Lenovo is going live to discuss their ThinkPad YOGA – what are your questions?

ThinkPad Q&A

Tonight at 9 PM EST, Lenovo will be going live in a Google Hangout discussion to talk about their latest notebook hybrid Windows 8 machine, the ThinkPad YOGA. The best part? Your Microsoft News Editor, Michael Archambault from Windows Phone Central, will be onboard to ask Lenovo about some of the questions you may have. See the live stream after the break!

The ThinkPad YOGA is Lenovo’s move to bring the flexibility (no pun intended) and functionality of the YOGA series to their award winning business ThinkPad line. The new machines will be loaded with the latest generation Core i3, i5, and i7 processors and paired with Intel’s HD 4400 integrated graphics. In addition, the unit packs a few features to upstage its YOGA Pro 2 brother.

The keyboard on the unit becomes flush with the palm rest as the machine is flipped and the bezel raises up in what Lenovo calls its patented “Life-and-Lock” keyboard. The full HD 12.5 inch screen will also sport an optional digitizer pen for any artists and note takers out there.

Join Lenovo and myself, live at 9 PM and make sure to comment below with any questions you may have!



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Jazmac says:

1. How did this design come to be?

2. Why this design over more standard designs?

3. What is the expected battery life for this?

4. What kind of resolution will this Thinkpad have?

5 Will this have an optical drive or is that optional?




1 & 2- Answered in the video in detail.

3- Up to eight hours.

4- Either 1366 x 768 or Full HD (both options available).

5- No optical drive.

Jazmac says:

I'll check it out.  Thanks.

2. Because it's great!

kinaton says:

1) How can they justify the price. When rival established os based systems are half the price.

bahamut443 says:

Can you order one without Android or do you have to remove it from the HDD yourself?

kevin2577 says:

I think you're confusing the Thinkpad Yoga (Windows 8.1 hybrid) and the Yoga Tablet (Android tablet with kickstand)

aaa6112 says:

Have they fixed that yellow color reproduction issue (tons of complaints that it displays yellow as mustard) the Yoga Pro 2 suffered from, and how? Will this have the same Pentile display found on the Yoga Pro 2?

kevin2577 says:

I own the Yoga Pro 2, and a BIOS update improved the yellow issue significantly.

marcox92 says:

BIOS 76CN31WW is latest and does not improva anything; colors are still ugly

Hakizi says:

You have to update the BIOS, and then the Energy Manager program. My yellows are the same as my Apple Cinema Display now.

OMG55 says:

Significantly, but not permanently!

Lumia 8x says:

My biggest question, will this blend?

Jazmac says:

^^ That is the question!

link68759 says:

Sonuva... I just bought one of the previous yogas black friday

rjmt512 says:

Is there any chance we'll see a QHD+ version like on the ideapad in the future? Can 

From video: Not in this current line of ThinkPad YOGA - can't comment on future yet.

ruthietootie says:

A bit off topic perhaps, but why is the Lenovo Miix 2 (8") "hidden" on the US site?

Why is Lenovo taking so long to bring new w8.1 Baytrail tablets to market? Very meager offerings from Lenovo and the industry in general. it's quite disappointing.

jlynnm350z says:

Why what where and when?

I feel like the point of the yoga series is to be a 2-in-1. Laptop and tablet with other options/modes. So why haven't you made an 11" yoga 2 pro yet or do you plan on making an 11" yoga thinkpad or yoga 2 pro. I would have bought one by now but I need performance and flexibility... Point of a tablet right!! 13 inch is too big in my opinion. Just curious if that is in the works or if that is going to happen? Otherwise I will have to go elsewhere which I don't want to.

The ThinkPad YOGA is 12.5 inches.

Lenovo makes an 11 inch YOGA called the YOGA 11S.

kelton says:

Best Buy actually sells Yoga 11s (11" yoga) that has the 4th gen "Haswell" processor for $800.

This is not advertised on Lenovo's site and seems to be available only at Best Buy.

Unfortunately, you can't get it in the Clemintine Orange color.

hopmedic says:

And last week it was on sale for $749, so I grabbed one. Great little machine. I love it.

hopmedic says:

Oh, and if you apply for a BB card when getting it, they'll give $20 off. Down side is I hate BB, but that's the only place I could find it.

Hey sorry to burst your bubble, but the 11s isn't anywhere close to the yoga 2 pro. And I think your specs are off. You can check best buys site or lenovo's. But the yoga 11s has a low screen resolution of 1366x768, its graphics are 4000 not 4400, it has 3rd generation intel processors not fourth, its battery is smaller, it's just as heavy as the 13"... Doesn't seem very close in comparison and I definitely don't want to buy last years model! So back to my point where is the new or next gen yoga 2 pro 11" model!?!? Only makes sense if I want a 2 in 1. Portability and newest processor with better screen! Are they going to release this or do I have to go with something like the surface. How is this not one of the biggest complaints.

pookyjoralyn says:

Too bad I can't afford it :(

Tirinti says:

Why should i put the keyboard upside down on a dirty surface?

Lenovo should rather do X240 Tablet with FullHD display.

OK. My questoin to Lenovo is:

Why do you make laptops and ultrabooks with resolution lower then many smartphones???

"Why should i put the keyboard upside down on a dirty surface?"

Watch the video, the keyboard retracts and feet come out to prevent this - the engineering is explained in detail.

Why do you make laptops and ultrabooks with resolution lower then many smartphones???

This is the golden question for Lenovo, but they are getting better. When it comes to the consumer line they are getting better as seen with the QHD display on the IdeaPad YOGA Pro 2. When it comes to the business line, they don't feel business users want/need anything over 1080p - plus it keeps the cost down.

hopmedic says:

Why in the world would one put ANY part of a computer on a dirty surface??? Clean it up first!

johnz87369 says:

Why does This version only have stylus support? I want stylus on the normal yoga device.

Wasn't answered in the video, but the answer usually comes down to price. Lenovo probably felt they could sell more consumer machines at a lower price point, but risk putting it in the business model machines.

Any chance of getting more than 8GB ram into the device. Working with virtual machines etc. it would Be a great help.

Janhouu says:

How did you manage to make everybody else look like a fool?

Wevenhuis says:

Lenovo has always been known to me as a company in the forefront of (productivity) tablets with wacom pen support. Wil you consider pursuing this further into the future?

Exhibit13 says:

My question would be will there be an update to the thinkpad twist? I love my twist but I would be interested in a new model.

mango.lover says:

I gave up on the Twist and got myself a Yoga 2 Pro. I've always owned convertible laptops (had an X61 for 5 years and the Twist for a year), and my Yoga is the first that I actually use in tablet form, as well as the other modes.

They're going for good money on eBay though.

mango.lover says:

Google Hangout? Ewwwwwww

dtaylorus says:

How about a swappable battery? As much as I want to, I don't know how I can use this machine as a serious productivity laptop when I can't carry a second battery to go all day.

Eirenarch says:

Is the screen manifactured by the totally incompetent LG? This is a serious question.

Len2K620 says:

I'm actually getting this delivered to my house today! This is awesome!

OMG55 says:

They need to discuss that windows phone that Koby Bryant was using in that video someone posted

Is there built in mobile broadband.? A weakness my xps 12 has. Same with the Yoga 13 I had... Annoys me a lit, when it's not an option...

marcox92 says:

Blutooth very instable, any idea to solve that issue?

Can you please sell us a 15" version? I love the idea of folding the screen back, but its too small. 15" laptops are the only size for me. Also the super hi-rez screen might be a nice option rather than standard. I don't like hi-rez on a tiny screen. 1080p works well for a 24" monitor and 1440p is pushing it (everything is a little on the tiny side) for a 27" monitor. Shrink the screeen and it gets worse.

marcosbabu says:

<Off topic> It seems a Haswell-based Lenovo Yoga 2 11' is not coming, only the 13'. Does someone know why?