Liquid Daffodil partners up with Wintellect to offer 14 days free online training


Popular Windows Phone developer Liquid Daffodil has revealed a sweet deal for those who are looking at getting involved with platform development. Partnering with Wintellect (www.wintellect.com), who specialise in technology training and consultation for companies, limited-time promotional access to online training is now available to developers for free with a 14 day promotion.

Some of the training available.

The beauty of this free opportunity is Wintellect do numerous training videos for Microsoft, sporting many of the leading authors, trainers and developers within the Redmond world. If you're interested in taking advantage of the 14 day free promotion, here's how you can get involved:

  1. Head on over to the WintellectNOW website (www.wintellectnow.com).
  2. Click on the 'Sign up Now' button.
  3. Select "Individual Plan."
  4. Enter "LIQUID DAFFODIL 2013" in the Promo code box.
  5. Fill out the rest of the form.

Be sure to check out the WintellectNOW website for more details. 



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jayruguitar says:

¡Muy interesanté!

hopmedic says:

Awesome. Any idea when the code expires?

raccoon210 says:

Is it 14 consecutive days or can I do a day then wait a couple of days and do another day or what? Anyone know?

Codesmith says:

I believe its 14 days from when you sign up. Just got mine, awesome topics!

Do you have to enter credit card information and cancel before the 14 days is up?

Codesmith says:

I did have to enter CC info, and you can specify not to auto renew right there. Awesome deal.

Boris Gong says:

You can skip that one. Once created your account you are promoted to enter cc. But at that moment your account was already activated. Just click course and find the content

Phenomenal content!!  This rocks.  If you are a developer give it a try.

Erickson187 says:

I plan on checking it out. There are also some great intro videos on the channel9.msdn website for both WP7 and WP8. I have been watching the WP7 ones so far and I follow it by doing the code as I see it and hear him showing in the videos.

RafRol says:

Thank you Liquid Daffodil!

Kram Devil says:

and while you're at it, get the $19 windows phone developer license before it expires last week of august.  ;)
Arigato Liquid Daffodil!  I'm also watching Channel9's Absolute Beginner's series.

ajua says:

Is there an expiration datefor this promotion? I won't be able to practice until at least 7-10 days.

Kram Devil says:

i just save the webm vidz for later viewing.

Codesmith says:

Looks like the promo code LIQUID DAFFODIL 2013 will be available indefinitely. So, in 7 to 10 days just go to the WintellectNOW site and use it...14 days will start when you start. Cool!

WereRat says:

Awesome!  I was just about to post about resources for new WP developers (that being one of the reasons I bought the phone; I want to write for it!) and here's this.
Thanks Kram for the heads-up on the license, too.