LG set to return to Windows Phone 8.1 with recent leak (Hoax?)

LG Uni8

Well, well, well. After dropping Windows Phone a few years ago it looks like LG is set to return. The South Korean electronics manufacturer is prepping a Windows Phone 8.1 handset if a recent press render is to be believed. Serial leakster @evleaks has shared an image of an alleged LG handset with Windows Phone 8.1.

Not much is known about the device in terms of specs. We have to admit, it does look pretty slick and appears to lack physical hardware keys up front. You’re also missing a dedicated camera button, which we know is a big turn off for a lot of you.

It’s called the LG Uni8 and should drop sometime this year. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any more info on the Uni8. But first you have to tell us your first impressions of the device down below in the comments.

Update: @evleaks has suggest that this render may be a hoax.

Source: @evleaks



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sd173 says:

Oops I literally just sent a tip about this. Sorry for the unnecessary email!
but anyway, getting back to the topic, as long as there's the camera in the action center, it shouldn't be that big of a problem, right?

Edit: apparently Bing sports is now also on topic.

swizzlerz says:

What's the little trophi app near the top center? Achievements?? Edit. Its in the photo so it was on topic? If only my brain seamed faster, I may have remembered sports lol

12Danny123 says:

Bing Sports app

sd173 says:

You win. zealout and I tie for second.

Don't worry I read you post in off topic sd173 :)

sd173 says:

Lawl +Uni8

I didn't think anyone at WPCentral would be awake so I posted that but I forgot everyone's in different time zones. WPCentral's writers are Batmen on the constant lookout for leaks in the streets of the interwebs. :)

hwangeruk says:

Its not Interwebs, thats a silly word.
Everyone knows its called the Information Super Highway.

sd173 says:

That's the Bing sports app.

swizzlerz says:

Thx.. Ahhh. That's why I didn't recognize it.. Never open I lol

the dedicated camera is nice but not a necessity and a lot of times the camera button can be accidently hit and turn on in phone calls and inconvinient times so its not a deal breaker for me and might be a good thing.

looks great it is the opposite of nokia its sleek slim and small bezel. It looks really good. I hope it comes to verizon! I hope it has some version of glance screen and a huge battery and i am sold! cant wait for it to come out

sd173 says:

I'm not trying to sound defensive or anything, but how is a slim and small bezel the opposite of Nokia?

Vmac71 says:

The settings can be changed for people, such as yourself, who don't really need it. The dedicated camera button is one of the things that makes WP stand apart, aside from the UI. I, and I'm sure many others, enjoy being able to access the camera quickly, without having to unlock your phone to do so. While it may not be a deal breaker, I'm sure it will be missed, if OEMs decide to make this the standard for WP, just to repurpose their current hardware.

sd173 says:

I actually do use the camera button a lot. I've taken 3,300+ pictures on my 900! I just don't think it should be a deal-breaker to some people just because a phone doesn't have a camera button. But like someone in another comment said, it could have a camera button on the back. We could all be wrong about the camera button anyway since that's the only picture of it we know of.

Kasey Pierce says:

I agree. I can do without having glance which seems to be a big deal breaker for a lot of people...but not having that camera button...thats a deal breaker for me!

Being we don't see the back, LG could take a page out of their LG G2 playbook, and put a dedicated camera button on the back of the phone.  Not saying that they did here, but it is within the realm of possibility.

Vmac71 says:

If that is indeed the case, that's better than not having one at all. As long as it still functions as the dedicated button normally does, it shouldn't be too big of an issue. Some people may prefer that location.

sd173 says:

Heh, I was just goofin' around changing the original post I wasn't trying to make it seem like I was calling you out or anything.

ivo_apo says:

Looks slim with small bezel. Neutral color, good balanced design. Essentially what most Nokia phones are NOT.
I hope LG will stand behind the phone and promote it. But that remind to be seen. Well done MS for making WP more attractive proposition.

machina says:

Reminds me a bit of my good ol' HD7


Their 1st gen WP, the LG Optimus 7 was a decent phone. Very nice build quality.

Hopefully they make something worthwhile.

tkdmacgeek says:

Why apologize it's sign of weakness

Or maturity... Granted, I don't think this situation warranted an apology, but I think that holding the position that saying sorry means you're weak is an *actual* sign of weakness.

swizzlerz says:

Aww your all compassionate of your lil swizzlerz :)

tkdmacgeek says:

You're punchin your munchkin

Apologizing is a sign of strength. Not apologizing shows you have exposure anxiety. 

-Exposure Anxiety: fear of being seen as weak

From a book called blunder.

Sweet and more to come

the search button seems closer to the center which is a good thing (i know it is an onscreen button) because i constantly hit the search button and it gets annoying. Also a big screen is only good if you can reach the whole screen without too much of a struggle and it seems like there is no bezels which will deffinately help!

Micah Dawson says:

LOL I wouldn't say it is crap but if it is anything LG's previous wp, it will be subpar....Lumia fanhere till otherwise tempted.

myrandex says:

The quantum really wasn't bad my wife and I both enjoyed ours. It was nice having a physical keyboard.

cannon#WP says:

The quantum was Ok but the panther was waaaaaaay better.

Same here re: Quantum. Started out on WP with that.

Same here. Was my first smartphone, actually, and served me very well.

Seems faster. Don't think the lack of a dedicated camera button is a good thing.

the dedicated camera is nice but not a necessity and a lot of times the camera button can be accidently hit and turn on in phone calls and inconvinient times so its not a deal breaker for me and might be a good thing.

looks great it is the opposite of nokia its sleek slim and small bezel. It looks really good. I hope it comes to verizon! I hope it has some version of glance screen and a huge battery and i am sold!

Binson#WP says:

I can't say I've ever accidentally turn the camera on with a physical button. Search? Yes. But that's a capacitive button on my phones. I have, however, benefited quite often from being able to go straight to the camera from my pocket to snap some quick pictures.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Settings. Use them.

Well for some phones, especially the flagship Lumias, yes. But phones like the 520 don't need it. I imagine the 520 successor will follow the 630, and have no camera button.

cannon#WP says:

Remember the rumor is Nokia's new flagship won't have any physical buttons. The trend is not going away.

Maybe except the 1020 successor, as that is a camera phone...

Daniel Meek says:

So... this may be my own ignorance, but if there are no physical buttons then how to do reset the device on a system hang?  I mean, I have only expierenced 2-3 system hangs on my Lumia 920 in the 17 months that I have owned it so they are pretty rare... but it still happens.

Outside of that I would be quite happy to see physical buttons go away.  In fact, I would be quite happy to see all physical UI and connections go away entirely.  Give us wireless charging, and the ability to do file management via wifi and we could remove the need for a USB port.  We could have some very sleek and simple devices if someone can pull this off.

and how do you supposed itd be charged then? Rely on wireless? carriers would probablt remove it!

S Vaibhav says:

I would like an LG phone with a keyboard.

kullkid92x says:

Ehh just a black slab is all I see.

Too early to judge really lol it may have those odd buttons in the back who knows...

bhatech says:

Slim bezel as usual from LG. Looks good.

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Bora777 says:

My first thought exactly. If there's one thing we can count on LG to bring to the table it's wonderfully tiny bezels.

mjfadaway says:

The More the Merrier

bobsentell says:

Amen! The more Windows Phone devices released equals more press coverage of the OS equals more public attention to the OS equals more dev support.

Bring 'em on!

rodneyej says:

You said it!! Exactly❕❕❕

I see your equation. Well done!

Shiba_Ranjan says:

plus all the lg users ll be interested too...

yocktan says:

I hope BlackBerry would switch to Windows Phone on next OS update :)

Luminatic says:

Agree with this, even though LG is not well known where I live.

pallentx says:

I agree, though I probably wont be interested in one myself. No camera button is a deal killer. It could be a solid compeitior for mid to lower end phones though.

looks great it is the opposite of nokia its sleek slim and small bezel. It looks really good. I hope it comes to verizon! I hope it has some version of glance screen and a huge battery and i am sold!

Stop repeating yourself you crazy individual!

Tips_y says:

LOL and here I was thinking I was having déjà vu!

lippidp says:

Looks like a phone.

Lol... Looks like a chocolate candy bar to me, but hey tomato tomAto...

Jack Larson1 says:

Its a potato. But a high quality one.

lippidp says:

Actually, I think it's a legume. Maybe that's what LG stands for.

S Vaibhav says:

Lol you made my day :D

RodimusMajor says:

I've been liking LG's Android designs a lot more than Samsung's lately, and that trend seems poised to continue for Windows Phone. Depending on the specs I may consider this thing a worthy successor to my current 1020 once my upgrade comes. Assuming it doesn't end up on freaking Verizon again...

rodneyej says:

Worth successor to the 1020.... Lol.. Now, hold on a second there, pardna!!!.. Lets not get to far ahead of ourselves, now..

Reflexx says:

Successor to the 1020? The 1020's defining feature is that crazy 41mp camera. Nothing that doesn't have an absolutely amazing camera can be deemed 1020 successor; let alone a phone without a dedicated camera button.

RodimusMajor says:

Dude, no-- I just meant a replacement as my everyday phone. XD I'd keep the 1020 around forever just for the camera!

peterfares says:

I wish they'd release an update to the 1020. 5" screen (with the same body size), built in Qi, newer processor. I'd be totally happy if they kept the exact same imaging system but they could probably improve something on it slightly. 

RodimusMajor says:

That would be ideal, yes-- a true replacement, as opposed to getting something new as a daily driver and having to switch back to the 1020 for important pictures.

Marco Gomes1 says:

You mean that amazing camera which won't be so supported by nokias new camera app?

booog89 says:

What do you think about the display? 1080p, 2k, 4k?

swizzlerz says:

Not interested hated my Lasy LG opt 7

erzhik says:

Judging by the front buttons being so close to each other, could it be a 5"+ device?

Live2Deliver says:

Am a fan of LG phones. Could be my next phone. My favourite phone maker plus favourite OS.

I'm betting that lg will put their keys on the rear on this one too.

Dat will be nice! Those rear keys!

rodneyej says:

Lol.. Serious question.. How, being a WP fan, could LG have made its way to being your favorite device manufacturer??

Live2Deliver says:

This 1020 I'm using is my first Windows phone. Makes sense now?

rodneyej says:

I get it.. So, you used WP and got hooked!

chad08er says:

LG Quantum was a pretty good WP that alot of people on here used.

dreonedon says:

I like! love the look of Lg not thick Like my 920 I'm typing this on 1520 is too tall I need 5inches I'm on ATT and even if we get the 930 I don't want that its too thick, I need the 1520 in 5inches or I'm going Lg sorry Nokia!

rodneyej says:

Weird, because I love every inch of my 1520.. I want to go up, not down... Maybe I got gorilla fingers.. IDK.

cannon#WP says:

AT&T won't get the 930. It's just an international 929. I agree thought, I really hope they pick this up though.

AccentAE86 says:

Always like new players in the field. But man, the camera button is one of the things that attracted me to windows phone in the first place, so I am bummed that more and more hands sets are dropping it.

rodneyej says:

As long as Lumia devices keep it my world is fine.

Jonas_H says:

The thing is, LG phones (the newer ones) have their buttons on the back. So we don't know about the camera button as we've seen only the front of the device! :)

The phone is actually looking good! But will have to wait for its full specifications! Will it be a flagship phone from LG?

Judging by the screenshot, it does look like a flagship to me...

If its true then we will be getting three flagship phones from different manufacturers this year! Nokia Lumia 930, HTC W8 and now LG Uni8.

Robinsonmac says:

That would be 4, The Ative SE has the same specs as the Icon sans the 20 MP camera. But it has a SD card slot.

cannon#WP says:

930 isn't really a flagship, it's just an international 929.

The 930 is most certainly a flagship. It's the international version of the US-only Verizon flagship. Nokia has (or will have) three flagships: Lumia Icon (929), Lumia 930, Lumia 1520.

b23h says:

You know I hate to say it but I hope the 930 is just a stutter step of a release this year.   If it had a SD Card Slot I'd feel differently, but as it is I am hoping for a MS/Nokia phone like the 930 to be released by the end of the year with more or less the same display size of the 930, but with a SD Card Slot, Glance capable, on screen buttons, and with luck a minimal bezel.

pallentx says:

No Windows Phone can compete as a flagship without a camera button, IMO. The only reason to leave it off is to recycle Android hardware. Any recycled Android hardware will not be a flagship. I welcome LG to mid to low end mix, happy to see more OEMs give WP a shot. I hope its successful, but you're going to have to try a lot harder to beat Nokia in the flagship realm.

Dan Wolfe says:

Please be a wp8.1 flagship phone for sprint! We need a little love over here in the framily!

Carkid367 says:

I second that! Is Sprint users deserve something!!!

farhan_520 says:

Finally more OEM are interested in releasing WP.. Good for us.. :)

Looks pretty slick. I am getting tired of colored phones. I guess it was just a phase then (for me at least).

I wonder if most Samsung users feel in the very opposite way...

neo158 says:

Not really, I like the understated look as it's a phone.

Yeah I guess, Android looks better under metallic hood ;)

cannon#WP says:

I agree, completely tired of Nokia's toy looking colored points. Hopefully AT&T grabs this or an Ativ SE variant so I have something to upgrade to.

pallentx says:

Almost every colored Nokia phone also comes in black.

Yes, but it's the same design as them. A design like the 925 was great.

More, the better! Bring them on!

looking like a 5"+ awesomeness. Will wait for this beauty.

farhan_520 says:

Yes.. Let the customer have some options and market share will definitely see a hit..

Only proves that Microsoft is doing really well with WP.

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

HellcatM says:

Samsung's Windows Phones are boring, HTC's X8 is ok, but if Sprint doesn't get a Nokia device but gets this, I'd get it.

vinay27 says:

After 8.1 my phone has became battery hog

Omran Terro says:

I think turning off cortana could help.

mrvhin1216 says:

You really have to be that guy, huh. There are forums.

pallentx says:

Likely because you are running preview software without the corresponding firmware that will be out this summer.

Pacus1x says:

Looks fine, at least better than any latest Samsung phone... about the dedicated camera button i don't think is a big deal specially those switching from Android.

pallentx says:

I dont think its a big deal for more budget-oriented phones, but if you want to compete as a flagship, you need it.

Benny1434 says:

Looks like a nice phone, really liking the small bezels all around, especially tip and bottom. More options is always a good thing and should help add new users and in turn get more developers on board, good deal!

lubbalots says:

Nokia or formerly that is got some competition coming. Making me a little nervous. Can't trust MS to lead the pack when it comes to mobile innovation. Just don't know for sure if MS destroyed Nokia hardware division or saved it.

I love Nokia but I really want a Windows phone 8.1 from Sony .... That's all I want from our ecosystem

Jonas_H says:

Me too! :) I love the design of the Sony Androids!

TechAbstract says:

Couple WP8.1 phones coming from Sony in July.

tbonenga says:

Plus Sony has a dedicated camera button


I want a SONY WP8.1 as well!

I'll be honest. A Sony WP8.1 would certainly take my fancy. As far as imaging goes you got Sony in Android and Nokia in WP. Now imagine if WP had both. Drooling like a boss here.

Micah Dawson says:

Eh, Lumia still looks the best but this is the first windows phone that actually makes me almost say I am curious about.

It sure is better than the Samsung ativ line and I like the fact that it doesn't look 100% like a complete android remake.

jpkjpk says:

Get a new bowl! Cereal leaker...!

Ejay Lozano says:

There's an over abundance of android phones out there, finally more windows phones are being produced...

I've not traditionally been a fan of LG, but their recent Android offerings have been very compelling... If they can work the G2-G3 magic into their WP offerings it can only serve to help our favorite OS!

booog89 says:

Aaah...interesting :)

raycpl says:

Would prefer a physical button for the camera. Its just the way I work. I would also a large viewing screen is more important than how thick the bezel is.

Del Lomo says:

Hate the lg logo, that is my problem.

b23h says:

If that is a problem, it is a problem we share....

Looks like a piece of junk. I'm glad Microsoft has a non-Android OEM (Nokia, now itself) making Windows Phones, because I'd otherwise be concerned that this was the entirety of the hardware future for the OS. LG will get non of my money, screw this half-hearted bet hedge.

eric12341 says:

The Nokia X is an Android phone. That makes Nokia an Android OEM as well.

DesRed says:

What he is saying is that Android-centric OEMs like LG, Samsung and the rest (except Sony since they never manufacture WPs) put very minimal effort in making WPs. Not surprising considering that they allocate most of their resources and manpower on Android and WP get the leftovers.


Nokia, on the other hand, made a 'forked' Android phone with their X line by omitting Google apps and replacing them with Microsoft and Nokia ones. So yes, they make Android phones, but they are the polar opposite of the rest where WPs is the main focus while Asha and X get the remainder. That is why the OP is glad that Microsoft purchased Nokia's D&S division instead of some Android-centric OEM which will drive WP to the ground.

cannon#WP says:

Nokia is an android OEM and the Nokia X uses the same design. Your point is moot.

Why Not says:

Seeing as nexus is the king of smartphones, this may actually be good for WP. Nexus master race.

Yousef Kawmi says:

Don't worry there is no WP7.8 version

Why Not says:

:( I was hoping there would be. Well, fuck you too LG

onysi says:

yes thin bezel and no hardware button is a plus

peterfares says:

I still don't see why they have to remove the physical camera button. Android supports camera buttons and many of the earlier Androids had two-stage camera buttons. They could still use one hardware design for both operating systems. I don't know who would object to having a camera button.

cannon#WP says:

I assume OEMs (including Nokia, who is also dropping the camera button) look at it as hindering the design and sexiness if their devices. I think we all agree it's a bad idea but unfortunately we'll have to get used to it.

DesRed says:

I remember only mid to high-end Sony Android phones come with a camera button. Phones from Samsung, LG, HTC and the rest don't have one.


But I do agree that no one would object to an extra camera button aside from the usual power and volume buttons. I suspect that design constraints in WP8.1 devices like Nokia's L630 and L635 led to the omission of the camera button. Probably had to cram in NFC, GPS and other hardware.

irsyadhhs says:

Looks hot. Hmmmm

Brazil01 says:

Great to get more OME's & old ones coming back to the Windows platform,but I like my dedicated camera button & will not buy a windows phone without one.

Edwardlb20 says:

My Optimus 7 is still lying in my drawer :(

Hiswona says:

LG logo should be on top

Omran Terro says:

It's always on the bottom with LG phones (like LG G2).

Jack Larson1 says:

No hardware buttons, (capacitive or otherwise), I won't even think about it. Camera button is almost always a deal breaker also.

ed1444 says:

Don't want it. I love Nokia and Microsoft mobile

rogerhew says:

As much as I like MS and Nokia phone, but there's no micro sd and the storage capacity is just not enough

Nazir Taib says:

Oo.. Nice, the more the merrier

rex.reyesiii says:

Aren't LG also the one with a WP with Physical Keys?
I hope Sony is next.

Narathan says:

You mean the Optimus 7? And this phone looks like a nice "business" phone, to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, so I can't speak for others. The slim bezels and overal thickness make it look a lot better then my Nokia. I just hope there's some sort of EQ on the thing. Lets see what Sony brings.

rex.reyesiii says:

nope, looks like its the Quantum... Physical Keys and greate music app is what iam waiting for. :D


Only... Nokia Lumia is the best in Windows Ecosystem. :)

larry213 says:

Waiting for a WP with an edge to edge screen. The bezel on this thing is a real turn off. Even just a little thinner would be nice. Other than that, looks good. Nice too have other OEMs on board

mrcraggle says:

This thing has almost no bezel and yet that's still too much for you!? *_*

Looks good actually

blackprince says:

I'm more interested in the Sony hardware, only other phone that I would consider over Microkia.

Omran Terro says:

Me too ; I want a xperia Z2 running windows 8.1.

Bryan Suazo says:

Xperia z2 is a beast, L930 is way down on expectations against that Phone, and im not talking about power, but screen, sd support, built, weight..

Omran Terro says:

Exactly and especially water proof.

EddieLomax says:

Me as well, maybe its the Sony brand doing its work, but they do seem to bring something extra to their products unlike the others often just clone and sell on price (Samsungs look either like slightly more rounded iphones or very generic).

I'm not too worried about a lack of competitors on WP, if anything I am more concerned about poor quality phones being added to the lineup that give new users a bad impression of WP, something we don't have to worry about with Nokia :)

Bora777 says:

Probably a rendering mistake, but the status bar appears to be inconsistent with WP8.1.

Rem97 says:

Nice catch :D

Probably has buttons on the back like the G series phones, G3

drg says:

Don't think anything will ever beat sexiness of the 920. Have 925 as replacement for 920 and when I use my wife's 920 I crave it back. 1020 is ok but I think the red and yellow 920's were still the best. This LG looks like any other smart phone. Don't think the 930 will hit the mark either from what I've seen in pics.

tbonenga says:

What???? You must like a phone that can multi task as a weapon ;)
I had a 920 and 925. Once I looked at the screen on the 925 it was torture to look at the 920. So faded and washed out compared to the 925.

drg says:

Some people prefer LCD over amoled and vice versa. The blacks look good on amoled but that's about all in my opinion.
I think LCD is more natural than amoled. Compare the color of the grey keyboard in dark theme when text messaging and you'll notice the amoled greys are washed out and seem to have a redish brown tinge to it and greys/natural color make the biggest difference in photos so I'd lean to the LCD again.

cannon#WP says:

Really dude? I hate the design of my 920 and can't wait to get a new phone. I wish my Titan II was a WP8 device. That would have been a dream.

drg says:

Once you get another phone you'll start to miss the 920.

Omran Terro says:

Any new device running windows 8.1 is welcome. And I think Microsoft is preparing more hardware (devices) at Windows 8.1 public launch.

birgs says:

Lg sold millions Android smartphones than nokia... LG is popular than nokia in outside world. Because people live outside.

tbonenga says:

Not sure if they sold more phones than Nokia. There's alot of 520, 521 that were sold.

Another Verizon exclusive no doubt.....

Not a big fan of LG, but that looks pretty good. Don't like the software buttons and no camera button.
I'll stick with waiting for the Lumia 930!

tbonenga says:

Personally I'm not interested in any Windows phone without a camera button.

cannon#WP says:

Get ready to not be interested in any new flagship phones then. Remember the report is Nokia's future big ticket phone won't have a camera button either.

b23h says:

Yea, I concur.   I have a feeling that there is going to be a big move towards software buttons and no camera button.   The question is will there be models the keep the old style or no?

You're all talking about the camera button... But how about changing the volume??? It's crazy I have to go to the settings everytime I want to change the volume

Micah Dawson says:

If it's like their LG g2, the buttons are on the back of the phone

Micah Dawson says:

If it's like their LG g2, the buttons are on the back of the phone.

Micah Dawson says:

If it's like their LG g2, the buttons are on the back of the phone

Micah Dawson says:

If it's like their LG g2, the buttons are on the back of the phone.

dante501 says:

If LG makes just close to a good Windows device as they do Android. Then I don't have any doubt it will be a great device for Windows.

TechFreak1 says:

Maybe the camera button is on the left hand side? If it is not on the back. Not a big fan of on screen camera buttons... By the time I've unlocked my phone I would have missed the moment... For instance one of my little niece's first steps their folks were fumbling with their lock screen.. an irreplaceable moment and memory would have been lost to others not present had it not been for my trusty 920 :D.

cannon#WP says:

This is another instance of the death of "smoked by Windows phone". No quick camera shots, no built in quick posting to multiple sites, Xbox music, etc. We can't blame OEMs (remember some new lumias don't have camera buttons), but we can blame MS.

QilleRz says:

Welcome ! My friend would be happy to hear this :D

jabtano says:

I like it, but then I want to see more WP devices.

luismfarelo says:

This looks like a great phone! Interested