Windows Phone News

Nokia X family of Android hardware to launch in India this coming Monday


Complete Nokia MWC developer keynote posted

General News

Samsung dominates the conversation at Mobile World Congress, but Nokia was second


MWC 2014: Mobile Nations Podcast!

Windows Phone News

Nokia grabs multiple awards at MWC, including 'Best Low-cost Smartphone'


Microsoft: ‘no surprises’ regarding Nokia X, knew about Android work, okay with it


Nokia Developer Day Live Blog!


CEO of BlackBerry hints at BBM going ‘beyond handsets’, maybe going to desktop

WPCentral News

Poll: Which new Android device do you wish had Windows Phone?


Attacking from the bottom: why Nokia's Android-powered phones make sense

Windows Phone News

Panasonic announces the FZ-E1, a new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld device

General News

Nokia trolls the Samsung Galaxy S5

Windows Phone News

Nokia's MWC keynote in two minutes: Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft

General News

Expect BBM for Windows Phone to feature modern UI design elements and come preloaded on (some) devices


Kaspersky Internet Security launch imminent for Windows Phone

General News

Live from Mobile World Congress with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg! [Noon EST Feb. 24]


Voice services coming to WhatsApp this spring

Windows Phone News

Nokia releases 'spaceselfie' app to take an out of this world photo


Nokia’s shrewd move with the Nokia X undermines Google, bolsters Microsoft

Windows Phones

First look at the Nokia XL, an Android phone inspired by Lumia

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Live Blog - Microsoft Media and Analyst day

We're here in Barcelona with Microsoft today. They're getting ready to have their mini press event in a few minutes and you can follow it here!



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Aashish13 says:

So whats new there?

Jaskys says:

Dev WP8.1 version got released

I checked for update and got it.

Aashish13 says:

Preview for wp8.1???

twelvetudors says:

I have an update currently installing, this isn't actually 8.1 is it?!

twelvetudors says:

damn. you guys got me excited.


So what is this update?


Jaskys says:

Yeah, i got notification about it aswell, but no space for update

Well whatever ill wait for WP9

nuclax says:

^u high bro ?

Aashish13 says:

How u got an update????????????

Aashish13 says:

Chuck what is this update about?

mpt15 says:

He is joking. Calm down.

twelvetudors says:

But there is an update going out right now, and Idk what it's for.

avigyan says:

What shit? Where are you getting updates from?

Esquibar says:

I received a update on my Lumia 2520 tablet this morning. Update notes seem fairly typical

twelvetudors says:

A Lumia 2520 does not run Windows Phone...

S Vaibhav says:

My phone says it is up to date. Please post OS revision no. ?

relax there isn't any update out for anyone ;) that's all hoax :D

twelvetudors says:

You are incorrect, I just downloaded it.

jubbing says:

Hope you manage to 'hear' properly while you're there ;)

StirItUp says:

Ready and waiting...

PeadarWagon says:

Lets go already!

pookyjoralyn says:


Mr Potter says:

Great instagram updates on your account wpcentral!

Marco Gomes1 says:

Microsoft loves the european market, when they want to show how well WP is doing.


Hoekie says:

And Latin America. Rightfully so.

rahulrambhat says:

Fb messenger comming to wp yippie!!

535dinesh says:

I have installed the update.. But its nothing related to 8.1

S Vaibhav says:

My phone says it is upto date. Please post OS revision no. ?

535dinesh says:

It is only for those who has enabled dev preview edition

rAj06 says:

I have recieved an update and its currently installing. Exited! :)

untitled007 says:

what app update? apps updare or phone update?

rAj06 says:

phone update.. not sure what its abt.. its Migrating data as of now.

twelvetudors says:

Nothing new here.

avigyan says:

Update for which phone? Some firmware for Black maybe.

rAj06 says:

didnt see any changes after the update. not sure what its abt. :/


it was not for black - i have a L920, I already am running black, first i checked for updates before logging in Preview for Dev, there was no update. I installed the preview for dev app and then checked for update and then i gpt notification, theres an update. But its not 8.1. Not sure what it is abt.

MaXi32 says:

I got this small update too and i already have black a month ago. nothing new. Region = Malaysia.

pookyjoralyn says:

I'm also on L920, already running Black, dev unlocked and evable preview for developers, but got nothing

In their Media and Analyst presentation today Microsoft announced that Facebook Messenger is coming as a stand-alone app to Windows Phone.

monymouli says:

Is it all in the media and analyst presentation??????

myfyp2 says:

That's good. Currently the Facebook app can somewhat function as Messenger by pinning the chat as a tile, but a real Messenger app would be much better.

What Update is everyone getting and for which region and phone??I know it's not wp8.1 so dont try to troll. :p

pookyjoralyn says:

"We don't discuss our pricing. But clearly we have to be marketing competitive."
another non-denial denial XD

Akash Patel says:

joe belfiore show one dual sim phone having qualcomm processor dont know what is the model number

gerzhwin says:

Thanks! Awesome! Curious ... Read you all later =)

TechFreak1 says:

Don't suppose MS did a webcast for this event?

swizzlerz says:

Sounds like fun

ralexand56 says:

So is he saying 8.1 will be released this spring? That's huge if true. I was expecting summer launch at the earliest.