Little Acorns for Xbox on Windows Phone gets a welcomed price chop

Little Acorns

Just two days ago we put the Xbox Windows Phone game Little Acorns though its paces in our detailed review. At the time, the platformer game with super cute graphics was fetching for pricey $2.99. Now, the game has serendipitously dropped to just $0.99, which last we check is the exact price-point many of you go crazy for.

We gave Little Acorns high remarks noting "...objectively speaking Little Acorns works much better as a phone game. If you crave a mobile platformer, you’d be nuts not to get this one." Anyway, if you were on the fence before and hesitant to buy, we think that price cut should change matters. No word if this is permanent or just a sale (it's technically not the deal of the week, which is GeoDefense Swarm).

You can pick up Little Acorns here in the Store for the ultra low price. Thanks, Brad and Andy, for the tips!

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schlubadub says:

Nice! $0.99 in the Aussie marketplace too :) (often they tack on $0.50 for no reason)

cae758 says:

It's still 2.99 for me. NY here.

slick5150 says:

Same here. 

Weird, I'm in NY and it's $0.99.

cae758 says:

I live in Port Washington, not too far from you in Huntington, Daniel. Explain the fragmentation. Did I just get an android device? ;-)

My guess: carriers --> networks --> MS servers.  They all spread out in different ways and the price is not propaged to all the servers yet. I'm sure it'll be very soon when the refresh happens.

kenzibit says:

It's still $2.99. Got to wait a lil.

DavidinCT says:

in CT...shows $0.99 here....tempting to run on 7.8....

elvisff says:

CA shows $2.99

Arsenic17 says:

I have an extremely annoying habbit of purchasing games just before they either receive a price drop of go on sale....Examples..
Bought little acorns a few weeks ago...$2.99 --> $0.99
Just got GD:Swarm like a month ago...Now on sale for $1.99
Bought Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds and Max and Magic Marker just before the big cluster of games went to $0.99.
Oh well still gotta love the sale prices and price drops. Especially from Chillingo! Great games!

tylerh1701 says:

Still $2.99 in Utah on my HTC Arrive...

Once it drops here I'm buying in. Ill support any half way decent game for a buck.

pookiewood says:

EHHHHH!! I just bought this game 2 weeks ago!

reb31 says:

Still showing as £2.29 in UK Marketplace for me, although I would snap this up at 79p

tbonenga says:

Does anyone know if any achievements are glitched? How long does it take to get the achievements? Ahhh my 16gb is full. I sure hope I can transfer my game saves to my new W8 phone.

Arsenic17 says:

Achievement guide by me can be found here : http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=385365

There are no glitched achievements. The time for completion is 5-9 hours. If you download the full game from within the trial, you won't be able to earn many of the achievements. Make sure you delete the trial then reinstall the full game.

Overall it is a very fun platformer and not that bad to complete.

CJ Thunder says:

You make a good point, don't know if I want to start a new game if I can't transfer the save.
Still showing 2.99 in CA.

GearDoGi says:

OMG finaly some good moves for the marketplace!!The game is amazing and the 0.99$ price is even more amazing!The only problem is that in my countrys marketplace (GREECE) it costs 2.99$ now!

Tomasz S. says:

Do try again later. It's $1 in Poland already, the price cut should reach Greece soon.

And I'm an achievement whore so I'll be playing this tonight instead of going to sleep.

tylerh1701 says:

Come on..........DROP!

GearDoGi says:

Finaly MS is doing some good job to drop prices (like tentacles & now Little Acorns) Hope they will drop more game prices.
I can buy expensive games that are worth like Plants Vs Zombies (4.99$) But i cant buy and will never support games that in iTunes you can find them 0.99$ and in WP Store 2.99$ (total rip-off)
Anyway thats a nice marketing move from MS and i will support moves like this one!

MarkAllett says:

Balls, now I wish I hadn't bought it just after reading the review...