LG Germany confirms a small update for Internet Sharing is coming

Assuming LG Germany isn't fibbing here, users of the Optimus 7 can expect sometime in the (near) future a small firmware update to enable internet sharing aka tethering. We know the phone's chipset supports the function but since it was a late-added feature to Mango, most OEMs have had only a little time to play with the drivers. Looks like LG though is prepped to enable this for its users, which will involve updating the firmware in a quick and painless fashion.

Lets hope it comes this year.

Source: @LGBlog; Thanks, Cyruss1989, for finding out!



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Halo3fanz says:

I knew I picked the right phone. I chose the Optimus 7 from between the HD7 and Omnia 7 originally just for the hardware buttons(and it was cheaper too). Mango added the epicly helpful press-home-button-to-wake and an increase in loudness in digital audio(when I plug in headphones) and now Internet sharing. Yes!

Muvolt says:

It's a great device!! ...but, what about hidden networks?

kigen says:

Awesome!I hope the update will be world wide.Can't wait!

Cyruss1989 says:

At least for the open market phones it will be I guess...

Tobyus says:

I would love it if the Quantum got some of these bells and whistles.

Checked with LG Canada and the response from customer service was:Unfortunately there is no update coming to allow tethering of the Windows 7 phones.

ctafield says:

Can confirm I just received the update here in the UK. My phone is technically an unlocked Vodaphone phone, from Germany... So no idea where its actually being rolled out to!