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Lenovo set to debut a Windows Phone 8.1 handset by end of 2014


In an interview with Mobile Geeks, President of Lenovo's Mobile Division, Lui Jun, has confirmed that the company will launch a Windows Phone 8.1 device before the end of 2014. Reports from earlier this year indicated a summer launch, so it is possible that Lenovo's plans were delayed by a few months.


While it's quoted, we still recommend you all take this lightly until we seem some further details.

Lenovo was announced as a Windows Phone hardware partner in February, along with eight other vendors. Although Jun hasn't provided any details regarding Lenovo's upcoming handset, earlier reports indicated a low- to mid-range device, with an alleged screen size in the vicinity of 4.5-5 inches.

There isn't a definite timeline as to when such a device would be unveiled, with Jun only stating that it would launch before the end of the year.

Source: Mobile Geeks



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lum5 says:

Whatever the time good for wp is :claps:

Nazir Taib says:

LOL. Yoda are you?

Good it is. Your speaking not good it is

aitt says:

End of 2014, vaporware till 2016, shipping 2017.

Tafsern says:

Yawn, you're not a comedian that's for sure.

aitt says:

Yawn and you never tried ordering the ThinkPad8. I'm not excited at all about a Lenovo phone. They don't even support their Android phones. They needed Motorola to help push in more countries cause their presence in the phones market and damn near non existent. Speak on what you know.

A895 says:

Oh you are terribly misinformed, at least research before you say stuff. Lenovo is one of the biggest tablet and smartphone manufacturers on the planet.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

aitt says:

No you are misinformed. 1. I never said anything about tablets. The ThinkPad 8 however was a complete flop 2. The only markets they see expanding numbers is in Asia. Granted I may be harsh in my wording. They are only as big as in Asia for smartphone. Tell me the last time you seen a Lenovo phone sold out of Asia. I put my money on a Asia once again will be the only ones to see these phones. Prove me wrong

Xellsama says:

To be a flop you gotta have a predecessor that did really well or have been hyped up way over the top and then not sell at all, TP8 is none of these. PC market is not Apple, where only one device is released and sell millions, PC market is when every player offers something good and people find what they need, not always in big numbers. Can you name a single laptop/desktop device back in the peak day of PCs that dominated over the rest? I don't think so either. TP8 is doing just fine.

In terms of market in Asia, if you didnt know, China alone has 4 times the population of US, same goes for India. If their phone is selling mediocre in those two countries it's already huge sales numberwise. Sorry to break it to you but many companies do just fine without the US market (Xiaomi, Samsung prior to S3, etc).

aitt says:

Fair enough. But who's talking about the US only. That never came out my mouth. And I'm sorry I don't agree with you about the TP8. This is one bad ass device that had the biggest blunder release. All you have to do is go in the forum and Daniel just to see a small aspect of that. I don't have much faith in a Lenovo WP. Of course I have nothing to go on other than my personal put experience with trying to buy the TP8.

xaeryan says:

Ships as a mid range phone with no distinguishing features. Ho-hum. Then manufacturer complains that WP isn't profitable for them and abandons ship.
Hopefully I'm wrong.

rodneyej says:

Sounds about right.

aitt says:

If they made a phone with the quality of the K900 and Actually saleable in the US supporting LTE I would strongly consider getting it. I always wanted the K900.

Keep them coming..
More the merrier :D

Tense says:

Exactly what I was going to say! :)

girishN says:

Looking beautiful

rodneyej says:

What looks beautiful?

Chris_Kez says:

I'd love to see Microsoft partner with Lenovo the way they did with Nokia to enable/encourage unique features and experiences across Lenovo phones, tablets and PCs, with a focus on corporate users.

HTEKServices says:

yeah, that's what I was thinking too, would really help to extend WP into the enterprise considering how many people buy the yogas and like to stick to one vendor if possible.  I have the Lumia Icon and we primarily buy Yogas now when we replace Latitudes, so it'd be nice if Lenovo could start making something decent to compete with MS/Nokia's efforts to make sure that new Lumias don't turn into iPhones/Galaxys, where there are only minor changes and nothing truly revolutionary anymore.

flygeani says:

Nice to see a Lenovo device, it should be awesome.

Micah Dawson says:

While I have no desire in low end devices and nothing non Lumia I am curious to see what they have In store if it happens.

I hope it wont be a lame android rehash like Samsung.

Hell, I'd get an ativ se just to fool people into thinking I have an s4

apocacrux says:

It'd work a little better if they ever released a brushed metal variant of the S4. But the shape and design is the same so it would fool those who don't know much about the phone.

Waiting to see what the first large screen Microsoft Phone is.

I was about to point out the 1520/1320 but you said Microsoft not Nokia

Yeah, my 920 is dying. Would go get a 1520, but I think it's rather wait to see what Microsoft's offerings bring.

aitt says:

Eh, I personally don't think MS will announce a MS phone till next year at earliest fall around the time the 920 and 1520 were announced and released.

jgfoley says:

I'm in the same boat, my 920's showing its age (or maybe I'm just getting itchy for a new phone).  I figure if I get a 1520 MS will announce a new phone that I'd want more.  I wish someone would announce something soon!

jayant_daga says:

Lenovo isn't a big brand in mobiles.. So nothing exciting..

Tense says:

They don't need to be, especially if this turns out to be a low-end or mid-range handset. And regardless, Lenovo is a pretty recognized brand in the world of laptops. So it's not like they're completely unknown to the masses. Any new OEMs are good, I say.

Just300 says:

We need first to see how the first Microsoft mobile will look like after the complete acquisition of Nokia. If MS to delay it, then there is no point to point delays of Lenovo's WP mobile by few months. Love to see mobile design follow the same design style of surface pro 3.Will look interesting.

You have to watch yourself, you'll get flamed around here if you incorrectly state that Microsoft bought Nokia. While technically correct it is annoying that people think they have to point it out every time.

lesd777 says:

5" to put yourself out of the norm. I'd highly consider it as my contract is up in December.

davidbeahero says:

Why do people continue to comment on a negative way. It does make you like like an idiot and only serves to try and make others respond as if there is something to respond to. How many terrible android and iPhones have there been. Heaps!!! Who cares, if you haven't got anything intelligent to say please don't say anything. I sure have had some issues with windows phones and now I have the Lumia 920. It still has a couple of frustrations but I just trialled the galaxy note and HTC one for two days each and I am back on the Lumia because it has proper subfolder support for multiple email exchange accounts which ios and android don't. Each platform has issues and the last four days proved it. Get off your fan boy horses and enjoy the great tech we are all having.

Really wait for that !

Their android phones still need a lot of work, selling like hotcakes in emerging markets at the moment but a few months down the line when hardware issues start to creep in consumers might sing a different tune. Hopefully by the time they get on board with WP their quality would've improved.

RaRa85 says:

Bring on the OEMs!

morete908 says:

Get a Sony Windows Phone 8.1 + and then we'll talk.  Imagine, having PlayStation Mobile and Xbox LIVE running on an Xperia quality Windows Phone handset.  What a wonderful world it would be.

aitt says:

Experia WPS...

lippidp says:

Bro, there is a huge world outside of video games. Tap in.

aitt says:

One could say the same about smartphones.

lippidp says:

On the contrary, smartphones can be used to tap in to so many different things!.

aitt says:

You missed the point

Depending on the specs this may be my next device

pookyjoralyn says:

What I wanna see is OEMs taking Windows Phone seriously, not like Huawei which does nothing.

TheAccuser says:

I would love to see a 5" Windows Phone from Lenovo that matches the build quality of my Yoga 2 Pro and my wife's ThinkPad Yoga.

mjfadaway says:

Where the expletive are all of the other phone announcements? It took two years for 8.1 to be announced, and when it finally was there were no phones to go with it. What kind of strategy is this?

guillams says:

Mine has it! Yours can have it too! So?

mjfadaway says:

I'm not talking about all of the old phones with developer preview on it. I'm asking where are all of the new phone announcements? Specifically in the US. How can you announce a new OS, but not have any new phones to go with it? I mean at least put the Icon/930 on every carrier other than Verizon. It's ridiculous. Can't expectmarketshare to grow with this strategy.  

lippidp says:

Yeah, I'm wondering that as well. The 630 slow trickle release is quite unexciting. I still have 1.5 years left on my contract so don't really care, but it is strange that WP 8.1 doesn't seem to have ever really "launched."

mjfadaway says:

Exactly my thoughts lippidp

Nazir Taib says:

The more the merrier. Bing it on

blessthejon says:

Awesome. Love Lenovo.

It's always good to have an alternative

Skie77 says:

The more the better. I want a Surface Phone though.

Wondering what a Windows Phone "Yoga" would look like...

Jazmac says:

Lets do it Lenovo. I also want HTC to come with it. If they drop something similar to the M8 it would be priceless.

DJCBS says:

I wonder if this phone will come under the Lenovo brand... Or if it will come under the Motorola brand. Because let's not forget Motorola is being sold to Lenovo and the Motorola brand styles much better in the US and Europe than the Lenovo brand.

SleepyTheDon says:

Moto WP 8.1 interesting

HRGApollo says:

Wow, just in time for WinPhone9...

Now all we need is Motorola and Asus and some other handset companies yo make a handset give WP a boost!