LG Jil Sander E906 launching October 7th [Updated]

We've covered the Jil Sander E906 handset, which is a Windows Phone handset with a minimalistic design, with press photos and passing through WiFi Interoperbility certification. Powered by Mango and a 1Ghz processor, this Jil Sander handset is perfect for anyone who's either a fan of simplistic fashion or follows the trend of the this designer.

A quick recap on some other features include a 3.8-inch WVGA display and a 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p. A Jil Sander app is bundled with the device which allows users to browse clothing collections and more. The handset is set to go on sale in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and the UK on October 7th.

Update: Today's the day, the handset is featured on the Jil Sander website (Mobile > Phone) and check out the official video below:

Source: Pocket-lint, LiveSide; Thanks, Stuart M., for the tip!



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GP07 says:

I have an original Optimus 7 and I have to admit, the small redo with the blue on the side is kinda nice actually.

Guakala says:

I dig it, but I'm still going to sell my left **** to buy an unlocked Titan.

jdevenberg says:

Anybody know if this will work with T-Mo 3g? the web site was vauge on bands

dreamerbala says:

The device looks stunning.

MarcXW says:

It looks better than I thought it would look from the first shots. It's really great that they decided to choose WP7 instead of Android for their phone, and the ad really shows how easy it is to use Windows Phone.

luimende says:

I'd buy it. if it came to sprint. I love the blue. I don't know or care who jil sander is but good for her, them. Nice commercial too. shows the **** phone, and actually shows the phone working, slowly and effectively.

PipoDj says:

It's a nice phone. I notice how they highlight the best features of Mango. Nice promotion!

thenet says:

I love the phone design and size. I just dont like the name on top.

thenet says:

it looks like the nokia searay phone

Neofire says:

where the female windows phone users at?? Say Heeeeeeyyyyyy! Cause this phone is for you.

Shane says:

@ the apple store buying their iPhone 4s. They dont even know WP7's exist. Nokia, MS, and advertising where are you?

theman60099 says:

if this were an HTC phone it would be getting bashed to the ground.