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LinkedIn gets its yearly update but no new Windows Phone 8 features

LinkedIn is admittedly one of the nicest looking apps on Windows Phone. It’s also an invaluable tool for professionals, where it acts like a more sophisticated Facebook but for job history (and less photos of silly babies).

The app though hasn’t had an update since its initial release, way back in May 2012. So here we are on the cusp of its anniversary and we’ve been blessed with version 1.1, which is now live in the Store. The fact that it now works well with no connection issues is the good news. The bad news is there’s nothing else for us to say about the app as no new features have been added, as far as we can tell.

LinkedIn Windows Phone app

If you’re on Windows Phone 8, don’t look for a doublewide Tile or Lockscreen notifications—two features we expected. Instead, this is the basically the same version as 1.0 but with what imagine are the boring “under the hood” tweaks and fixes for proper data connections.

On the plus side maybe, just maybe, this means the developers are back working on this app and v1.1 is just a warm up to a reinvigorated Windows Phone 8 version with all the bells and whistles. We sure hope so, because this app and service deserve some love.

Pick up LinkedIn v1.1 here in the Windows Phone Store. All devices supported. Thanks, Aaron N., for the tip!

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tallgeese says:

A few people have reported still getting "oops...connection" errors with v1.1

But it does appear to be faster

Oxygen22 says:

Still getting the "oops" even after reinstalling! 
Well, Linkedin disappoints me! 

erichon99 says:

Either restart or reinstall

Jf.Vigor says:

I think its more the latter

aaa6112 says:

The app has no description and no screenshots (except one showing the logo) in the store. Really?
Has it always been that way?

Oxygen22 says:

nop. There were images. 

paras chugh says:

720 !!
btw dan you didn't reply in yesterday's 720 a bit confused on that thing

RyanDaLyon says:

I think the app is so beautifully written, that it really doesn't need an update...maybe a wide tile?

kenzibit says:

Dunno why nothing good is been done for this app. Sooo featureless.

VI Slick says:

What are the major differences with the baked in integration of LinkedIn versus this app?

wptom says:

Are you serious? Try adding people to your network, accepting an invitation, search for people in LinkedIn (handy before meetings or interviews), look at job offers. This is all not possible without the app. And I'm sure I've forgotten something. :)

Just got the connection error twice.

Yearly update.. haha. Nice

Still great for WP7 users!

wptom says:

The app is now in German on my phone and I am pretty sure it was not before the update. So that's an improvement.
The drawbacks are bugs:
When looking at jobs I get a connection error.
When I scroll the Updates view up or down the pictures of contacts become grey boxes as long as there is movement in the Updates view.
This was not happening before the update, so that's a big minus. Then the app is still lacking WP8 features and to be honest, I still prefer IN+ which became the LinkedIn app. I'm glad I still have that installed on my old Lumia 800 as nowadays you can't download IN+ anymore. :-(

JailJT says:

Linkedin in China is not very much useful!
Always I can't see What's New but can see the recent photos...
Oh... why...hy...y...?!

TheRomit says:

There are a few notification types, which I don't think were in v1? Also, "people you may know", and "who viewed your profile" seem to be new as well. Not WP8 features, but new in v1.1, iirc.

wptom says:

I think you are correct about new notification types but I can assure you that "People you may know" and "Who viewed your profile" did exist in the initial release already. I am almost obsessed with these two functions and check them every day. :)

ihavewp8 says:

I use to get oops! I just uninstall and reinstall app and no more oops!

Raesu says:

Daniel, Traditional Chinese Language is now supported if your phone is set to the region (mine is)