LG releases three Windows Phone apps to the OEM collection

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LG has been in the spotlight recently with leaks of the upcoming LG Fantasy/Miracle (passing through FCC) coming to light, and now the OEM has released three more apps for consumers to download from the Marketplace. Those who own LG Windows Phones can now get their hands on NowCaster, Winny Toolbox and Winny & Friends (the last two are aimed at the younger ages).

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NowCaster is a useful app that users can fire up when waking up to the world, which will read out your calendar, the latest weather forecast, as well as other news and reports out loud. The app's usefulness is restricted to those moments when you're occupied but require to check out said information (driving, cooking, etc.).

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Winny Toolbox is an app full of tools that children would find valuable with a comprehensive unit converter (energy, angle, pressure, weight, volume, temperature, etc.), time/date calculator, sales price calculator, clothes size converter, random number generator, to name just a few. Though the app is designed for children, I'm sure adults could also put a handful of the tools to good use.

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Finally, Winny and Friends enables children to have amusing fun with their Windows Phone by taking photos and editing them with overlays, etc. Not only that, but there are cartoon characters that come alive when tapping on the screen, perfect for younger children.

To download these apps, head on over to LG's collection of OEM apps on the Marketplace.

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Cyruss1989 says:

Not available in Germany :/

X7or360 says:

Or Mexico either. Probably due to the translation needed

jrmadail says:

Nothing in the UK market

Jellynutz says:

Nothing in Canada as well. These regional apps suck! Either release the app for everyone, or don't release it at all.

slinky826 says:

They don't show up in my LG app store (US), but I found them by searching the Marketplace

pinacolada says:

True. If u search then u can find it.

Not in Canada. Why?

lippidp says:

NowCaster seems pretty good so far (despite some broken English). Thanks for the tip! I would never have known about it otherwise.

M_D_Kaiser says:

Great that LG finally releases some more apps (not in the built in LG store, but the normal marketplace search)!
But Winny and friends? Seriously? Which kid in that age range (4- 10 years I would guess) has a Windows-Phone? Why can't they just release a great timer/stop-clock application? Or a simple and quick flashlight app that has just one function: light on/off.  The iPhone preloaded timer still beats everything I have found in the Windows Marketplace. And my flashlight app needs 5 seconds to fire up while my gf's iPhone is done in under one second.
Get the basics right, then start thinking about stuff like Winnie's toolbox...

harchestr says:

A kid don't have to have a phone in order to use kid apps ... I have downloaded some of them myself and let my daughter use the phone to play with them. As far as the Iphone with the flash light it is must be a  LG thing... I have a HTC and the flashlight starts up just as fast as the iphone.