Windows 8 Apps+Games

Pinpointer launches on Windows 8 to help you find the perfect Twitter client


Add to Contacts receives update to enable Microsoft Account sync


Can't decide on which Twitter client to download? There's an upcoming app for that!


‘Add to Contacts’ fills in the gaps on Windows Phone 8.1 by helping you save those searches


Never lose Windows tech again with Phablocate from Liquid Daffodil


Grab the latest version of GimmalPoint for free with exclusive WPCentral promotion

Windows Phone News

GimmalPoint for Windows Phone in private beta; Liquid Daffodil seeking testers


Liquid Daffodil releases piehole, an app that provides you with random Vines

Windows Phone News

Liquid Daffodil’s Unification Notification center set to retire at the end of October


Developers: Work some magic with App to App and connect to Liquid Daffodil apps

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Liquid Daffodil looking for SharePoint users to help test GimmalPoint on Windows 8


Liquid Daffodil partners up with Wintellect to offer 14 days free online training


Liquid Daffodil adds Aviary image editor support to Windows 8 Twitter apps


Grab all Liquid Daffodil apps for less with ✿+☮=❥ for Windows 8 and Windows Phone


Liquid Daffodil makes it easier for Windows developers to support Unification

Windows Phone News

Sneak Peek: ✿+☮=❥, bringing the ultimate Liquid Daffodil experience to your Windows Phone

Windows Phone News

Windows Phone app Outsider experiencing technical difficulties causing Store re-purchases


Liquid Daffodil adds inline image support to notifications sent through Unification


Developers: Implement Unification support in your apps, the community demands it


Liquid Daffodil adds Klingon text effect to all published apps

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To celebrate the series finale of Breaking Bad, Liquid Daffodil launches "Breaking Free" deal


The series finale of Breaking Bad is on the minds of many viewers, and to celebrate the developer Liquid Daffodil has placed numerous Windows Phone apps into the "free" basket for consumers. The developer has launched multiple sales and free deals in the past, but we're glad to see many more are on the way. So, which apps can you download for free over the next 24 hours?

Here are the links for all five Liquid Daffodil apps affected by this "Breaking Free" offer:

If you'd rather use QR codes, check them out below. Remember that the apps will go free for 24 hours, so be sure to act quickly. If the apps aren't yet free for you, let the store catch up and for the prices to reflect the deal.

QR: Cumulotweetus     QR: Flyby!

QR: JamTiles     QR: Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe

QR: Piehole



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joeynox says:

What's that 4 on the Xbox tile?

Shantek says:

Game request or notifications. I'm pretty sure games like alphajax can access that

wpguy says:

Yep, that's what it is, thought it doesn't seem to be the most reliable.

Nik Rolls says:

I think that's mainly because apps can't clear it, which is a bit silly. If I open Alphajax, would expect it to clear any notifications from the Xbox hub that I see in the app. But oh well.

armandolara says:

I still can't get over the BB finale. I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

walter1832 says:

Yeah Bitch!  Magnets

RetroMan71 says:

Me too.. Loved that program!!!

Guitarpik says:

Best show ever. Guess I'll rewatch for the 20th time.

Homeland's new season started yesterday. You should watch it.

RyanAMG says:

Just know The Walking Dead starts October 13th & American Horror Story October 9th. I hope AHS its more like S1 as S2 wasn't as good

I agree with you on AHS...S1 was much better than S2.

bashbaliga says:

Free shit! Why not.

This is off topic, but I just read a great article on pocketnow that talks about windows phone on the rise...its a good read

jlynnm350z says:

None of these apps seem to be doing really well, we get them then we don't use them. Go figure

RafRol says:

Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe can actually be pretty useful if you need either a random number or a password.

rockstarzzz says:

Does this mean AT&T Lumia 920s can update to GDR2 now?

devize says:

Why would it?

NIST says:

Heehee this whole time I was watching Breaking Amish by accident.

Holy fuck. FREE SHIT!!
Awwww....only 2 of them are available for Windows Phone 7

The apps, that is

jlynnm350z says:

Holy fuck. Windows Phone 7!!

MrWhiteman says:

Nothing here that floats my boat