fav color. Too bad 1520 lacks.

suniltamboli says:

Yeah Cyan should have been there,also i would love red if it came with a matte finishing.

PoohGQ says:

I always thought Cyan was a big hit but Nokia seems to have abandoned it all together on all high end models.. such a disappointment.

Sharpmango says:

Im really hoping for red!

rodneyej says:

It's just one press shot... Let's be patient.

simphf says:

Orange is boss!

Nice device. I'm surprised it isn't a bit thinner like the 925.

DJCBS says:

It includes built in wireless charging while the 925 needs an extra cover.

I rather have thicker phones with built in functionalities than to be forced to use covers or have camera humps ;)

kinpin2131 says:

As the HTC 8x proved ( also 1520), wireless charging barely adds to the thickness of a device , it's just a think coil.

The wireless charging strip is as thin as a piece of paper. It adds no bulk, so i think the width is purely a design decision. I think the icon is a nice looking device and people that wanted Nokia to release a single device on all carriers are apparently getting their wish. They won't all be named the same, but it appears they will all look the same.

DJCBS says:

The tech is thin, yes. But Nokia tends to take protection into consideration. Adding wireless charging on a smaller frame means using space that was used for other things. Yes it is a design choice, but building in the tech comes into play too.
Also, no camera humps.

There's a video that shows how to pull the coil out of the charging cover and add it to the inside of the Lumia 925.  It looks easy enough (for a technician ) but it proves that Nokia could have added it to the existing case.

Viipottaja says:

I don't think it necessarily proves anything. For example, does the coil heat up and if so, does it require an insulating layer if done properly for longevity?

rodneyej says:

Agreeeeeeeeeee❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕... We're mostly men here.. A few extra mm isn't going to hold us down... We can handle it❕

I think I'm now fine waiting for the Lumia 1020 successor. I was expecting the 930 to bring some unique camera inovation again like the 920. If the 930 is indeed an international version of the Icon and it's 20 MP camera, then I'm cool with my 1020 and WP 8.1 for a few more months. Something about this seems a bit strange though. Nokia keynotes for premium devices usually feature some new surprises, especially in the imaging department. It will be interesting to learn if this is the only high end device they show today.

DJCBS says:

You'll be waiting quite a while for a successor to the 1020.
That said, the 930 may be an international version of the 929 but it's NOT the 929. You'll see some differences.

indieimprint says:

I'm with you. I was hoping for a 1020 or 1520 successor. Since I have both, no point in me getting the 930.

omer620 says:

seems faster...

jlynnm350z says:

I love this. I will always think this is dying because I like simple jokes. Besides I think I might have started this because I went on a rang about how I hate seeing that posted after every little update windows OS gets or something. So it's kind of my baby if you will. Seems faster..........

sban85 says:

OOooohh that green and orange, me like

RodimusMajor says:

here's hoping it comes to ATT in time for my December upgrade...

mixxxk says:

And without the wireless capabilities ripped out...

and with Qi and not that other unmentionable ATT backed garbage

lubbalots says:

By that time, they'll have the 1020 replacement.

JohnStrk says:

Sorry but I really don't care for this thick and boxy (Icon) design. Was really hoping for a future flagship or 920/1020 sucessor using the 925 design and body. Best Nokia design IMO.

robbz94 says:

I 100% completely agree with this

oddom says:

Nooooooo! Hold the icon and you will see its amazing :D

bigbmc26 says:

I have and I still like my 925 better. It's hard to go back to a thicker deivce after the 925.

MikadoWu says:

IMO.... I hate the 925 Design, give me the 920 anyday.

Only thing on the 920 I would change is the little holes on the top that effect the Mic.  Have to clean them out way to much.


borasar says:

they all need smaller bezels

Kram Sacul says:

Agreed.  This is basically a bland slab.  Disappointing.

Forc3 says:

Yup me 2. Disappointed.

Meredith43 says:

Absolutely agree 100%. What a letdown in the design department. Yes, I have held the Icon. The Icon has the right screen size, and totally boring design. I was really hoping Nokia would stay true to the Lumia colors and design instead of fading into straight edged and boring like all the Verizon versions so far. Total disservice to the 920 if this is indeed the successor.

And no yellow? WTF?

Rishicash says:

...and no cyan...and maybe no red! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

wayn1ak says:

Hopefully it'll come with Glance support?

Was hoping for an international version of the Icon. Probably my next phone unless Nokia doesn't come up with something more exciting this summer!

Brocco says:

Mmmmmm, ORANGE!!!! Me Want!

Rockartisten says:

Orange or green, orange or green..? Fucking love it:)

Corvodin says:

Looks like the Icon . I love it. 

afgzee says:

I'm disappointed. Was really looking forward to this phone, i thought it may be a bit more sleek like the 925, if its like the icon, thick and square i think its a deal breaker, what a shame. I think they are starting to forget the international markets preferences. Hopefully it will have some differences being thinner and lighter, i hope.

Dexterrino says:

the design pretty much looks high-end to me. especially the black. i like it

bigbmc26 says:

I wouldn't say the international market preferences, The Icon had VZW written all over it, literally and figuratively. The 1520, 925, 920, all beautiful devices that sold here in the states. AT&T and T-Mobile both use pick up the same variants as the rest of the GSM world for the most part. (AT&T changes their versions a little) VZW is just a gigantic bully that wants to be involved in design.

I'm with you, I was looking for an upgrade to my 925, hoping the 930 was at least as thin and sleek. I've held the 929 and I just don't like it, too bulky for my tastes. Maybe, the'll be a Lumia later this year with the sleekness of the 925. I'll upgrade then.

Want!  But I still love, love my 920 dammit!  

mab664 says:

Waiting for a TRUE 920 / 925 design

Meredith43 says:

Agreed---I hope this is not the real design that succeeds the 920.

samcode7 says:

I hope they have yellow

Bibbleq says:

Just as long as it has Qi built in and not via a crappy case attachment...

DenniSundaY says:

I am so going to buy this! Have to save some salary coming months but it's worth it. Anyone knows when it is going to be released?

DJCBS says:

I would point towards around May/June depending on the countries.

Shiba_Ranjan says:

Rich is rocking today.. 1 article after another..

Lipe13 says:

I hope it has Glance Support!! Omg looks so good, can't wait to know more about it!

nasellok says:

Dammit - I have the Icon in white.......FU Verizon for not giving me the Orange option

TheJoester09 says:

I know, right? I have the black, but I want the green!

felickz says:

Wonder how replaceable that back cover id

MacDaMachine says:

Damn it I was hoping no capacitive and strickly on screen buttons.

FeedTheShark says:

Yup, could shave some height off the phone doing that. Plus as others have said the Icon is a bit chunky, need something more like the 925 (or 720 which is my fave Lumia design wise).

Dexterrino says:

nope it wont shave some height. thickness,yes.

a bottom bezel is required on every phone. the capacitive buttons just masks it. i like a fixed button on it rather than a plain black strip.

Shad0wguy says:

Aw man, I need that orange one!

Warbler says:

So perfect I need one NOW

thequackin says:

When will Nokia ever have a blue model.

plur44 says:

Will it be 4.5" or 5"? I hope it's 4.5"

JABeugre says:

Sorry It's 5" same as the Nokia Lumia Icon (Verizon)

Its not 930, because there is 4 side buttons. There is a camera key. Which is not coming in wp8.1 supported devices.

This isn't true... You're misinformed.

Did u seen 630? If not then u should watch! Actually this is icon in different colours.

JABeugre says:

No he's right you're misinformed and confusing a new option for OEMs as a requirement. Microsoft allowed devices without camera key and capacitive bouttons to lower the price for mid and entry WP models :)

Dexterrino says:

you are still misinformed. WP8.1 has the OPTION for not having a camera button.

reasons for low-end devices getting less cheaper due to less hardware design.

930 has a camera button.a must have. why? it has a high-end 20mp shooter.

where 630 will have an average 5mp (assuming) quality shooter.

DJCBS says:

You are incorrect. Physical buttons are no longer a requirement for WP devices BUT it doesn't mean OEMs can't use them.

Also, the dedicated camera button will still be present on all the PureView devices. It's only cut along with the others on cheap devices like the 630 and 530, to reduce the production costs and therefore the phone cost.

DJCBS says:

You're welcome.

PepsimanLeh says:

Cool! I thought camera button would disappear :(

Missing the old Lumia designs :(

DJCBS says:

That's because Ahtisaari, who designed those, announced his resignation from Nokia the day after the announcement of the deal with MS, and left in November.

borasar says:

Ahtisaari, not Atasari

DJCBS says:

I've corrected it before you posted. Too slow! Lol

(Also, given my disastrous mind for names, it's good enough I came up with something similar. Being me, I could have called him Gregory or Julius or something completely off lol)

borasar says:

not sure what you've corrected, still shows Atasari for me, tough name to spell though I agree.

DJCBS says:

You probably have to refresh? I'm on the WPCentral App and it corrects instantaneously.

borasar says:

refreshed multiple times, no change, i'm on a desktop browser, looks like the edits are lagging, this happens with WPC once in a while when there is a lot of traffic.

DJCBS says:

I've now checked in the browser and I see it didn't updated...I don't know. Then again, for some reason, the editing tools on browser disappear after a while for some weird reason. (Well, and on Chrome I always get an error when trying to comment so it seems the web version is all messed up).

borasar says:

i'm gonna chalks this one up as your fault DJCBS. Thanks for breaking WPC ;P

I know. Just saying this design isn't even on par with how unique the older lumias. Literally just different sizes of Lumia 520

aitt says:

Omg that orange!

Nokia Boy says:

i think it's actually an international version of 929

magnus4ever says:

YES,YES,YES, my next Phone !

kinpin2131 says:

Thick ugly phone , ugly colors , why not just make a smaller Lumia 1520 or scaled up 925 ? who are they targeing with these ugly colors orange and green? Ireland and India ? Only thing they got right was the 5inch.

DJCBS says:

Because both the 925 and the 1520 are ugly phones :P (see? Taste is subjective)
Also, the colours are picked according to sales. Apparently these two sold well in the 620 and Asha line, therefore...

kinpin2131 says:

According to most reviews 925 is the best looking Lumia ... I don't recall a single review calling this thick device nice looking. How many flagship phones are thick as this device? 


Do you have a source about claim about the colors? 

DJCBS says:

Reviews are opinions. Opinions are worth little because they're personal. I, for example, hate the designs of the 925/1520. And I think the designs of the 929/930 are nicer and classier. For adults. And I've seen reviews saying the same. So it's always a matter of taste.

As for the colours, my source is Nokia and logic. When I asked a friend at Nokia about the colour picking and availability (because here, for example, we only tend to get black and white) I was told that. Depends on what sells the most.

kinpin2131 says:

1. Sure they're based on opinion but there is also something called popular opinion  You're about the first person to call Lumia 925 ugly . 


2. So where is the Nokia source you're talking of?  Lumia 520 sells better than the 630, if what you're saying is true , they should have rather gone with the Lumia 520 colors which doesn't include green or orange. 

DJCBS says:

1. You only read what you want to read. But I can tell you, you'll find more people in this thread with my opinion.

2. I'm only conveying what I was told. As you might imagine, I won't blabber out the names of my friends at Nokia because I don't want anyone to have problems at work just because I went on to satisfy the curiosity of some guy/girl on the internet ;)

bigbmc26 says:

+1000 I've never seen or heard another soul call the 925 ugly! It's a pretty well know fact that the majority liked the way it was designed.

Kram Sacul says:

You're on crack if you think the 925 and 1520 are ugly devices.  They have style. The Verizon Icon which is basically what the 930 appears to be does not.  It's as basic and uninspired as you can get.

DJCBS says:

In YOUR opinion. To quote a famous comedian over here: "Opinions are like vaginas. Every one has theirs and those who want to give it, give it".
I find the 925/1520 designs ugly, childish and uncomfortable because of the humps of the cameras. I find the design of the 929/930 classy and adult, aimed at people who don't want flash-y phones. It's bad enough they offer them in colours. If I was in charge of that department, I'd release it in black, white and silver. And that's it.

steve_w_7 says:

I find the 929/930 designs ugly, childish and uncomfortable because they don't have camera humps.  I find the design of the 925/1520 classy and adult, aimed at people who don't want flashy-y phones.

See how easy that is?

DJCBS says:

Precicely because IT'S AN OPINION. Everyone has their own.

Dexterrino says:

yes. problem? they are nokia. they dont reuse designs like iphones. they  deform it a little (n9-800-900-920) .

you can always go black and white- the common colors.

kinpin2131 says:

Not sure if you're being sarcastic , but Lumia have reused the n9 design quite a lot times. 800, 900, 920,1020 are all based on the n9 design. 

Tempest790 says:

Yellow is like the signature color!  What gives?

I wanted to move beyond black, but I don't think orange or green are my cup of tea, unless AT&T has something else up their sleeve.

ramyZgHR says:

This one will replace my 925 when it comes to market! Can't wait!!!!

LucasLumia says:

It's exactly an Icon! The good thing is that I might not have to update my 1520 after all. At least it packs some colors.

Zen8 says:

Am I the only one that is not excited for this device?I'm a bit disappointed from this device It is a smartphone 1 year old (If it's just like the icon).I was actualy hoping for something like 920,I mean Innovative with a lot of things "new" a fresh device you know,hope you get what I mean.Anyway hope to be wrong maybe I'll like it when it comes out!
Oh really excited for 8.1 :)

chezm says:

Slick looking phone, may draw me back to WP from iPhone.

DalekSnare says:

I use a Lumia, but I think the 5s is one of the slickest looking phones out there, more so than this one.

Kram Sacul says:

Doesn't even look like the 900 or 920. I really hope this isn't the 930 because if it is it's beyond disappointing. No Nokia smile?  No cyan or yellow?  Just boring.

DJCBS says:

The problem with the design is that the designer of the 900/920 left Nokia already. The 929/930 was already design by another person.

Kram Sacul says:

They could've at least come up with something along the same lines ala 1020.  I would've even been okay with something like the 925 or 1520. This is... just sad and dull.

hasasimo says:

Could not agree more :(. Not sure what they were thinking. They really need Marko Ahtisaari back. 

DJCBS says:

Well, put yourself in the skin of the designer. Would you like to be forced to work on something restricted by the design choices of another designer?

hasasimo says:

Well most of the design team remained in-tact, Marko was just the lead designer. 

DJCBS says:

Which means he made the main design and then the team worked on the optimization of that design to accommodate the internals. ;)

Keeping a similar design is one thing. Making the design good is another. It does not necessarily have to look like the old Lumia, we're just asking for a good design.. This 520 look is starting to look like a lazy effort

benners76 says:

Ooh... I want a green one. Damn you Verizon for only taking black and white! =/

gar216 says:

Its obviously faster than my Icon

hasasimo says:

Quite disappointed, personally. Really didn't want that ugly, blocky, Verizon-esque design. The only cool thing about it is the colors. Also looks like it's just a 5" display. I felt like the 1520 was too big, but it looks like I'll be going that route instead. I'll wait for the details at the pressure, but meh :-/

hyperthermia says:

If this is 930 it would be a disappointment. Its nothing but a colored icon, is there even any hardware difference? No wonder why there was no leaked photos prior to this because its the same icon. Nothing wrong with icon, just wished for a new/better design.

rodneyej says:


uberlaff says:

Not impressed with the design. I'll hold on to my 920 for now. (and seriously, no red, yellow, or cyan?!)

pookiewood says:

DAMN YOU EVLEAKS!!!!!  I came here to get a link for the /build Conference!!  Needs a Spoiler alert!!  :__(  I didn't want to see it until Nokia to announced it. WAHHHHH!!!!!  :(



crise says:

I doubt this is the 930. Looks like a boring icon. I expect more from a 930!!

voludar says:

Yes! I will be all over that 930(icon) when it comes out! Finally a 5" Lumia for the rest of the world!

booog89 says:

Is that the actual 930??? My 920 successor???? Is that aluminum at the sides???? Orange and green????? Greeen??????? Woooooooaaaaaaaahhh!!!! Damn!!!! I want!!!!!! Omg!!!!! Hhehehehee :D

James8561 says:

OMG i'm SO getting the GREEN one!

RoscoeRoss says:

Not impressed by that design. Not that it's not good, just really unimaginative.

oddom says:

I love the icons industrial feel and with the color options also I would say this is a knockout phone. The specs are going to be beast like the icon also so I would recommend this phone to anyone

Winnabe says:

Very disappointing , to say the least, that they could not get a more stylish design for their new flagship. Also no cyan? That gets like the biggest 'huh' from me!

pookiewood says:

Yeah I'd rather Cyan like my 920 or at least red.  While the design I do like the colors I don't.  I'm not that fond of orange or green.  

Aleksi says:

One in Orange, Please !

Lenin17301 says:

Damn that Orange 930 looks nice, I might start thinking about selling my 1520 to get that phone, or just buy the 930 and keep the 1520 :)

Miesjh says:

This will be my next Phone. Whoop!

Sahil Kutty says:

So the Lumia 929 is the Lumia 930?
+1 i guess :P

Here's to AT&T announcing that they'll have the exclusive cyan color option... If these colors are real, that'd be the only hope for cyan.

frugo says:

GREAT! Proper successor to my old 920! Getting this one for sure and C'MON it's nearly the same design as old 920 just a little bit boxier but then again the single best selling flagship iPhone 5 is boxy too! Cannot wait tough I guess Green and Orange will come couple of weeks after white and black as usual, hell I'll wait, finally worthy upgrade!

tbonenga says:

Personally I don't want a BOAT ANCHOR for a phone. I could care less about a slower charging method. Actually they should put the port that's on the Note 3 that doubles the charging speed. Still I'd take it in a minute on T-Mobile over my Note 3. Damn Nokia and their exclusive B.S. It forces some people to Android.

LumiaWorld says:

Quite disappointed with this one. It's just a colored Icon. I miss the polycarbonate Lumias.

aerosidinc says:

no love for cyan. again.

DJCBS says:

I'm going for the black version, as usual. Though, since Microsoft didn't added a wider accent colour palette to 8.1, I'll still have to wait for Deutsche Telekom to have the phone so I can get the dark grey accent colour in it.

ICONic.. Loving it..!!

aerosidinc says:

it would have been great if it was based on 920 design language.