Limited Edition Xbox One bundle announced, reserve yours today [updated]

Xbox One

So we know that the Xbox One is headed to retailers in November and o celebrate the launch, Microsoft is also introducing a limited-edition commemorative bundle to fans who reserve the system at major retailers.

The bundle will be available in limited quantities for $499.99. Reserving the limited edition bundle will guarantee that you’ll be able to get your hands on the new system on day one. Each commemorative bundle will include an Xbox One system that comes in premium black packaging with a limited edition Xbox One Day One wireless controller, as well as a unique commemorative Day One Achievement.

Those who reserve the limited edition Xbox One, will receive special bonus content:

  • Ryse: Son of Rome:Exclusive multiplayer map and sword with bonus attributes.
  • Forza Motorsport 5: Access to four cars tuned to the top of their class.
  • Kinect Sports Rivals: Exclusive sporting equipment that separates your Champion from the rest of the world.
  • Dead Rising 3: Exclusive Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs with bonus attributes.

To reserve your Xbox One system today, head over to Microsoft's Xbox Reserve site. We checked it just a few minutes ago and the site hadn't gone live yet so it may take a bit for it to catch up with everything.

Updated:  Here is an alternative site for pre-orders that is working.

Source: Microsoft



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Visual360 says:

Done! (Actually the page is not live yet, lol).

donteatchalk says:


noirsoft says:

I think you've eaten too much chalk.

OMG55 says:

  • If you think about it you're actually getting the game at not cost due to the fact that you get two free game downloads per month which generally cost 59.99/game x 2 x 12= $1439.76 in a one year period if you download the free game title each month.

Mystictrust says:

Not quite free. You can't count the two free game downloads at $60 each since full retail price is $30 for AC2 and $20 for Halo 3.

Nimdock says:

I wonder if the one being sold though amazon is the same "Day One" bundle or if it will be "normal" Xbox One. (It is, they have updated the name).

heelo says:

Just to be clear, the bundle doesn't include those games.
It only includes certain DLC for those games (i.e., you still have to buy each of those games).

Kormiko says:

Don't forget the... "commemorative Day One Achievement"  


Courtney S says:

I can't wait! I am really excited for the new Xbox 360 console as well that they mentioned would be available today. I checked with my local gamestop and they hadn't received any information yet, but were told to hold off on doing pre-orders until after they reviewed this long ass email.

I just want the new 360 while I'm biding my time. Does anyone know the storage size on it yet? Or when local stores will have them in stock?

What new 360? Slim isn't even that old.

Mystictrust says:

The newly update 360 they announced at their E3 event. It takes on the design cues of the Xbox One.

Updated storage would be nice, but it's going to be the same bundles as current 360 (The Verge has the details)

EDIT: $200 for 4GB, $300 for 250GB

saket87 says:

I guess I'll reserve one after the Sony conference lol

saket87 says:

Just pre ordered on amazon, I would have done from ms site but don't wanna waste tax on 500..

Preordered from Amazon, too! Amazon is the way to go unless they charge sales tax in your state.

inteller says:

you've got to be kidding...a bunch of DLC crap for games you still have to buy and special wrapping?  They need to call this the Xbone RUBE Edition!

Are they supposed to give you all the games for free too? Entitled much?

OMG55 says:

My comment above was incorrect, but if you do the math, I generally pay 19.99 - 24.99 for Microsoft points to purchase downloadable content, which would still bring the overall cost down.

hauz_20 says:

$500 for my very own game-centric Redbox kiosk? Hells yeah!

WinPhanKyle says:

You have my money!!!

PBNkapamilya says:

Wait, I think the writer of this article misinterpreted the part about the bonus game DLCs. You'll have to reserve the limited-edition Day One GAMES themselves, not the Xbox One, to get those bonus DLCs. From the press release:

Gamers who reserve the following exclusive Xbox One Day One edition launch titles, available in limited quantities at major retailers while supplies last, will receive special bonus content:
• "Ryse: Son of Rome." Exclusive multiplayer map and sword with bonus attributes.
• "Forza Motorsport 5." Access to four cars tuned to the top of their class.
• "Kinect Sports Rivals." Exclusive sporting equipment that separates your Champion from the rest of the world.
• "Dead Rising 3." Exclusive Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs with bonus attributes.

DaveGx says:

Ooops! What happened to this page?

The DLC is bit underwhelming, save for Forza. I wanna see what the packaging and controller look like before I preorder this. And if this $499 how much will the reg xb one cost $449 or $399? I hope $399!!!!!

sasukeluffy says:

$100 for 4 $2 dlc's? Lol

noirsoft says:

$499 is the regular price. All you get with the special preorder is the special packaging. No discount, no markup. It's neither a deal nor a ripoff, it's just a preorder.

Rob41664 says:

Just preordered mine fomr the microsoft online store

WinPhanKyle says:

How? I get "Not Found"

neogodless says:

(However, as noted below, the Store would not authorize my credit card, so I was not able to proceed.)

WinPhanKyle says:

Like I said...that is not working for me. :(

DanSmithKY says:

You should look into that. I ordered mine and have the confirmation email.

Rob41664 says:

Strange. I have already gotten my order confirmation from the online store.

Kram Devil says:

same here.  got the pre-order email notification but the site's still not up. error 404.  I'm gonna be checking this hourly.  Does anyone know if we can change the region lock of the xbox one?

neogodless says:

BTW Microsoft Store is failing to authorize my credit card... something is broken!

berty6294 says:

Certain banks block all payments from Microsoft. Everytime i use my credit card for anything microsoft, i have to call and tell them to allow it!

Yeah...not preordering until Sony's conference. I want to see how they plan to handle used games and DRM, as well as their competing exclusives.

MediaCastleX says:

ONLY for the Achievement Unlocked! At first sign on...that golden tone @_@

noirsoft says:

Still not seeing the page here.
Edit: just got an email from MS letting me know I can pre order, and THAT page is also down. :/

iamoniwaban says:

As soon as page works I will reserve 10

HBKnight says:

The link from the article still doesn't work for me, but I just got my email from Microsoft saying that the Xbox One is ready for preorder (I signed up the day of the reveal). However the link in that email gives me a 404 so I'm kind just sitting her waiting for one of the links to work.
Edit: There we go. Got the preorder link on the Microsoft Store page to work. Amazon has a preorder for the Day One edition up too if anybody else is having trouble.

tribexx says:

I'm getting the second year, price drop achievement!

noirsoft says:

Just go to store.microsoft.com -- there's a working pre order link there.

To pre-order, you must pay in full at the Microsoft store...just FYI

Nimdock says:

Weird... That didn't happen to me...
Although I just cancelled my order and went with Amazon because through them I don;t get charged taxes.

bobsentell says:

I just preordered it on Amazon. They only charge once it ships.

saket87 says:

Plus no tax.

Toonce1101 says:

I've read about the backwards compatibility issues, but we were wondering if this extended to hardware such as 360 controllers?  Will our wireless wheel still work?

Nimdock says:

It won't work. New controllers are needed.

ExTrAbUtTa says:

Just preordered mine at the Microsoft Store (Houston), cost $50 in-store, online its full price everywhere I've checked including Best Buy (they have it up for preorder). If you have a store in your city, hit them up.

fpostrow says:

Done, they don't charge until it ships.

220SeaChaser says:

Was going to look into one of these, but "internet connection required" to play offline for only 24 hours!? Also all the craziness involved in selling, trading and heaven forbid, even loaning a game to a friend? LOL! No thank you. I'll wait to see what PS4 has to offer.

Xithryl says:


Xsled says:

Ordered, confirmation received! Come on November!

lippidp says:

I am going to wait 3.5 years. At that time my son will be 18 and he can buy it his damn self! Lol

neogodless says:

Yeah in the end I just pre-ordered from Amazon. Free 2-day shipping and they won't charge me until "November 30th" (or whatever the actual release date ends up being. And if for some reason, I change my mind, I can simply cancel the order. I don't know why you'd want to pay MS or Best Buy $500+ today when you have the option. But Amazon owns my soul. I spend too much money on that damn site!

Capsloc says:

I hear ya!! I've easily spent about 3k last year on there...

Nimdock says:

When I completed my order in the MS StoreI did not get charged anything at all. I don't know why some people are.

Xsled says:

I think they authorize the card, not charge. There is an auth on mine. As well, my confirmation email says it won't charge until it ships.

neogodless says:

Ah I was afraid to continue. It says right on the page "Your card will be charged when you click the above button." (paraphrased)

dynamic_cast says:

The website told me the credit card would be charged after I clicking the button. But the order confirmation email says it is charged only when product is available.

majohnny says:

What about Europe? Amazon Germany didnt update their site yet

koolyoyo6 says:

Does the bundle include the Kinect sensor?

Xithryl says:

Yes indeed, the kinect sensor is bundeled with all Xbox Ones

thebardsrc says:

Kinect sensor comes with every Xbox One, as its now required hardware

aspj111 says:

Microsoft store don't charge until your order ships.

penetronn says:

Done. Nice bundle.

lubbalots says:

Can you say, Ultra Combooooooooooooooo!!!! Whoo, its here!

Visual360 says:

w00t! Just got order confirmations from Microsoft store and Amazon. Anyone knows if the Amazon order is the "day one" limited edition also? Ordered two, and hopefully both are the limited edition.

saket87 says:

I think it is. But I think it wont get delivered till 3-4, that's what day I got for delivery estimate

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Stupid troll will find your tin foil hat for you.

brandoshido says:

Will this be flippable on eBay?

Pre ordered Day One Edition at Amazon. That commemorative e Achievement will be a nice thing to show to my kid, 10 years from now or something. Very excited about the One. Looks amazing, I thought it would be more expensive.

Grenzeloos says:

One very important thing needs clairified. Please, someone with da connects confirm one way or another if the Xbox One can play 3D Blu-Ray disc. 

DieNadel says:

Preordered. WoooHooo!!!