Lego Hero Factory - Brain Attack available on Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack

LEGO video games have provided countless hours of light-hearted gameplay, yet we're seeing more releases come to light with different themes and genres. Now Lego Hero Factory - Brain Attack is available on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone (as well as other competitor platforms). The Windows Phone version has been on the store for a while, but it's good to see the desktop also being supported.

So what's the background behind the LEGO Hero Factory game? You (children, folks) are tasked with defending Makuhero City from the waves of brains attacking the Hero Factory. With the ability to customise your hero with numerous weapons and armour, as well as earn points to upgrade firepower and defences, the game takes on an interesting twist of action and strategy.

Lego Hero Factory

The latest, all-action game features attractive 3D graphics. Tackling the evil brains, you're taken into the realm with immersive music and visual effects. Developed by Amuzo Games (www.amuzo.com/games), both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions of Brain Attack sport the usual humour and features we've come to know and enjoy from both the developer and other LEGO titles available on multiple platforms.

The title isn't Xbox Live enabled, but there are an array of achievements to unlock as you progress through each level. Statistics are also displayed, which includes the number of medals collected, enemies defeated and more. Accompanying you on your journey is your trusty sidekick (you can choose from a selection), and when launching into a level you're greeted with a bird's eye view of the battlefield.

Controls are fairly simple and straight forward and the environment does indeed draw the player into the action. As this title is aimed at a younger audience, don't expect in-depth and challenging gameplay. Instead, think of this game as a real time killer.

Makuhero City requires a defender, will you answer the call?

You can download LEGO Hero Factory - Brain Attack from the Windows Phone ($0.99 - 111MB / Windows Phone 8 only) and Windows (free) Stores. QR code for the former can be found below.

QR: Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack



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Clodderes says:

Seems good. Will try this game

Sachinmeet says:

Is trial full(with ads) or just few levels ?

Rich Edmonds says:

Time limited trial :-)

Tried this on android before.. Not really smooth game play. Can't wait to try on WP ;D

cybermoose89 says:

Looks cool we also need a game called the room its on ios and android puzzle game brain teaser its 69p on my ipod def need it for wp8

IzaacJ says:

The trial time ran out during the initial loading. Useless trial. Using L920...

Rich Edmonds says:

Really? I managed to get started with the first level before the time ran out. It's only $0.99.

IzaacJ says:

Yeah, three times I've tried, and the time runs out during the loading screen. Weird. If it was an Xbox live title I'd buy it even if unable to try.

iggypop1970 says:

dont work in my Lumia 925...just text Loading...game never starts...

walter1832 says:

Developers, please allow the first level of play, not a timed trail.  This is crazy!

No achievements :-\ I don't blame the devs either.. Maybe one day Microsoft will fix certification.

ojo otter says:

When will this be available for 512mb RAM? We are a big audience and many kids have lumia 520's and that's what this game is aiming at i guess!! Hope it comes out soon..... :(

MikeSo says:

Doesn't allow install on Lumia 521 (and other 512MB devices, I'd assume). Weak. Seems stupid to exclude the majority of phones.

I don't get why the Windows 8 version is free, but not the Windows Phone version. That kind of sucks, but I guess I'll give the trial a go on my phone and install the full version on Windows 8 as well.